Best Astronomy Binoculars Buyer's Guide

Looking to buy the best astronomy binoculars to view the planets and stars? This review covers the top astronomical binoculars and includes a buyer's guide too.

Are you looking for the best pair of binoculars to gaze at the skies with? Today, you’re in luck! Finding the best binoculars might be a daunting task. A lot of binoculars manufacturers are introducing new products onto the market each year.

This has made it difficult to source for the best binoculars for skywatching expeditions. We’ve rounded up some incredible options for you. What’s more, you don’t need to spend a wallet-breaking amount just to get a pair of these binoculars!

Long gone are the days when binoculars were reserved only for high-budget enthusiasts and astronomers. With the advancement in binocular technology, you can spend less than $200 or $50 to get your hands on binoculars with impressive performance.

All you need is to make a clear decision that will see you end with a high-performing unit. To make sure you are buying the best product, be sure to read our well-laid buyer’s guide. Or you could just opt for one of the products we’ve rounded up for you.

Binoculars are ideal for skywatching because of their portability and impressive performance in low light situations. Invest in the best pair and observe sporting events, opera shows or birds with a lot of conveniences.

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

SkyGenius 10 x 50 Powerful Binoculars for Adults
  • It has multi-coated optics.
  • The 5mm exit pupils for clear image access.
  • The rubber armor for durability and anti-slip grips.
  • The central-adjust wheel lets the binoculars to be adjustable to tripods.
  • 10X powerful magnification.
  • They come with a bag and straps for secure usage.

If you’re looking for binoculars with usage versatility and powerful magnification, then it’s time to consider SkyGenius 10 x 50 binoculars for adults. You can use them for activities such as bird watching, hunting, driving, watching sports events and so much more!

They comprise of two large objective lenses with an impressive size of 50mm each. Not only are the lenses large for a wider field of view but they are powerful as well. With a magnification power of 10X, the binoculars bring images closer to more detailed scenery.

What pairs of binoculars should you keep a closer eye on this year?

What Pairs of Binoculars Should you Keep a Closer Eye on this Year?

SkyGenius 10 x 50 Powerful Binoculars for Adults

If you’re looking for binoculars with usage versatility and powerful magnification, then it’s time to consider SkyGenius 10 x 50 binoculars for adults. You can use them for activities such as bird watching, hunting, driving, watching sports events and so much more!

They comprise of two large objective lenses with an impressive size of 50mm each. Not only are the lenses large for a wider field of view but they are powerful as well. With a magnification power of 10X, the binoculars bring images closer to more detailed scenery.

To be exact, the lenses give you a field of view of 367ft per 1000 yards! Besides, they feature the Aspherical design with a multi-layer corrective optical coating. Due to the coating and design, they give excellent HD light transmission, which is good for color fidelity.

The result of this is an improved image brightness, contrast, and excellent quality. As such, you can use them at night, though not in complete darkness. If you're also looking for binoculars for astronomical viewing, then you can add these binoculars to your arsenal collection.

Their usage is quite simple. They have a Diopter system that comes in handy when you’re looking to adjust the imbalance vision of both of your eyes. Also, the product features a central-adjust wheel that effortlessly focuses images for unmatched clarity.

Even if you’re a glass wearer, you can still use the binoculars since they have rubber-covered eyecups that you can twist up or down. You can always adjust them to meet your comfort level. Generally, the binoculars have a durable structure that has an odorless rubber armor that guarantees anti-slip grips. The structure and armor make the product wear and moist-resistant as well as shock-resistant.


  • It has multi-coated optics.
  • The 5mm exit pupils let you have clear image access.
  • The rubber armor provides durability and anti-slip grips.
  • The central-adjust wheel lets the binoculars to be adjustable to tripods.
  • They have a 10X powerful magnification.
  • They come with a bag and straps for secure usage.


  • Its design is a bit bulky.
  • They might be inconvenient if you wear glasses.
Celestron SkyMaster Giant 15x70 Binoculars

These binoculars are best for terrestrial and celestial object viewing such as bird watching, driving or stargazing among other activities. They boast of large objective lenses with a diameter size of 70mm.

