Hurricane Dorian

Here is a look at Hurricane Dorian on 29 August 2019. This storm had a central pressure of 948 mb with a sustained wind speed of 121 knots (224 kmh or 139 mph) according to the 06:00 ET / 10:00 UT update from the US National Hurricane Center. The storm is not expected to weaken as it makes its way to Florida.

The Bahamas are expected to be impacted by the storm tomorrow (Sunday) and Florida by Monday. The storm is expected to take a northern turn and possibly ride up the Florida coast or areas inland, neither of which bodes well.

The Kennedy Space Center region is more or less right in the path and the storm may weaken a little by the time it gets there (and that depends on the final track) it is still going to be very bad.

National Hurricane Center

Tropical Tidbits

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