Tiangong Coming Down

Tiangong 1 a Chinese Space Station is coming down SOON! Like perhaps this weekend.

Current estimates are April 1st, 2018 14:00 UTC ± 16 hours for the station to re-enter the atmosphere. Where is a matter of atmospheric density, where and when the station drops enough to really feel the drag to the point of breaking apart and mostly burning up.

So the spacecraft has dropped to 180 km (as of last evening) and was losing about 0.35 km per orbit and that rate is increasing all the time too.

Update:  At 14:42 altitude has dropped to 176.48, that’s about  -0.37 km/hr.

The other thing I noticed by watching N2YO and the closest approach is on the upward swing and the point where perigee occurs has been slowly moving north as well.

Go to the N2YO page and watch the spacecraft orbit to see if you agree. The N2YO site has the latest on the Tiangong-1 journey and I highly recommend you check it out.

Image: via N2YO

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