Besides being large, the lenses have a magnifying power of 15X which is quite impressive given the affordable price range of the binoculars. If you desire very bright, sharp and distortion-free images, then these binoculars are best for you, thanks to their multi-coated optics with BaK-4 prisms.

Because of the design of the lenses, the binoculars transmit HD lights to your eyes for unmatched image clarity. You can as well use them in low light situations especially during dusk or dawn. The lenses have a reasonably large field of view of 231ft per 1,000 yards.

As such, you can conveniently watch fast-moving objects such as birds. Durability is something you could use after spending your hard-earned cash. Fortunately, the binoculars have a rugged armored housing for non-slip grips and water-resistance.

Using them is also simple and even a beginner will have a convenient time. The product has a diopter system ranging from -4 to +8 for focusing the objects for more detailed images. And in case you love to use a tripod with your binoculars, you're in luck since these ones come with a tripod adapter. 


  • You also get a carrying case, which is ideal for travelers.
  • The 4.7mm exit pupils are great for image access.
  • The soft and rubber-made eyecups block stray light out of the way.
  • They have a lightweight design of just 3 pounds.
  • The multi-coated optics provide excellent image contrast.
  • The product is simple to use.
  • Glass wearers can also use binoculars.
  • It’s durable and water-resistant.
  • Rubber armor offers non-slip grips.


  • They are also a bit bulky.
  • Their center focusing on needs improvements.
Celestron - Cometron 7x50 Binoculars

This pair of binoculars are ridiculously inexpensive but perform excellently, making them a must-have entry skywatching gear for beginners. First off, the binoculars feature large 50mm objective lenses that have impressive light-gathering capabilities.

Also, the lenses have a reasonable magnification power of 7X which is sufficient for watching celestial and terrestrial objects such as birds or starts. And just as you’d expect, the lenses are multi-coated to give you sharper and improved image contrast.

The binoculars feature the BK-7 prisms which come in handy to bring you clearer images due to their perfect collimation alignment. With their wider field of view proudly peaking at 357 ft. per 1,000 yards, viewing fast-moving objects such as birds or sports events is never a problem.

You might also appreciate their excellent performance in low light situations during dusks and dawns because of their large exit pupils. As such, the binoculars give you up to 13mm eye relief. If you use a pair of eyeglasses, you don’t have to take them off just to use the binoculars.

That’s because they have soft, folding eyecups that you can position to use with your eyeglasses. Their casing is of reputable rugged Aluminum material. With a combination of that casing material and water-resistant non-slip body armor, your product will last longer than you expect.

To use the binoculars, simply adjust the central knurled wheel until you’re getting very clear and sharp images. It’s that simple! And for optimal usage, you can attach the binoculars on a tripod stand since it has a tripod adapter. 


  • They come with a carrying case, user manual, objective, and eyepiece covers and lens cloths.
  • They offer usage versatility.
  • They’re compatible with a tripod stand.
  • The multi-coated optics provide great image sharpness and contrast.
  • Their BK-7 prisms transmit light excellently.
  • The housing is rugged and water-resistant for durability.
  • They’re very affordable.


  • The magnification power is insufficient for further objects.
  • Not suitable for usage in complete darkness.
Celestron 20x80 SkyMaster Pro High Power Binoculars

These binoculars have what it takes to bring both terrestrial and celestial objects that are far away very close for excellent viewing. With their extremely large 80mm objective lenses, they have unmatched light gathering ability.

You can use them in low light situations and still get very clear and sharp images! The lenses have a magnification power that proudly peaks at 20X, which is enough to bring all the stars closer for more detailed viewing.

The lenses are multi-coated with the brand’s XLT technology, which means you will get crisp, very sharp images with the best contrast. Their BaK-4 prisms guarantee excellent light transmission at all times.

And to get enough light into your eyes, the binoculars have 4mm exit pupils. As such, you also get 18mm eye relief which means you don’t have to take off your eyeglasses if you wear them. Also, the binoculars have a great field of view of 168 ft. per 1,000 yards.

Polycarbonate and Aluminum materials make the housing of the product. With a combination of quality housing materials and a rubber armor, the binoculars have excellent feel and grip for durable performance.

