Good Luck Orion

NASA TV played this video Trial by Fire earlier this morning and shows an overview of today’s flight. We’ll see how to goes a little later.


Launch is still a go. Weather isn’t a problem so far. There was one wind gust peak near the top end of the launch criteria and has not recurred. The odds due to weather is 70 percent.

Live video for the launch is down the page in the previous post.

Update: New liftoff time is 07:05 EST / 12:05 UT on Friday 05 December 2014



2 thoughts on “Good Luck Orion

  1. Thanks for posting this, Tom – I’d forgotten it was today!

    The first step in sending man to Mars…So exciting!

    I love the whole parachute deployment stages…

  2. Glad to help! I had a internet problem (just resolved) and was unable to have the live shot in the post – although it was linked in the banner.

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