Orbital ATK Launch – Replay 1

Here’s the replay already. First ever 360 degree view. Have fun!  Note: not quite what I expected.  I will put the regular replay up in a different post when it is ready.

Here we go, not sure about the 360 thing though.  T – 3 mins .  Don’t know about the initial screen where it says Soyuz  MS-04 mating.  Hit play it is just fine.

Ok here we go. . .LAUNCH . . Nice very nice!  I will post a replay here when it becomes available.

Hopefully this works! The 360 degree view has never been tried before. Got VR gear? Might be a good test.

If this doesn’t seem to be working and I think you will know soon enough if it is or now give it a try on the NASA YouTube channel.

I’m sure the replay will work and will post that when it becomes available.

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