Best Space (Astronomy) Hoodies for Kids

Looking for the best space hoodies for kids on the market? We've put together a comprehensive buyer's guide of some of our favourite fun Space & Astronomy hoodies perfect for children.

Looking for the best space hoodie for your kids on the market? We've done the research to help you find the perfect space hoodie for your kids to suit your needs.

The occurrence of a universally accepted product is quite rare, and hoodies are one of the very few clothing items that are the comfort wear acknowledged by people all around the globe. Hoodies are not only about comfort anymore, they are a fashion statement, they also work as the perfect workout outfit, and you can wear hoodies to work as well. It would be an understatement to say that hoodies are truly the best piece of clothing ever invented by men because they are the greatest thing to happen, at least amidst this pandemic. 

Now, kids love comfortable to wear just as much as adults do, and some comfortable clothing that is easy to put on the children is a relief for the parents as well. Also, what kid doesn’t want to slip out of their comfortable pajamas and get into some stylish and comfy hoodies laded with the deep starry sky.

Here we have a list of the topmost cool and reliable space hoodies for kids. And if the reviews don’t help you find the right hoodie, the buying features will certainly help you choose the best space hoodie for your kids.

Let’s get started!

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

If you're looking for the best space hoodie for your kids that is affordable, easy to use for beginners, and has a great build quality, our top pick is the Ahegao Unisex Novelty Hoodies 3D Printed Graphics Fleece Pockets Pullover Sweatshirts for Christmas Halloween.

Wide range of colors and designs


True to size

Machine washable

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    Best Space (Astronomy) Hoodies for Kids - Comparison Table

    Let's take a look at the top products on the market, based on the average rating by real customers just like you.


    Product Name



    Best Space (Astronomy) Hoodies for Kids - Product Reviews

    If you've made it this far into the reviews then you must be serious about your buying choice.

    Now that we've covered the quick list of products, let's break down each of them to see why they have been chosen.

    In this section we'll cover the pro's and con's of each and give you some ideas of who each product is most suitable for.

    Hoodies are the ultimate comfort wear as accepted by people of all races. But the things that make them stand out in a crowd are unique designs and colors, especially in the case of space hoodies. As there are unlimited patterns in the real space, the opportunity to paint them down is as high as well.

    Luckily, with these Ahegao unisex novelty hoodies, there is a humongous variety of designs in various colors available, all at the same price. Although, it creates a conundrum while choosing one design out of the available 14, the more the merrier. 

    Moreover, these hoodies are meant to be true to their size, so you only need to check the size chart and voila you will receive a perfectly fitting space hoodie for your kid. On another note, the material of this hoodie does not degrade as fast as others thus making it perfectly able to be machine washed. The maintenance gets a lot easier when you can just toss it into the washer without worrying about the design fading. 

    Lastly, there aren’t many options in the market that offer high-quality hoodies with so many design variations in such a low price as these Ahegao Unisex novelty hoodies, and a sensible person would cash on this feature.


    Wide range of colors and designs


    True to size

    Machine washable


    Spandex and polyester material

    Often, we way that quality matters over quality, and in this case, it has been deemed true with this hoodie as an example. This Nasa hoodie is the pure example of high-quality material that costs a little bit more but also lasts longer than other types. 

    It has been constructed from eighty percent cotton and only twenty percent polyester making it ultra-soft and comfy. The higher cotton percentage also makes it viable for wearing in hot weather as well as cold weather conditions. 

    Even though the Nasa logo is a cliché in the whole space and astronomy genre, the pun underneath makes up for all the class. The classic pun, as kids always want more space from parents, is a perfect representative of the mood of children.

    Moreover, this hoodie is printed with solid colors and available in five base colors, so you may choose your kid’s favorite color. Secondly, the solid colors make the hoodie viable for machine wash and deter the burden of handwashing from the shoulders of parents, but there are certain instructions to follow.


    Solid colors

    High-quality fabric

    Machine washable

    Classic fit



    Slightly expensive

    It is rare to stumble upon such vivid deep space abstract designs on a hoodie, but here we have found one with such an exceptional design digitally printed over a mixed fabric of polyester and spandex. Moreover, there are many such designs available at an adequate price and classic printing. 

