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Arrival and Departure

We have both an arrival and departure today!

First the docking of the S.S. Gene Cernan cargo-spacecraft at the International Space Station (coverage) at 08:15 UT  / 03:15 ET and an hour later the launch of an American weather satellite the JPSS-1.

Missed the coverage?  NOTE: The JPSS launch has been scrubbed. Rescheduled for tomorrow morning, I will update the time.

Docking replay and I will replace this with a more concise version shortly:


If you were on a rocket and things went wrong how would you escape?

The scenario happens every time astronauts are launched into space, but what if that astronaut was YOU?

It could be. Blue Origin‘s New Shepard capsule was tested to evaluate the escape mechanism and it appears to have worked perfectly and that puts the company one rather large step closer to launching people like you and me into space, at least sub-orbital space. Plus the rocket comes back too!

Very cool!


Will SpaceX Launch Tonight?

We are about to find out.  NO!  Well THAT was pretty exciting anyway.  T minus 0.00 showing on the clock, engines seemed to be fired up and then . . . shut down.

There is a possibility the launch could still go tonight IF they can figure out what happened soon enough,   the launch window will close around 0100 UTC.  — Just updated NO launch tonight.

A tweet by Elon Musk: @SpaceX Launch aborted on low thrust alarm. Rising oxygen temps due to hold for boat and helium bubble triggered alarm


Found the YouTube feed: