Third Time a Charm for SpaceX?

UPDATE: Well I’ll be, down to T minus 29 seconds. On to attempt number 3. Launch halted for high upper-level winds. Note: I had put a “4” in there inadvertently.

The next attempt will be 23 December at 13:51 UTC / 08:51 EST.

By the way, I don’t know if anybody noticed but SpaceX has greatly improved the time issues posted on the video — MANY THANKS to SpaceX!

Today is the third attempt to get the GPS III and Space Vehicle 01 into orbit. The weather looks more favorable so it could be.

Coverage starts at 13:55 UT / 08:55 ET

On another note, yesterday I mentioned that since the solstice was after sunset. I was asked why not do it at noon? Ah, well for one there was no snow to put the stake where I wanted, you see I want to do this in my backyard and have these nice flat marker stones. The ground is frozen solid too and while I thought about driving a piece of iron rod into the ground, we also were getting flooding rain. Yeah, kind of takes the fun out of it; besides I want to mark the exact point AT the moment of the solstice. So the plan now is to drive a stake into the ground next spring – it’s the only way to do it properly.

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