    Even though there are a variety of classic designs present, the price of all the hoodies is maintained, so everyone can afford such high-quality hoodies. Also, these hoodies are said to be true to their size so there is no need to purchase one size greater than yours. These hoodies will compliment your body with their classic fit and the perfect size. 

    The style of this hoodie is classic as well as fashionable, it is a pullover hoodie with a front pocket to keep your hands warm or to serve as an extra carrying space. It can also be customized to fit your neckline by pulling the drawstrings, as space closes down the protection of your body to outer cold weather or water increases.



    True to size

    Variety of options

    Elegant deep space design


    Non-cotton material

    There is no limit to the objects floating around in their perfect orbits in space, especially the unique stars and galaxies we keep uncovering with the help of the latest technology. This unlimited knowledge provides and cool images provide unlimited artistic opportunities to be explored. 

    A practical example of artistic exploration is this Hgvoetyy hoodie. The cool design representing multiple planets floating around in free space is 3-D printed on the polyester and spandex mix fabric. These hoodies are true to their size however it is best to opt for one size larger in case of boys but for girls the size almost every time their actual size fits perfectly. 

    These hoodies have a front pocket that can be used to store extra things and keep your kid's hands warm, and the drawstrings are present to customize the hood and neck circumference of the hoodie as your kid may desire. 

    Lastly, these hoodies can be washed in the machine as well as with hands but be careful to use cold water only and only air dry them to sustain the digital design and quality of the fabric.


    True to size

    Creative 3-D print designs

    Five different sizes available


    Machine washable


    Polyester and spandex material

    In the textile business, most people benefit from the cheap blend of cotton to other plastic-based fabrics such as polyester and spandex, and more often than consumers realize, in some products the percentage of cotton is almost zero. 

    Luckily, in these Hulaha unisex galaxy pattern printed hoodies the blend of the three threads i.e. polyester, spandex, and cotton is equal. This perfect blend provides a balanced fabric that is both breezy and protective, so it can be worn in winters and summers alike. 

    Moreover, the style of the hoodie is classic as it features front pockets and drawstrings on a pull-up hoodie. The designs however are very metaphorical, as one of them portrays a bunch of birds being a part of an astronaut in space symbolizing the freedom associated with flying the sky and floating in the space. 

    The design is not only cool, it is permanent as well, as it is dyed with a 3-D dye sublimation technique which makes the design last longer than any other printing method. Lastly, these hoodies have countless options to choose from in terms of designs and sizes, still, they have managed to remain cost-effective and affordable for all.


    Creative designs


    Polyester, spandex, and cotton blend fabric

    Vivid colors


    No washing instructions

    Space is often represented with cool colors such as blue, purple, pink, and whatnot, but in reality, amidst the blackness of the space, the total and utter void contains many more rays of light than we could ever imagine. 

    The spectrum of colors lies beyond our understanding and so representing those vivid colors is important as well. In this Imbry unisex hoodie we find that the exquisite combination of red on black, and as it always had been, the combination portrayed nothing but elegance. 

    In addition to the red design on the black base, there are many other space and astronomy oriented designs offered by Imbry in the same price range. Not to mention that the cost of these hoodies is one of the most affordable as we have observed in this market. 

    The only downside to this hoodie is that it has on polyester and spandex blend fabric, neither fleece nor cotton is incorporated in the fabric. Otherwise, in this slim price range, this hoodie is as perfect as it can get.


    Vivid designs

    Various sizes

    Machine washable

    Hand pockets and adjustable drawstrings



    Non-cotton fabric

    It is quite rare to find symbolism that borderlines on sheer creativeness being portrayed on hoodies available on amazon, but this world never ceases to amaze. We found this hoodie amidst the pile of many such others but the exemplary design pulled us to ultimately write a review about it as well. 

    The design represents an astronaut converting the night sky into the day sky by painting over the black base with blue, and it has been portrayed as exquisitely as it could have been on a hoodie. The material used as a base is 95 percent polyester and only 5 percent spandex.

    Even though the fabric material lacks the blend of cotton or fleece, the design has been so eloquently printed that it makes up for any loss of quality.



    Eloquent design

    3-D digital printing with dye sublimation



    Non-cotton blend

    We have seen many cool and unique designs in search of the top ten astronomy-related hoodies in the market. While some of the designs we found were basic others were purely creative. Just like one from this bunch of Ahegao novelty hoodies that represents a cat face in the bubble of a spacesuit. 

