The Space X Falcon 9 Heavy

Here’s the business end of the SpaceX Falcon 9 Heavy and it’s a beast. This rocket will be the most powerful rocket in use by a factor of two according to Space X.

The Falcon 9 Heavy is built from three Falcon 9 nine engine cores to yield a thrust of 2.27 million kg / 5 million pounds of thrust. All that power will enable huge payloads to be launched depending on what the goal of the flight is. For example, a low Earth orbit the payload can be 62,800 kg / 140,660 lbs while a flight to Mars the payload can be 16,800 kg / 37,040 lbs. Check out the specifications on the Space X site.

If all goes well, we will get to see this behemoth take to the sky sometime this month.

Image: Space X via Twitter

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