In case you want to use a tripod stand for extreme steadiness, you can gladly do so since the product has a built-in tripod adapter. Also, you can incorporate a star pointer into the binoculars since they have an RSR (Reflex Sight Ready) rail adapter as well. 


  • The eyecups are interchangeable and foldable.
  • The product comes with multiple accessories.
  • Large 80mm objective lenses.
  • Anti-slip rubber armor.
  • Lightweight design (5 pounds).
  • It has an-easy-to-use central adjust knurled wheel.
  • Dry nitrogen keeps lenses from fogging.


  • The product’s size is a bit bulky.
  • They might be inconvenient to use without a tripod.
Gosky 10x42 Roof Prism Binoculars for Adults

Watch wildlife, live concerts or sporting events from a safer distance with these binoculars. They have 42mm objective lenses which have MultiGuard FMC coatings for excellent light gathering. With a powerful 10X magnification capability, the lenses bring further worlds into a closer reality.

The large objective lenses' size gives you an impressive field of view of 307 ft. per 1,000 yards. You can watch fast-moving targets such as wildlife or sports cars with a lot of conveniences. The binoculars use dielectric-coated Bak-4 prisms which transmit light excellently for crisp, sharp and high-resolution images.

Since the objective lenses aren’t just large but also have anti-reflective compounds, these binoculars have impressive light-gathering capabilities. You can, therefore, use them for stargazing at night.

Use the easy-to-grip focus wheel to focus on your preferred target effortlessly. The binoculars have a design that’s very innovative and practical. Besides having a tripod adapter for use with a tripod, the binoculars have a smartphone mount. You can attach your smartphone and take pictures or record videos of further objects.

The eyecups are twistable so you can see through even if you’re wearing your eyeglasses. Also, their housing is rugged and anti-slip. The binoculars, therefore hold up well for extreme usage. Besides, they’re waterproof so you don’t have to worry about getting caught in a rainstorm!


  • They offer usage versatility.
  • They have twistable eyecups.
  • The 18mm eye relief is suitable for eyeglass wearers.
  • Lenses have fully multi-coated technology.
  • Bak-4 roof prisms guarantee HD light transmission.
  • They are backed with a lifetime warranty.
  • Phone and tripod adapter optimize usage.
  • They come with a storage case and neck strap.


  • Their carrying case is of questionable quality.
  • Their customer service doesn’t respond promptly.
Orion 09327 Giant View 15x70

These binoculars have a heavy-duty Aluminum casing, which means they will last longer than you anticipate. Longevity is something you could appreciate, especially after acquiring a pair of very powerful binoculars.

The objective lenses are enormous, with an aperture size of 70mm. They have impressive light-gathering capabilities and you could use the binoculars to stargaze at night. Besides, the 15X magnification power will bring all the celestial and terrestrial objects closer for a more detailed look.

HD light transmission is another amazing feature of the binoculars. Their BaK-4 Porro prisms magnificently transmit light from the objective lenses to the 4.6mm exit pupils for excellent image details. The eyepieces have the FMC (fully multi-coated) technology for improved contrast and image resolution.

Take out your Orion 09327 Giant binoculars and start enjoying the beautiful wild beast migration in Africa or winter sports without having to worry about the fast speed of your moving subjects. The 210.0 ft. per 1000 yards field of view comes in handy to make viewing fast-moving objects a reality.

If you wear eyeglasses, you will find the 18mm eye relief quite useful. No need to take off your glasses. To optimally use the binoculars, you should use a tripod stand. Be sure to buy an L-adapter or binocular mount separately for use with a tripod. 


  • The optics are fully multi-coated.
  • The BAk-4 Porro prism transmits HD lights.
  • The 70mm objective lenses have the excellent light-gathering capability.
  • They have a powerful 15X magnification strength.
  • The barrels are sturdy because of Aluminum and cell cuffs reinforcements.
  • The individual eyepiece focuses independently for improved accuracy.


  • They don’t see well in complete darkness.
  • You will have to buy a tripod adapter separately.
Orion 09332 Scenix Wide 7.1 Degree binoculars

You can use these binoculars for a wide variety of activities. If you’re a safari tourist, watching the wildlife from a safe distance is not only refreshing but revealing as well. The same case is true for sports lovers and astronomers, thanks to the magnificent 7X magnification power.