    The background portrays the scenario of a star-filled galaxy and a cat astronaut trying to roam it all, it fits the profile of a cat perfectly and goes perfect with our demand of uniqueness in design. The material used on these hoodies is also classic as it is made with the perfect blend of polyester, spandex, and fleece making it suitable for wearing in cold weather. 

    And lastly, just like all other hoodies, it is a pullover hoodie with front pockets and drawback strings to make any size adjustments to the neckline.


    Skin-friendly material

    Perfect for cold weather

    3-D digital unique prints

    True to size


    Fabric is not cotton blend

    A unique design of an astronaut cleaning up the starry mess of the night sky present in the deep space with a vacuum. The design is presented on a fabric made with 92 percent polyester which reinforces it as a mid-weather garment. 

    The unique design is printed with laser printers instead of the sublimation dye technique which accounts for a much long-lasting print. Moreover, the fabric can be washed with warm water by a machine or using your own hands. 

    Lastly, it is one of the least expensive hoodies with such classic designs we found in the market.


    3-D laser printed hoodies

    Material Quality guaranteed

    Machine washable

    Variety of designs


    Mainly polyester-based fabric

    A close-up view of the rings of Saturn has been displayed ever so eloquently on this black base hoodie with a ravishing blue shade. And this is not the only option available as there are many others offered by SAYM in the same price range and same high-quality.

    The fabric is a close to perfect blend of polyester and cotton, making it breezy as well as protective wearing. The design is 3-D printed on the hoodie thus it can be machine washed only with cold water.


    Machine washable

    Cotton blend fabric

    3-D print design


    Slightly expensive

    Best Space (Astronomy) Hoodies for Kids - Buying Guide

    Despite the superficial look and common opinion, there is a lot that goes into making a perfect hoodie. If even the material or manufacturing process is slightly off quality the entire hoodie can go from a comfy material to crap fest.

    And nobody wants a kid to experience an uncomfortable hoodie and then throw a tantrum over it, right? So, here we have compiled a list of features that you must look out for before purchasing a hoodie for your kids.

    Also, you will never want a kid to be excited about a space hoodie that turns out to be either crappy to wear or with a crappy design, so you better follow the buying guide real closely before choosing the best space hoodie for kids.

    • Comfortability

    A hoodie is always branded as comfort wear that turns stylish. Hoodies are a mixture of sweatshirts and shirt caps, stitch the two together and you come up with the hoodies. The first and foremost quality to define the comfortability of a hoodie is the material.

    There are many types of hoodies made in the market with different kinds of materials. The most infamous is the fleece winter hoodies, which are the coziest thing to wear on a cool winter day. There are many other options as well in terms of material quality but we will discuss them later on.

    As much as the comfortability depends upon the material, the design and imprints matter as well. The stitch and the style of stitching also add up to enhance the comfortability of a hoodie. If any stitch is off or the design has an off-putting look or even a simple piece of thread is out from an unusual place, it can effectively ruin the entire experience of wearing a hoodie.

    It is vital to check every aspect of a hoodie before purchasing it for your kids and a kid can throw a tantrum at pretty much anything and make even a loose thread a big deal. Another factor that adds to the comfortability of a hoodie is the style of it, whether it is a zipped hoodie or a slim fit hoodie, but that will be discussed in the design and style section later in the blog.

    Also, it adds up to the experience and general likeability of a hoodie, if it has a cool design that resonates with the popular figures and pop culture, for a kid.

    • Brand

    A brand is always a brand, ever wondered why a brand name matters a lot in terms of coolness or quality? Most brands have a reputation to carry that represents the highest quality material and personal service.

    And for these two things the prices are significantly increased about off-brand products. Any hoodie bought from a brand has a general vibe of likeness that comes with public acceptability. The reason behind most people’s obsession with branded products is the quality assurance of a brand and the added guarantee that if a faulty object is sold to the customer it shall be returned or replaced by the brand.

    These little factors in addition to the personal service provided by the brand representatives are the reason most people prefer branded hoodies over off-brand hoodies. For us, it depends upon the possible usage of the hoodie.

    If it is only meant as casual wear, any hoodie made with quality fabric, brand or off-brand, works fine. But some brands manufacture hoodies for specific purposes, such as sportswear brands that produce quick drying and sweat absorbent hoodies to help aid with workout sessions in a cold environment.

