Stellar Nurseries

Part of Herschels view of Orion.  Credit: ESA
Part of Herschel’s view of Orion. Credit: ESA

Wow, just wow and what you see here is only part of the image (see below).

This Herschel image is the region just below the three stars that make up the belt of Orion, specifically in the sword. ESA’s image description explains it all pretty nicely.

I want to add that if you have a telescope and even a pair of binoculars (binoculars are a wonderful way to view the night sky BTW) spend some time looking at each of principle stars of the Orion. This constellation has much to offer, from the Great Orion Nebula (M42) and the stellar nurseries to the hot stars to aging Betelgeuse.

This new view of the Orion A star-formation cloud from ESA’s Herschel space observatory shows the turbulent region of space that hugs the famous Orion Nebula.

The nebula lies about 1500 light years from Earth within the ‘sword of Orion’ – below the three main stars that form the belt of the Orion constellation.

In this view, the nebula corresponds to the brightest region in the centre of the image, where it is lit up by the Trapezium group of stars at its heart.

Read the rest of Embracing Orion at ESA and see the while image.

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  1. Correction: the Great Nebula in Orion is Messier 42, not M45, as you state. Messier 45 is the Pleiades star cluster, which is located in the constellation of Taurus, not Orion..

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