Orion 09332 Scenix binoculars have large 50mm objective lenses that are fully multi-coated. Therefore, they have impeccable light-gathering capabilities even in low light situations. You can always count on them to transmit HD lights at all times because they have high-grade BAK-4 Porro prisms.

The prisms combine forces with the multi-coated air-to-glass surfaces for the best image contrast, sharpness, and high resolutions. Even if you're stargazing, you can expect the same result. A wider field of view of 7.1 degrees makes sure no subject escapes from your full glare.

The binoculars have 7mm exit pupils for more image clarity. Besides, the images you will observe through the exit pupils are free of distortion because of the anti-reflection compounds on the eyepieces.

No need to take off your essential eyeglasses because you get a 20mm eye relief if you opt for a pair of these binoculars. What a convenience? Your product will last for a long time because of the metallic housing. With the help of the rubber-made body armor, you will have an anti-slip grip which helps prolong the lifespan of your binoculars. 


  • The product comes with other accessories.
  • The central focusing mechanism is easy to use.
  • The housing is sturdy and has a rubber armor.
  • The 50mm objective lenses have an impressive light-gathering ability.
  • 20mm eye relief is great for eyeglass wearers.
  • The product only weighs 1.8 pounds.


  • The eyecups aren’t of the best quality.
  • They are not water-resistant.
ESSLNB Giant Binoculars for Astronomy

ESSLNB Giant binoculars are best for watching both terrestrial and celestial objects that are further. They have 70mm objective lenses that have a magnification power ranging from 13X to 39X.

With such an impressive aperture size and magnification power, birds watching, stargazing or watching fast-moving sports cars is always a reality. Besides, the binoculars have a large field of view of 288 ft. per 1,000 yards.

The optics are fully multi-coated for unmatched brightness and image sharpness. You can always get the best image resolution by focusing on your target using the right diopter ring. And to adjust the magnification power, you can use the control knob on your left hand.

As such, using this product is hassle-free. If you want to optimize the use of the binoculars, their built-in tripod adapter comes in handy. You can take pictures or videos of your subjects using your smartphone since the binoculars have a smartphone adapter.

The eye relief is also spacious enough for eyeglass wearers. Simply look through the eyepieces and enjoy the magnificent view of your preferred subject. The carrying case, lenses and eyepiece protection covers and cleaning cloths make this product ideal for traveling.


  • The product is easy to use.
  • The multi-coated optics provide realistic images with the best brightness.
  • The High-grade BAK-7 Porro prisms transmit light even in low light conditions
  • The large 70mm objective lenses gather lights excellently.
  • The 13X-39X magnification provides the best image resolution.
  • The product comes with other accessories.


  • You might want to use a tripod stand because of its weight.
  • The housing is not of the best quality.
Celestron - SkyMaster 20x80 Binoculars

All Celestron Skymaster binoculars series feature the BaK-4 Porro prisms and multi-coated optics and this model is no exception! As such, you can always count on them to give you excellent image sharpness and contrast.

This model has giant 80mm objective lenses with a magnification power of 20X. These features make this model ideal for both terrestrial and celestial body viewing. With such power, you can always get one of the best resolutions on the market.

If you love to watch fast-moving objects, you can always find these binoculars very useful, thanks to their wide field of view standing in 195 ft. per 1,000 yards. The Bak-4 Porro prisms excellently transmit light to the 4mm exit pupils so you can access very bright images through the foldable eyecups.

Because of their giant size, the objective lenses have a great light-gathering even at dusk or dawn when the light is low. They have 18mm eye relief which means you can always use them despite wearing your eyeglasses.

The body of the binoculars is rugged and has rubber-made armor for anti-slip grips. With the integrated tripod adapter rod, you can optimize the performance of your product without any hassle. 


  • They come with other accessories for improved storage and carriage.
  • The eyecups are soft and foldable and block stray lights.
  • They are water-resistant.
  • The large lenses have improved light gathering in low light situations.
  • The multi-coated optics and prisms offer image brightness.
  • The 20X power offers improved image resolution.