    Moreover, there are other brands whose logo just simply class up the hoodie and thus it can be worn up to a dinner party as well. Lastly, the importance of brand matters only when you want it to matter. Otherwise there are plenty of other options in the market that offer high-quality hoodies if you know how to distinguish between good and bad quality products.

    • Material Quality

    First of all, it is vital to know all the types of fabric materials used in the composition of a hoodie. Sometimes the entire hoodie is produced with one fabric and in other instances, a composition of two or more materials is used to create one hoodie.

    Depending upon the brand, type of hoodie, and the purpose of that hoodie, the fabric material is finalized. Generally, cotton and polyester are the two most common components of the material used to manufacture a hoodie.

    Some mixtures of different fabric materials include cotton and polyamide, cotton and polyester, cotton and polyester fleece, polyester and acrylic and cotton, and lastly polyester and spandex. All of these different materials have varying standards of quality but mostly the ratio of cotton to polyester matters the most in terms of the composition of the fabric.

    Usually, high-quality fabric consists of ninety percent or higher of cotton and ten to eight percent of polyester. Any increase in the percentage of polyester in the composition and the material starts to lose quality.

    Other materials such as fleece and polyamide are added in some compositions to add an extra layer of resistance to the fabric so that the hoodie can be used in winters to trap heat inside. Whereas pure cotton hoodies or cotton polyamide hoodies can be worn in summer as well, as they are breezy and will not trap any body heat.

    For sports and workout purposes it is best to purchase either acrylic or fleece reinforced hoodies for better body protection and sweat absorption.

    • Design & Style

    Even though a hoodie in itself is pretty much an eccentric style, there are many variations made to it as well. Over the years, hoodies have evolved from simple sweatshirts to zip-up hoodies, drawstring hoodies, loose fit and tight fit hoodies, fur hoodies, and much more.

    Every style of a hoodie has its importance and application such as the drawstrings of hoodies can tighten the upper opening end of the hoodie so any water or snow may not be able to damage the inner clothes.

    On the other hand, loose fit and tight fit hoodies are a personal preference for many people. The zip-up hoodies and over-the-head hoodies are both appreciated alike but just like before some personal preferences lead people to choose one style over the other.

    In the case of choosing the best space/astronomy hoodies for kids, it is best to stay on the safe side and choose the style which they find the most comfortable. Coming towards the design, as the universe has no boundaries, the opportunities of artwork it provides are limitless alike.

    There are countless galaxies, containing marvelous patterns of stars, nebulae, asteroids, and planets, and any of these patterns or objects on a hoodie constitute a classic space hoodie. And surprisingly these majestic patterns work on every color base of the hoodie as there is no deficiency of colors in the reactions that take place in our vicinity in the unlimited space of the universe.

    • Cost

    Affordability is one of the key aspects of shopping in this era, especially under the economical strain forced upon us by the pandemic. Just like comfort foods are accessible and affordable, hoodies being the universal comfort wear, are accessible and affordable as well.

    But due to so many variations, the cost of material fluctuates as well thus the price tag differs on different types of hoodies. But mostly the main difference arises in branded and off-brand hoodies. At times, some famous brands have been known to charge insane amounts of money for rather simple objects such as hoodies.

    So, if hoodies are nothing but comfort wear for you, then it is best to find a quality off-brand hoodie or a brand that doesn’t profit off of capitalistic agendas. Usually, hoodies can be found under the affordable price range of fifty dollars, but certain brands have been known to increase this simple amount from a couple of bucks to a couple of hundred dollars.

    In the case of kids' clothing, it is best to stick to affordable hoodies as we all know that kids outgrow clothes pretty fast.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Best Space (Astronomy) Hoodies for Kids – Final Word

    Just as all kids love video games, they love clothing that represents their passions as well. The space hoodies are not only limited to kids that have a practical interest in astronomy but in fact, these hoodies with space designs are cool in general. 

    Moreover, they are perfectly comfy to be worn on a cool summer evening or a cold autumn morning. These space hoodies are perfect in themselves and as a fact, they cannot go out of fashion as space will forever be trendy.

    And even after your kids outgrow these fashionable best space hoodies for kids, you can save them to remind them of their passion for astronomy they had as a kid!