NROL – 71 Launch Replay

Here’s a replay of the United Launch Alliance Delta IV with the NROL-71.

Yes, I missed the live-launch. Not by choice I assure you. My day went something like this:

I was rushing to complete all outside tasks completed as quickly as possible, the temperature was around -18 C / 5 F. I also decided to make certain my snow-thrower machine while I was grilling chicken – the last chore.

The machine stared fine and was ready for action. I was going to NEED that thing as the forecast was for 40 to 60 cm / 15 to 24 inches. Later after bringing in the chicken I realized I did not have the key to the snow-thrower. I layered up and went out to the show-thrower and the key was gone. They key must have fallen out of my pocket. So I ended up looking for the key all afternoon and much of that outside and involving the 27 meter long path of snow I was wading through to feed the wild birds. That was loads of fun, sifting through the snow that whole distance, mercifully the snow was very light.

No luck. At this point the radar was showing the snowfall was only about an hour from starting. So I hurry to town, nobody had a replacement. This key is just stamped metal, not like a house or automobile key, simple but needed. Anyway we called a neighbor who I knew had it plowed to see if I could get them to do mine as well. The lady called her son and he came over we talked and he left wanting to see what he had that could help. We lined up the plow guy and next thing you know the neighbor’s son was back and he was holding the very key I needed!!

Yesterday (Sunday) we started the day at -19 C / -3 F and I cleaned out my driveway and the one to my workshop early when we had about 30 cm on the ground and again near the end when our total was 46 cm.

One more time today and I will be caught up!

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