  • They might develop a double image after some time.
  • Its 4-pound weight might require a tripod for optimal usage.
Gosky Titan 20x80 Astronomy Binoculars

Sometimes, you might be looking for binoculars that can assist you to take pictures or videos of your subjects using your smartphone. If that’s the case, then these binoculars might be what you've been looking for.

Not only do they have a smartphone adapter but giant objective lenses as well. The lenses have an aperture of 80mm which gathers light exceptionally well under all conditions. The objective lenses have the anti-reflective multi-coating for minimal loss of light.

A combination of the coating and Bak-4 Porro prisms gives very bright images with one of the best contrasts. And when the 20X magnification power comes to the picture, you get a very high resolution for studying your favorite subjects.

Enjoy an enormous 56m per 1,000m field of view right from your comfort zone without any problem. With such a view, fast-paced moving subjects never escape your prying hawk eyes!

The exit pupils have a size of 4mm which is enough to peep through. No need to take off your eyeglasses while studying your subjects. Why? Because these binoculars have a 15.4mm eye relief. 


  • The product has a digiscoping phone adapter and a tripod adapter.
  • The protective shield and rubber armor provide durability.
  • The multi-coated optics offer bright lights.
  • The prisms transmit HD lights to the 4mm exit pupils.
  • The 15.4mm eye relief lets you have your eyeglasses on.
  • The binoculars come with additional accessories.
  • The product is easy to use.


  • It requires a tripod for optimal performance.
  • The binoculars might have collimation issues.

What qualities do you need to Consider Before Buying Astronomy Binocular?

You can only end up with the best pair of binoculars if you consider a few factors before making a purchase. So, what are these factors or features to consider? They include the following:

  • The magnification power

The magnification power is represented by a number ending with “x.” The larger the number, the higher the magnification power. For a given distance, binoculars with higher magnification power bring objects closer compared to those with lower magnification power.

Besides, higher magnification power means higher resolution for clearer image details. If you love watching celestial and terrestrial subjects that are far away, then you should consider buying more powerful binoculars.

  • Objective lens aperture

You can tell the size of the objective lenses by looking at the name of the binoculars. The number that appears after “x” in binoculars’ name represents the aperture of the objective lenses. The larger the number, the larger the aperture.

If you want brighter images even in low light conditions, binoculars with larger objective lenses (larger aperture) will work perfectly. Besides, larger objective lenses have improved light-gathering capabilities for brighter and sharper images.

  • Lenses coating technology

Lenses on binoculars have some levels of coating applied to them. The coating helps them to have reduced reflections, improved contrast and image sharpness. Lenses coating is thus an important factor that you shouldn’t overlook.

For optimal performance, choose binoculars with fully multi-coated lenses. Such binoculars have all of their lenses coated with anti-reflection compounds for zero loss of light and unmatched image brightness and contrast.

  • The field of view

If you always like studying fast-moving subjects such as sports cars, looking for binoculars with a wider field of view might be the best idea. Binoculars express their field of views in two separate ways:

First, they might express it in terms of feet or meters per a specific distance. For example, 300 ft. per 1,000 yards. Secondly, they might express it in terms of angles, which is known as the angle of view (AOV). For example, 4.4°. Before opting for a larger field of view, make sure to compare the binoculars you intend to buy with other models with other features held constant.

  • Exit pupils’ size

Binoculars for images on the exit pupils. It, therefore, means exit pupils with larger size gives you access to larger and more clear images. Your binoculars express the size if their exit pupils in millimeters. The higher the number, the larger the exit pupils and the clearer the image you get.

  • Waterproofing

You should also make sure that your binoculars have a waterproofing agent to keep all the objective lenses and prisms from moisture. Make sure the casing tightly conceals all the components of your product. If possible, opt for a product with dry nitrogen gas for absorbing all moisture from the internals, to reduce lens fogging.

  • The weight of the product

Weight is another crucial factor to keep a closer eye on. If your binoculars are heavier than 3 pounds, you might tire after some time, making you need the services of a tripod stand. Consider the weight before making a purchase.

Lightweight designs take tripod stands out of the equation, meaning you won't have to buy one. Besides, lightweight means portability, which is a feature you could appreciate if you’re always on the move.

