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Redshift 7 Premium is a comprehensive guide to the heavens. A huge panorama of the Milky Way, photo-realistic horizons and a 3-D flight out of our galaxy are only a few ways in which Redshift turns astronomy into a breathtaking and inspiring experience. Countless unique features such as telescope and joystick control, over 100 multimedia tours, macro recorder to create your own tours, online access to the Digitized Sky Survey and Google Maps, high quality videos, animations and the extensive help make Redshift 7 Premium the indispensable guide to the night skies.

•Realistic 3-D model of our galaxy with 3-D flights
•More than 2.5 million stars, planets and Deep Sky objects
•Includes exoplanets an dwarf planets
•New Horizon Panoramas für Earth, Moon and Mars
•Direct access to star catalogs SIMBAD and SOHO
•Download of new discoveries and orbital data of satellites, comets and asteroids from the latest object databases on the Internet into the main Redshift database. Updates are provided at least twice a month.
•Comprehensive observation planner for your in-the-field observation
•Direct link to for the exchange of guided tours and workspaces

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Cartes du Cielfree yesBruce Skelly
Celestiafree yesChris Laurel
Digital Universecommercial$100Syzygy Research & Technology
Hipparchuscommercial$50yessofTouch APpLications
MacAstronomicashareware$25yesEasysoft Creations
MacStronomycommercial$60yesEtlon Software
MPj Equinoxshareware$29yesMicroProjects
Night Visionfree yesBrian Simpson
SkyORBfree yesrealtech VR
Sky Sentinel Planetariumcommercial$50yesProcyon
Stargazer’s Delightshareware$29yesRuedi Schmid
Starry Nightcommercial$34 – 149yesSienna Software
Stellariumfree yesFabien Chereau
TheSkyXcommercial$99noSoftware Bisque
Voyagercommercial$150-200noCarina Software
Where is M13?free yesThink Astronomy
Xephemfree sourceElwood Charles Downey
Adastra Freestarfree yesCoeli Software Products
Alien Suncommercial$50yesEKN Enterprises
AlphaCentaurefreeware yesFrancois Nguyen
AstroViewershareware$12yesDirk Matussek
Astronomicashareware$25yesPiotr Czerski
Atlas du Cielshareware$50yesMario Groleau
Coeli – Stella 2000shareware$49yesCoeli Software Products
Cartes du Cielfree yesPatrick Chevalley
Celestiafree yesChris Laurel
Celestial Mapsfree yesOvidiu Vaduvescu
CoolSkyshareware$25yesPiotr Czerski
CyberSkyshareware$28yesStephen Michael Schimpf
C2Afreeware yesPhilippe Deverchere
Dance of the Planetscommercial$95 – 145noARC Science Simulations
Deepsky Astronomy Softwareshareware$25 – 43yesSteven S. Tuma
Deep-Sky Plannercommercial$72-$81noKnightware
Deep Spacecommercial$79yesDavid Chandler
Desktop Universecommercial$199yesMain Sequence Software
Distant Sunscommercial$35yesMike Smithwick
Earth Centered Universeshareware$55yesNova Astronomics
EasySkycommercial$45yesMatthias Busch
Electric Astrolabefree yesJames E. Morrison
Epoch 2000skcommercial$149 – 179noMeade
Expert Astronomercommercial$12noMediaMart; Expert Software
GrayStelcommercial£75noGrayStel Software
Guidecommercial$89noProject Pluto
HNSkyfree yesHan_Kleijn
Home Planetfree yesJohn Walker
Kagayakishareware$40-120yesSeeds Box
MegaStarcommercial$129yesE.L.B. Software
MoonCalcfree yesMonzur Ahmed
MyStars!shareware$17yesRelative Data Products
Night Visionfree yesBrian Simpson
NGCViewcommercial$50yesRainman Software
Nuitfree yesRené Meader
OpenUniversefree yesRaœl Alonso
Planetarium Goldcommercial$20noJC Research
PlanetWatchshareware$20yesGalen Raben
PRiSMcomercial$150noAxilone Multimedia
Power Age Sky Simulatorshareware$35yesGeorge Dragandjikov
Redshiftcommercial$60noMaris Multimedia
RIA3D Live Solar Systemcommercial$
Sky3Dshareware$35yesCorvus Software
SkyChart IIIcommercial$50yesSouthern Stars
Sky Atlascommercial$20yesPiotr Bednarczuk
Skyglobeshareware??KlassM Software
SkyMapcommercial$55 – 89yesChris Marriott
SkyPlotshareware$10yesGerry Santoro
Solar Kingdomcommercial$49yesSilverfrost
SPICAfree yesGuillaume Richard
STAR Atlas:PROcommercial$66noPaul Mayo
StarCalcfree yesAlexander E. Zavalishin
StarChartGLfree yesJames Fitzjohn
Stargazefree yesRay Middleton
Starryfree yes 
Starry Nightcommercial$34 – 149yesSienna Software
StarScapecommercial$70noZephyr Services
Stella 2000shareware$49yesSwimming Elk Software
Stellarisshareware$20yesNick Heyworth
Stellariumfree yesFabien Chereau
TheSkycommercial$129 – 249noSoftware Bisque
Touring The Universe Through Binoculars Atlasfree yesPhil Harrington
Virtual Skyshareware$28yesAstronomiesoftware Dings
Where is M13?free yesThink Astronomy
WinStarsfree yesFranck Richard
Celestiafree yesChris Laurel
Cartes du Cielfree yesPatrick Chevalley
OpenUniversefree yesRaœl Alonso
KStarsfree yesJason Harris
Night Visionfree yesBrian Simpson
Skymapfree yesDoug Mink
Stellariumfree yesFabien Chereau
Where is M13?free yesThink Astronomy
Xephemfree sourceElwood Charles Downey
Xplnsfree yesOsamu Ajiki
Xskyfree yesTerry R. Friedrichsen

