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Launch Day for Orbital

Mission:  Orbital Sciences Corp Cygnus Cargo ISS Resupply Demonstration Flight

Rocket: Orbital’s Antares

Current Status: Launched YouTube replay below

Launch Date: Wednesday, 18 Sept. 2013 14:50 UTC / 10:50 EDT

Odds of Launch: Unknown numerics but the forecast looks great.

NOAA’s Forecast:

Wednesday: Partly sunny, with a high near 70. Northeast wind 8 to 10 mph. (about 7 to 9 knots)

The Antares rocket is designed to provide low-cost and reliable access to space via a two-stage vehicle having an option for a third stage depending on mission. In the current configuration Antares can provide low-Earth orbit capability for payloads in excess of 5,000 kg. Orbital’s Antares is building on a successful family of smaller launch vehicles including the Pegasus, Taurus and Minotaur launch vehicles.

The Cygnus spacecraft is designed by Orbital to be an advanced maneuvering cargo delivery craft to provide ISS resupply services under a NASA Commercial Orbital Transportation Services Space Act Agreement. Orbital will use the Cygnus to perform eight missions to deliver around 20,000 kg of cargo to the ISS. Cygnus consists of a common service module and a pressurized cargo module. Orbital builds on a successful avionics systems from their LEOStar and GEOStar satellite product lines as well as propulsion and power systems from the GEOStar communications satellites.

Good Luck Orbital!