Today is Perijove 5

Perijove 5 is today at 08:53 UTC / 04:53 ET.  That is when the Juno spacecraft will make a close approach to the planet Jupiter on this orbit if you didn’t know.  If you have been following the mission you know the orbital period was going to be much shorter but was changed after a engine control valve did not react as expected.

The current plan is no change to the shorter orbit.  Good idea, the science data is apparently just as good, so why risk a problem.

JunoCam targets this time around are:

Double SEB
Trevmation’s Dark Spot
The Big Red Stripe
String of Pearls + Between the Pearls + An Interesting Band Point
STB Spectre + The White Solid
Covenant 151016 as part of the polar timelapse sequence

You can get a preview of these on the Juno site.

Personally I’m all in for The Big Red Stripe!

The image above is from the JunoCam site observed by Ceres-00.  See it here.

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