Happy Equinox!

Spring is here – finally!  The equinox occurs at 16:15 UTC / 12:15 ET today.

The equinox is basically when the sun’s rays fall most directly on the equator during the Sun’s apparent motion to the north thanks to the Earth’s 23.5 degree tilt. This heralds longer days for the north and shorter in the south, inevitably the process will reverse in a few months.

The winter gave us our share of snow (and a bit more) and cold. In fact the past two mornings bottomed out at -19 C / -2 F. Now consider that a week ago Sunday I declared I was done with snow and winter. Temperatures at the time were reaching 10 C / 50 F and the snow was gone. There have been only TWO days since (the day after my declaration and yesterday) it has not snowed. Not just snowed but snowed enough to have to clean up almost every day. I went from nothing on the ground to 46 cm / 19 inches now. I heard of a weather service report of a place on a mountain not far from here that has gotten nearly 229 cm / 90 inches so far in March. So it could be worse I guess.

So far today no snow and we are only slightly below zero (in C about 25 F). Things are looking up and warmer weather should be close by.

Normally I preach about the “old wive’s tale” about being able to balance a hen’s egg on it’s big end.  I’m in such a good mood, grab some eggs, some kids and have at it!

Image: timeanddate.com

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