AstromistPalm, WinCECommercial$16yesCyrille Thieullet
Astronomy for the Palm OSPalmShareware$10yesHans Anger
Astro InfoPalmfreePeter Enzerink
Google Sky MapAndroidfree Google
HPlanetariumHPfree Khanh-Dang Nguyen Thu-Lam
Personal Sky ChartZauruscommercial$30yesClear Sky Institute
Planetarium for PalmPilotPalmShareware$24yesAndreas Hofer
PlanispherePalmShareware$10yesIvan Baciga
PleiadAtlasPalmShareware$10yesBrian Tung
Pocket Deepsky 2000WinCEcommercial$20noSteven S. Tuma
Pocket StarCalcWinCEcommercial$30yesRELEX Design Studio
Pocket StarsWinCEcommercial$15yesNomad Electronics
Pocket UniverseWinCEcommercial$30yesSticky Software
SolunPsionfree David Rushall
SkyVoyageriPhonecommercial$15noCarina Software
Star MapiPhonecommercial$12noFrédéric Descamps
Star PilotPalmcommercial$30yesChris DiPierro
StarTrakPsionfree Steve Jones
TheSkyWinCEcommercial$49noSoftware Bisque
VITO AstroNavigatorPocketPCcommercial$25yesEugene Pikalov
2skyPalmcommercial$30yesKevin S. Polk
Night VisionNight Visionfree yesBrian Simpson
The COSMOScommercial$49noMENSYS

Note: prices are in US dollars exclusive of shipping/handling charges and rounded to the nearest dollar (and probably out of date).


Sky Survey

The ultimate planetarium is the Palomar Observatory Sky Survey, a set of images covering the entire sky taken with professional telescopes. The printed version is extremely expensive but it has now been digitized and is available in 10x compressed form on the Web from STScI and NASA and in 100x compressed form on 10 CDROMs from ASP. The CDROM version can be accessed from TheSky and several others; the online version can be accessed from Starry Night and a few others.

Web-based Planetariums

Other Computer Software