Sinus Iridum


Andrew was practicing is moon shots with his new camera and shares a look at Sinus Iridium.

The name Sinus Iridum is Latin for “Bay of Rainbows” and is basically a lava plain of Basalt. It is a huge crater that formed on the edge of Mare Imbrium, measuring about 242 miles by 157 miles (400 km by 260 km). The flat floor is situated 600 meters lower than Mare Imbrium and is pretty much crater free except for a few small craters five-miles across and less.


Andrew stacked 14 of 84 frames to get this. The “seeing” wasn’t bad nor was it spectacular is what I take from that. When viewed at the right angle you can see registration marks but all-in-all it’s a very nice shot. I liked it enough to make a desktop background from it and the results were pleasing.

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