What can you do with a good astronomy Binocular?

You can’t think of the best astronomy binoculars without also thinking of the following uses:

  • Stargazing

Astronomy binoculars offer an inexpensive alternative to telescopes. They have impressive magnification powers, with some having up to 39X magnification power. With such enormous powers, binoculars bring subjects that are very far away, such as the moon and stars closer. As such, they reveal more details than some telescopes. You can use them to study celestial objects like stars and planets.

  • Starting a fire

Binoculars comprise of a series of concave or convex lenses assembled in a tube. In case of an emergency, you can disassemble the lenses and use them to start a fire. Convex lenses are best for focusing solar energy on a single point until fire actually starts.

  • Smartphone zooming lens

If you own a smartphone and you’d like to take pictures of an object that’s far away, you can alight the camera to one of the eyepieces for excellent zooming. Fortunately, most binoculars have a smartphone adapter with clamps that hold your smartphone in place. You can then adjust the eyepiece until it perfectly focuses on the preferred subject for some video recording or photoshoots.

  • Spotting wildlife

Binoculars have objective lenses with impressive aperture sizes. As such, they gather as much light as possible even in low light situations. They can pick light rays from further objects excellently. You can, therefore, easily spot wildlife or bear before you can even sense danger. This makes them ideal for use for spotting wildlife and bears during biological studies.

  • Viewing live performance

You can also use a pair of binoculars to observe live performance on stages that are far away. Since binoculars have multi-coated optics, they don’t lose any light from the subject. You can get clear images of subjects even at dusk or dawn. Large objective lenses coupled with high magnification power means you will view your favorite live band closer with high resolution than people without the binoculars.


Can I stargaze with binoculars?

You can use your binoculars to study the Milky Way. That's possible because binoculars have magnificent magnification powers, large objective multi-coated lenses and HD light-transmitting Porro prisms. All these features bring the stars in the galaxy closer for detailed study. Besides, binoculars offer an inexpensive alternative to telescopes and they are portable.

Which binoculars are the strongest?

There are a few very strong binoculars out there. On the list, a pair of ESSLNB Giant binoculars are the most powerful. They have a magnification power that peaks at 39X, which is the highest power on the list.

But overall, a pair of Sunagor Mega Zoom 30-160x70 Binoculars are arguably the most powerful. You can zoom them from 30X to 160X for a remarkable resolution. Besides, they have 70mm objective lenses, which make them giant binoculars for stargazing and bird watching.

Why do some binoculars have green lenses?

Your eyes are more sensitive to green lights. As such, the best binoculars have green color-coated objective lenses for green images, which enhances image clarity.

What is the difference between roof prisms and Porro prisms?

Roof prisms permit light rays to directly pass through the barrels of the eyepieces. On the other hand, Porro prisms let the light rays to jog through the barrels before reaching the exit pupils.

How can I clean my binoculars?

Since you will be frequently using your binoculars, they will accumulate dirt in their lenses from time to time. Also, you might find some dirt on the housing or casing. To clean off the dirt on the housing, use a soft piece of cloth to wipe the housing.

For lenses, you will need to use a soft cleaning brush. Be gentle with the lenses since they have a delicate coating. Always clean them as seldom as possible. Fortunately, most binoculars come with a cloth that you can use to clean them with.

Final Words

Finding the best pair of binoculars doesn’t have to be a daunting task anymore. Use our buyer’s guide to get your hands on only the best binoculars. You now have the requisite knowledge about features to look for before buying binoculars.

The only thing you have left is to take action and acquire a long-lasting pair of binoculars. Be sure to check all the binoculars on our list. They are a roundup of the best units on the market. We understand how hard it might be to source for the best binoculars from the market.

And because of that reason, we have brought the best products right to your doorstep. Some of the binoculars have impressive magnification powers, making them ideal for terrestrial and celestial body observation.

Always remember to check for performance before sealing the deal. Consider such features as the size of the objective lenses, type of the prisms, coating and weight among other features. It is only then that you will be sure to find the best binoculars.

From our list, you can take full advantage of ESSLNB Giant binoculars which have impressive magnification power. You can count on them to give you one of the best resolutions on the market, which is perfect for stargazing and watching sports.