ICESat-2 Launching Today

NASA is launching a mission called ICESat=2 today. The ICESat-2 spacecraft has a single instrument, the Advanced Topographic Laser Altimeter System (ATLAS), which will send 10,000 laser pulses a second to Earth’s surface and measure the height of ice sheets, glaciers, sea ice and vegetation. The time for the laser to return will determine the height, pretty straight forward even if technically challenging.

The launch will be from Vandenberg California so no tropical systems to get in the way.

Coverage starts at 12:10 UTC / 08:10 EDT / 05:46 PDT with the launch window opening up at 12:46 UTC / 08:46 EDT / 05:46 PDT.

Coverage is via NASA, the link below will go to NASA TV programming so will be active before hand.

Here is a replay from “VideoFromSpace”. I was a bit tardy about this, spent too much time looking around for information on the Solar Observatory closure – and I found nothing much.

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