Lunar Eclipse (Watch Live)

Great animation but a little on the large size. Patience. Image: Tomruen / Creative Commons

Tomorrow morning 15 April 2014 at 07:46 UTC / 03:46 EDT the moon will be at total eclipse. This will be the first of a Tetrad, four total lunar eclipses.

All of the tetrad eclipses will be visible from North America. With this particular eclipse portions of Western Europe and Africa will get to see a little bit at the start, for example the British Isles should get to see the moon enter the penumbral shadow at 04:54 UTC, just barely before the moon sets. As one travels west say viewers in France, Spain and western Africa should be able to see it for a little longer. The same can be said for eastern Asia except their opportunity will come briefly at the end of the eclipse.

Can you see it? Check the map.

As for me, well it is clouding up now and we are expected to get up to 5 cm of rain so I bet not.

You can watch live below at about 04:54 UTC / 12:54 EDT.

The Space X launch I mentioned earlier was scrubbed due to a helium leak, rescheduled for Friday.

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