Best Solar System Toys For Kids Buyer's Guide

Looking to buy the best Solar System Toys to teach Kids all about the planets, stars and the wider solar system? This review covers the top toys available for all budgets and a definitive buyer's guide too.

Do you want to educate your children about the solar system? It’s not very easy to teach them something like solar system theoretically as these are not visible through naked eyes. You can give them some text books related to the solar system to read. But theory is always boring and hard to remember. The best way to give a clear picture of the solar system in little minds is to give them some physical objects like the original. For that purpose solar system toys are available in the market and we have reviewed 10 of the best solar system toys here.

These solar system toys will help your children understand the system very clearly and the will be able remember it for long time. These toys are designed based on your childs age and few other factors which we have described in this post. Lets dive into the post.

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

4M Solar System Planetarium
  • This product doesn’t need batteries.
  • It’s lightweight since it weighs just 6.4 ounces
  • It also doubles up as decorative artwork
  • It also comes with solar system-related questions for your kid

This solar system planetarium is best for teaching 8-year-old kids and above about the wonders of the world! It comes with everything you need to brainstorm your kid’s mind for a more inquisitive and explorative Science learning experience.

Included in the set are planets, rods, string, stencils, a squeeze glow paint pen, a fact-filled wall chart and 10 sets of questions for your kid(s). Your kid will first need to assemble the components of the product so he/she can understand the solar system.

The Best Solar System Toys for Kids in 2019

What are some of the solar system toys for kids?

4M Solar System Planetarium

This solar system planetarium is best for teaching 8-year-old kids and above about the wonders of the world! It comes with everything you need to brainstorm your kid’s mind for a more inquisitive and explorative Science learning experience.

Included in the set are planets, rods, string, stencils, a squeeze glow paint pen, a fact-filled wall chart and 10 sets of questions for your kid(s). Your kid will first need to assemble the components of the product so he/she can understand the solar system.

Lucky for him/her, this solar system planetarium comes with a complete assembly manual that contains the instructions he/she needs to assemble all the components together. As such, this product also provides a hands-on learning approach that stimulates brain development and creativity.

Once the kid has assembled the planets and sun together into a solar system, he/she can paint them with the squeeze glow paint pen. The result of this is a glowing solar system at night or when it’s dark in the room. After assembly, the planets start to automatically revolve around the sun.

No batteries are needed for this realistic planets’ movements! If you want to boost your kid’s mental activity in other subjects such as arts and crafts and robotics, be sure to check out other 4M educational toys! 


  • This product doesn’t need batteries
  • It’s lightweight since it weighs just 6.4 ounces
  • It also doubles up as decorative artwork
  • It also comes with solar system-related questions for your kid
  • It is a great learning toy for a DIY project


  • The sun and planets are small.
  • The toy doesn’t glow in the dark bright enough
DECOWALL DA-1501- The Solar System Kids Wall Stickers

Your kid can also learn some scientific facts about the solar system by sticking decals on the wall of his/her room! Learning science doesn’t have to be about reading books only. Engage your kids into some hands-on learning activity by letting them stick the DECOWALL DA-1501 solar system stickers on the bedroom walls.

Besides providing some educational value to the kids, it also helps them decorate their rooms. Your kids can always show their creativity with these stickers. Since the stickers are made of high-quality materials, they don’t leave sticky residue on the wall after peeling them off.

Your kid can always reposition them for newer decorative looks without having to worry about using any paints to do so. The stickers include all the planets of the solar system, the sun and spaceships, and satellites.

Besides, these stickers by DECOWALL have scientific facts about the solar system. For example, the earth takes 365 days to make one complete revolution around the sun and so much more. Your kids will definitely learn if they use these decals. 


  • The stickers contain essential facts about the solar system
  • They are of high-quality and don’t leave sticky residue on the wall.
  • The stickers contain all the planets of the solar system.
  • They make a great DIY project for kids.
  • They are easy to peel off for a new decoration.


  • They might peel off after some time.
  • They might rip off cheap wall paints.
LIDERSTAR Glow in The Dark Stars and Planets

You can also teach your kids about the solar system using LIDESTAR stickers. These stickers comprise 8 realistic planets, the sun, moon, and stars! The stickers comprise luminous powder that gives them a soft glow in the dark.

Not only do they teach the kids about the solar system but decorate their rooms as well. If your kids fear to be in the dark, these stickers might be best for them since they are fluorescent in the dark. Simply let your kids stick them on the walls and the stars on the ceiling for a personalized galaxy system.

The stickers come with an eBook that contains the order in which you should stick the planets. Everything is kept simple with the product. The stickers are long-lasting and will stick on the flat surface for quite a long time. 

