LADEE Update

Thought you might like this LADEE pre-launch press conference describing the mission. A video of the launch is in the previous post if you didn’t see it.

There were early reports of a problem with the reaction wheels used to position and stabilize the spacecraft. Mission managers don’t sound too concerned:

“The LADEE spacecraft is working as it was designed to under these conditions – there’s no indication of anything wrong with the reaction wheels or spacecraft,” said S. Pete Worden, Ames center director. “The LADEE spacecraft is communicating and is very robust. The mission team has ample time to resolve this issue before the spacecraft reaches lunar orbit. We don’t have to do anything in a rush.”
LADEE team members are currently analyzing the situation. Normal checkout takes a couple of days, and this anomaly may add a couple more days to the process.
“This is not an unusual event in spacecraft,” Worden said. “We plan in the next few days to complete spacecraft checkout.”


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