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Images of The Sun


The Sun


  • small image in visible light 10k gif
  • sun visible light 158k gif
  • A huge eruptive prominence leaving the sun 261k gif; 203k jpg; 6000k tiff
  • nice prominence in UV light 146k jpg (caption)
  • X-ray image of the Sun 172k gif
  • X-ray image 174k gif
  • X-ray image from Yohkoh gif
  • radio images of the Sun 140k gif
  • sun hydrogen alpha image 149k gif; 34k jpg
  • Solar flare in H-alpha 147k gif; 38k jpg
  • region around a sunspot 336k gif
  • July 91 eclipse by Steve Albers (caption) 431k gif; 143k jpg
  • total eclipse from 1977 637k gif
  • an nice eclipse image showing prominences 14k gif
  • eclipse image showing prominences 74k gif
  • solar magnetic fields 170k gif
  • X-ray images of the Sun from nascom ftp directory
  • Hedgerow Prominence 49k gif
  • Loops Prominence 76k gif
  • Prominenece 78k gif
  • Red Corona taken in Fe 13 line 141k gif
  • Solar Activity due to sunspot cycle 210k gif
  • Sunspot Group showing granulation 335k gif
  • White Light Solar Image 171k gif
  • A diagram of the Sun 233k gif; 108k jpg; 5000k tiff


  • Solar corona and a prominence 174k quicktime
  • The xray Sun over 27 days flc
  • Nov 94 Eclipse 15000k quicktime; 3100k mpeg
  • Video clip from Our Star the Sun - The Sun's past - 5000k AVI
  • Video clip from Our Star the Sun describing the Sun - 14000k AVI
  • Corona Animation showing solar prominences 1200k AVI
  • 3d movie of convection 1000k mpeg

    Other Resources

  • List of other resources
  • Current solar images (updated daily) html
  • eclipse images and movies ftp dir; html from Goddard; html from Bernie Verreau
  • GOES-9 images of an eclipse html
  • The Sun: a Pictorial Introduction, A Slide Set by P. Charbonneau and O.R. White html

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