They are all-age appropriate, even toddlers could really use the glowing galaxy at night. They also make a perfect gift for your own kids or your family members' kids. In case they do not glow enough or you're dissatisfied with the quality, they have you covered with their money-back and replacement guarantee!


  • They stack perfectly for a long time.
  • They don’t leave sticky residue on the wall.
  • Their luminous powder makes them glow at night.
  • They come with an eBook for sticking instructions.
  • They make a perfect gift for kids of all ages.
  • They are backed by a money-back guarantee or replacement.


  • They might peel off the wall paint.
  • They might not perfectly stick on some walls.
Planets Mobile - Hanging Solar System Mobile

Throw your little kids into frenzy moments with these hanging mobile solar systems. They comprise of high-quality plastic, paper gores, and wire that supports them. They hang and move while the wire remains invisible so you kids can understand the scope of the universe from a 3D human scale.

They, therefore, provide an explorative educational experience to the young in age and youth in the heart. These hanging mobile solar system toys can convert your kids’ rooms into a planetarium at a very affordable price.

Each planet has its own size, which is a perfect representation of the planets in the solar system. Give your kids the chance to learn this crucial difference at young age. These toys take up less space since they have a dimension of 20.1" W x 53.1" D x 17.7" H.

Also, the toys are very easy to assemble so your kids can instantly start learning. You can let them assemble the planets by themselves for a more hands-on learning approach, which initiates the development of the brain. With the assembly instructions in place, your kids will have an easier time arranging the planets. 


  • They are very affordable.
  • They provide a 3D human scale for more understanding of the universe.
  • They come with assembly instructions.
  • They are made of high-quality plastic and paper gore materials.
  • The planets have different sizes that represent facts about the solar system.
  • The wire is invisible for a more realistic look.


  • They might be a challenge to assemble sometimes.
  • They aren’t very durable.
FloraCraft Foam 17 Piece Solar System Kit Pre-Painted

You can nurture your kids’ scientific knowledge by gifting them with these FloraCraft Foam solar system toys. They include 17 pieces of products that your kids will have to assemble so they can create a realistic planetary by themselves.

There is assemble instructions in place to assist them to assemble the planets in the right order. The planets and the sun comprise high-quality XPS foam balls well pre-painted for a colorful planetary, EVA foam rings for planet Saturn, XPS foam ring for supporting the sun and wooden dowel rods.

Because of their beautiful and colorful appearance, they also double up as room décor besides being resourceful educational toys. Learning science doesn’t have to be boring for your little kids anymore.

Take action and gift them with these toys for their birthdays or simply help them understand how the solar system works. Due to their materials, the planets hold up well in all weather conditions. As such, these toys are great for science fairs and rainy day projects!

The toys will probably last for a longer time since they are not only of high-quality materials but are USA-made as well. A socially responsible company in the US is responsible for the design, which means you’re ending up with great toys for the kids. 


  • The toys are perfect for any weather.
  • They come with assembly instructions.
  • They provide for a colorful room décor as well.
  • They are ridiculously inexpensive.
  • They take up less space in the kid’s room.


  • They don’t come true to scale.
  • The pre-painted colors don't represent the planet's colors.
Crocodile Creek 2214-1 3 Blue Soccer Ball Solar System

Crocodile Creek makes high-quality soccer balls that come in 5 different designs: solar system, unicorn, hedgehog, dinosaur and jungle jamboree. If you want to enhance your kids’ learning experience, you can choose the solar system design.

Besides, the kids will be learning essential football skills. The Crocodile Creek solar system balls are appropriate for 4 to 8-year-old kids, which means your kids will most likely benefit from these soccer balls.

The balls have a 7-inch diameter and are large enough for your kids to play soccer. Playing is essential for kids’ development. They activate the brain to learn by experience. So, it’s beneficial to get these balls for your kids.

The balls are synthetic leather-made and have rubber bladder inside them. They ship inflated, and they’re ready for use right out of the box. The beautiful solar system print on the blue ball teaches the kids the wonders of the solar system.

They can clearly see that Saturn has rings, which is a great scientific fact discovery at young ages! With these balls, your kids learn the skills of ball throwing, kicking and catching. The ball helps to improve the kids’ motor skills. 


  • They improve kids’ motor skills.
  • They provide scientific facts about the solar system.
  • They are made of high-quality synthetic leather and rubber bladder.
  • The ball comes in other prints as well.
  • It comes inflated for an instant game.
  • They are large enough for the kids.


