Space Weather Coming Our Way

Here comes an active region on the sun, But don’t worry, despite way you may hear on the internet, in the grand scheme of things this region is nothing to get too excited about. I’m sort of hoping this area gets busier as it rotates around to us.

Yes, I am in need, the need to see a decent aurora, it’s been too long! An no, you should not put much stock into the “doom and gloom” sites quick to predict our imminent demise. Yeah those sites might be kind of fun to listen to/read about but remember as with a lot of things these days, enjoy it all, but take everything with a grain of salt – we’ve lived with ol’ Sol for an awfully long time.

From NASA and the SDO:
Magnetic arcs of plasma that spiraled above two active regions held their shape fairly well over 18 hours (Jan. 11-12, 2017). The charged plasma is being controlled the magnetic field lines of the active regions. The field lines become clearly visible when viewed in this wavelength of extreme ultraviolet light. Often the arches bend and twist more dynamically than the relatively stable ones seen here.

Credit: Solar Dynamics Observatory, NASA.

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