Space X to Launch CRS-18


SpaceX is scheduled to launch the Dragon cargo-spaceship to the International Space Station today at (last I heard) 22:24 UT / 18:24 ET.

Scheduled coverage from SpaceX should start around 22:00 UT / 18:00 ET. Unfortunately the time is somewhat convoluted, back to the earlier days.

Ah well. To be honest I was thinking about the launch yesterday and I am thinking “no way will they launch”. My reasoning was this: the launch was coming from Cape Canaveral in Florida, with a Tropical Depression to skirt along the coast with the projected path taking it about as close to the space center area as it will get.

Want to know what kept me from posting it yesterday? Because my predictions are usually wrong! HAHAHA. What’s the saying, hash tag not always.

We shall see!

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