  • Its seam is not of the best quality.
  • The ball is not evenly round sometimes.
Solar System Plush- Planet Jupiter Stuffed Toy

If you want to teach the kids about planet Jupiter, then you can do so by gifting them with the planet Jupiter stuffed toy. Not only does the toy teach them some scientific facts about Jupiter but it’s also soft as well,

Your kid will have a soft, plush and comfortable toy to hug all night long. The toy is of high-quality since soft, plush materials with polyester filling comprise it. and on the outside of the toy, there are embroidered details for learning. 

Other scientific facts are on the toy’s paper tag. Let your kids learn the essential facts about the solar system by gifting them with this Jupiter celestial buddy. Besides, it’s very affordable so you don’t have to spend a wallet-breaking amount of money just to get a toy for your kids. 

The toy is very light since it weighs just 6.4 ounces. Also, it takes up less space given that its dimension is 7 x 7 x 7 inches. It is an ideal Christmas gift for kids. Also, it makes a great birthday gift for kids between 4 to 8 years old.


  • It's color print is a perfect representation of Jupiter's color.
  • It’s an inexpensive toy.
  • It’s very soft and your kid can hug it all night long.
  • It's paper tag contains facts about the solar system.
  • The embroidery on the feet shows the planet’s name. 


  • It might get wet.
  • Some customers have complained of receiving the wrong planet toy.
iPlay iLearn Wooden Solar System Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzles are also essential toys for boosting your kid’s mental thinking capacity. The iPlay, iLearn Wooden Solar System Jigsaw Puzzles gives kids the opportunity to solve puzzles into a complete solar system.

The puzzles are natural wood-made, so they are safe for use. Also, they’re eco-friendly since the materials are organic. The puzzles are precision-made such that they perfectly fit. There’s a guide chart or instruction diagram to assist your kids to arrange each piece so they make the solar system. 

Also, the chart has some educational facts about the solar system. This toy has benefits for young kids aged 3 to 7 years. It improves their brain's capacity to solve problems. Also, the toy develops and improves the kids' motor skills.

It’s bright color theme also stimulates the brain to recognize the color difference. As such, it's a nice educational toy for your young kid. It makes a perfect Christmas and birthday gift. If kids are solving the puzzles together in a group, they also learn the value of teamwork as they improve their social skills.

Besides featuring high-quality materials, this toy is very inexpensive, which makes it readily available for your kids. Its superior quality also guarantees durability. Your kids will solve the puzzles for years before having to replace the toy. 


  • It is inexpensive.
  • It’s made of natural materials, making it eco-friendly.
  • It has a fact-filled instruction diagram chart.
  • The color theme is bright for fun and game enjoyment.
  • The puzzles are durable.


  • The pieces might not stick tightly together.
  • They might be challenging to solve.
Puzzles Universe Spacecraft Children Educational

You can also engage your kids into some learning activities using the 1000 pieces Jigsaw puzzles. These puzzles by Cool Wall Decal Sticker Vinyl throw challenges to kids and adults alike when it comes to creating the solar system.

But in the long run, your kids will have enough brain exercise by the time they are done solving the puzzles. When the puzzle is complete, they have a dimension of just 750mm X 500mm, which doesn’t take up much space.

These puzzles are ideal for both child-play and education at the same time. All the information about the solar system is on the puzzles. The prints on the puzzles are real representations of the solar system.

The visuals are remarkable and unconsciously teaches the kids how our solar system looks like. Since the puzzles are sturdy paper material-made, they will last longer for a prolonged learning experience.

They come with a thick and strong storage box for safe storage. This adds more durability to the puzzles. Also, they are backed with a replacement guarantee. In case some pieces are missing, you can always have them replaced. 


  • They weigh just 0.7kgs.
  • They are backed with a 1-year warranty and 30 days return warranty.
  • The puzzles tightly fit together.
  • List ElemThe puzzles are environmentally friendly.ent
  • They provide a problem-solving opportunity.
  • They have a bright color print for scientific learning.
  • They have a large storage box.


  • They are challenging to solve.
  • Since they are paper-made, they’re not very durable.
Space Kids Solar System Outer Space 3D Puzzle Educational Toy

Gifting your 5-year-old kid with these jigsaw puzzles is a great idea. These puzzles challenge your kids to create a diorama of the solar system. The process is challenging enough to create some ample opportunity for the kid’s problem-solving skills improvement.

High-quality materials go into the manufacture of this great educational toy. Durability is, therefore, something you can get from the puzzles. Their 3D appearance makes them form a realistic solar system.

They are ideal for both boys and girls, and even adults can join in the frenzy of solving them. Age restriction is not something to worry about here. This puzzle comprises 146 pieces which you have to assemble together into the solar system.

When you give the kids to assemble the pieces together, they also develop their eye-hand coordination, which is a great step in the child’s development. Also, the kids will be developing their motor skills.

