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See the Starlink Satellites

Dr. Marco Langbroek ( captured the SpaceX Starlink satellites streaking over the Netherlands shortly after launch in this video (posted by VideoFromSpace).

I saw this particular video was released yesterday (Saturday) morning and went immediately to Heavens-Above and N2YO to get tracking information. Neither source had any, but luckily N2YO does list it today.

Starlink tracking from N2YO

I’ll include the Heavens-Above link because they are sure to have predictions up soon.

I have not been able to see them yet, plenty of opportunity in terms of passes overhead, but sadly I have lots of clouds. Perhaps tonight?

Space X Launch Postponed

What no launch? There has been a delay not for weather but for “software updates”.

It appears the new launch date is a week away at this point. So here is a video with Elon Musk showing the 60 satellites which are just part of the planned 800 for the network.

SpaceX Launch

There is a launch of the Starlink mission by SpaceX upcoming.


Mission: Starlink satellites (60 satellites !?).

Launch window opens at 02:30 UT / 22:35 ET (16 or 17 May depending on your location.)

Launch site: Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida.

Launch Vehicle: Falcon 9

Weather forecast:

This AfternoonSunny, with a high near 83. East wind around 10 mph.
Tonight: Mostly clear, with a low around 65. East wind 5 to 10 mph.

First-stage recovery? Yes, aboard “Of Course I Still Love You”.

While the weather looks great for the launch, many things can delay a launch as we all know. The Launch Window closes at 04:00 UT / 00:00 ET.

CRS-17 Launch – Replay

Here’s the launch replay. The pre-launch portion is quite informative and well worth the time (about 15 minutes).

Wow, be sure to watch the first-stage landing, it was superb! Actually the whole presentation was one of the best I’ve seen.

Previously. . . SpaceX is set launch the CRS-17 mission utilizing the Dragon cargo-spaceship and the Falcon 9 rocket.

Launch is at at 06:48 UT / 02:48 ET. (thanks)

Coverage should be about 15 minutes prior to launch.

Replays when available.

SpaceX Crew Dragon Setback

I heard about a SpaceX engine test that went bad yesterday (20 Apr). A Crew Dragon capsule was destroyed in a fire. There is not a lot of information out about the event. Whatever the cause, there is almost sure to be a delay in the actual deployment of the ship.

Thankfully Scott Manley has a video out about what is known so far and the implications going forward.

SpaceX Launch Today

SpaceX is planning to launch the Arabsat-6A into orbit later today. Today being 11 or 12 April. Launch time has been reset to 21:35 ET (11 Apr) / 01:35 UT (12 Apr).

This will be a fun launch to watch because the Arabsat-6A is sitting atop the Falcon Heavy at launch complex 39A at the Kennedy Space Center.

My previous admonition still holds: keep in mind this launch is in Florida so weather will play a part in whether this gets off the ground on time.

Right now the US National Weather Service is predicting:

Today – Sunny, with a high near 83. East wind 5 to 10 mph.

Tonight – Partly cloudy, with a low around 70. East wind around 10 mph.

SpaceX Demo-1 Last Steps

The SpaceX Demo-1 mission is about to come to a close as far as the “optics” goes. The analysis will go on for weeks to be sure.

Thanks to NASA for the coverage (replays later in the day) the live feed will remain up for much of the day.

Undock: 07:31 UTC / 02:31 ET

Splashdown: 13:45 UTC / 08:45 ET

Here’s the recovery:

Good luck on a solid finish SpaceX!!!!

So far so good. The undocking was successful and as far as I know free of anomalous events. I will leave the NASA feed up for most of the day and post replays later.

Falcon 9 Return to Port

Here’s a chance to see the SpaceX drone ship “Of Course I Still Love You” arriving at Port Canaveral with the first-stage of their Falcon rocket (B1051) on the morning of 05 March 2019.

Tomorrow 08 March 2019 the Crew Dragon will depart and return to Earth. You can watch a NASA live feed here beginning at 07:00 UT / 02:00 ET with the deorbit burn and re-entry at 12:30 UT / 07:30 ET