As such, this toy does more than enough to make your child grow into a better and well-socialized person. Each puzzle fits perfectly with another for a sturdier solar system planetarium. Therefore, this jigsaw puzzle has everything you need to develop your kids into well-rounded future adults. 


  • The pieces firmly fit together.
  • This product is very affordable.
  • They are made from premium-quality materials.
  • They come with a planetary guide for easy assembly.
  • They teach and develop the kid in a few areas.


  • The planets might not hold up very well.
  • They might be expensive for some customers.

What should you look for before buying educational toys like solar system toys?

When you’re planning to buy an educational toy for your kid, you will need to consider the following factors:

  • Purpose of the toy

Solar system toys tend to be more educational toys rather than toys for play. Their sole purpose is to teach your kids about the solar system and the universe. So, they might not be very enjoyable toys for plays. But they're of great value given the fact that they familiarize your child with the solar system and the universe from a young age.

If you’re looking to expose your kids to scientific facts about the solar system from as young as 3 years, then solar system toys are great toys to help to achieve your goal. Some toys like Crocodile Creek 2214-1 3 Blue Soccer Ball Solar System could be great for playing just as much as they’re for educational purposes.

  • The educational value

There are many solar system toys out there on the market. Not all of them teach about the same concept. Some teach about the revolutionary movements of planets around the sun, while others teach about Arts and Craft. It, therefore, means you will need to assess the educational value of a toy before buying it for your kid.

If you want your kid to learn a few facts about the solar system, consider buying iPlay, iLearn Wooden Solar System Jigsaw Puzzles. But the bottom line is to assess the educational content of the solar system toys before buying them.

  • The creativity value of the toys

A good science-based educational toy should invoke creativity in children. Always try to gift your kids with toys that make them think outside the box. Puzzles are a great option in this case. They test the child’s creativity level in creating something exactly as it is in real like.

Besides, educational toys also help young learners to improve their personal skills such as social skills, motor skills, and problem-solving skills just to mention a few. Toys that let your kid assemble their components are also another great option if you want to nurture your kid's creativity and improve its level.

  • The entertainment value

The primary function of a toy is to entertain your kids. You should make sure that the toy you have opted for has a high entertainment value so the kid doesn't get bored fast. As the kids play with the toys, they learn a hands-on problem-solving approach.

Sometimes, kids enjoy getting their hands on toys as they make things up from scratch. Such toys have great entertainment value besides educating the kid. A good example would be 4M Solar System Planetarium which lets children assemble and paint each planet. The painting part makes this solar system educational toy have a great entertainment value.


What is a solar system toy?

These are toys that help your child to learn some scientific facts about the universe. In this review, we have rounded up some of the best solar system toys. By playing with them, your kid will learn some facts about the planets and how they work. Also, the toys will improve some skills in your child as a learner.

What skill will my child acquire after playing with solar system toys?

Solar system toys teach your child about the universe and the natural world that exists outside of our atmosphere. Your child will also learn some concepts in Geometry, climatology, and geology just to mention a few areas of study. In the end, your child will learn about all the principles of the universe.

At what age should my child start playing with solar system toys?

Solar system toys vary in terms of complexity. Their complexity intensifies with age. That means 8-year-old solar system toys are more complex than 3-year-old ones. It’s, therefore, very important to buy these toys after considering the age of your child.

Children who are 3 years old and above can use these toys. However, the manufacturers of solar system toys recommend a specific age. You should make sure you are buying the right toy as per the age of the child for excellent learning and playing experience.

Can solar system toys be used in group plays?

Yes, you can use some of the solar system toys in group plays. For example, Crocodile Creek 2214-1 3 Blue Soccer Ball Solar System is great for group play. However, some, like DECOWALL DA-1501- The Solar System Kids Wall Stickers are not good for play. You can only cooperate to stick them on a wall after which, you can enjoy them together. But the bottom line is: you can always piece together pieces of puzzles in a group. It, therefore, means puzzles and the soccer ball are the only educational toys suitable for group plays.

What are the benefits of playing with solar system toys?

Besides teaching your kids some cool facts about science and the universe, these toys also develop your kids’ mental strength and motor skills among other things. They help prepare kids for future careers in Cosmology-related fields.

Final Words

Now we are at the end of our review article. The main objective is to ensure fun learing of the solar system of your kids. For this we have revealed here 10 best solar system toys in 2019 based on the features, safety and customer reviews. You can pick any one from the above list according to your childs age and your budget. Please read the full buying guide and FAQ section carefully before purchase. Don’t forget to let us know your feedback after purchase in the comments.