Best Space T-Shirts for Kids Buyer's Guide

Looking for the best space t-shirt for kids on the market? We've put together a comprehensive buyer's guide of some of our favourite fun Space & Astronomy t-shirts for children.

Looking for the best space shirts for kids on the market? We've done the research to help you find the perfect space shirts for kids to suit your needs.

Are you interested in space? Have you imagined how it feels to wear  a t-shirt that depicts your your passion? If you want one, then you are in the right place. You can purchase a space t-shirt for yourself and treat yourself with a cool and well-designed space t-shirt. Or you can buy and give it to someone as a motivation.

The first thing that you should know is that if you want to buy something for your kid then you should ask for their opinion or want to give it then make sure you know what his interests are? Space T-shirts are a very good choice to buy and you can use them anywhere on a concerned occasion. It will have its uniqueness and importance. 

Nowadays kids are bored with their regular plain shirts and uniform clothes so they want soft t-shirts which they can carry with their cool jackets in winters and simple graphic t-shirts for summer. Finding what is best for your kid is very challenging especially when they all look the same. 

Different kids like different things and the kids who are into space are more creative than others. To please them is challenging for the parents. If you have a toddler, then he/she can stick with the creative and impressive graphic t-shirt. 

These shirts can be used in any event and theme party. Your kid can be an astronaut or space superhero. It is perfect for young space explorers. The graphics will show the world that your kid is special and creative. 

We have reviewed the best space shirts for kids that strike the balance between function and fashion. The shirts are for toddlers and kids below 15 years. Kids grow up so fast that you will be shopping after two months over many years. The prices of space t-shirts are very affordable. 

Let’s get started!

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

If you're looking for the best space shirts for kids that is affordable, easy to use for beginners, and has a great build quality, our top pick is the NASA Kids Space Shuttle USA Flag Short Sleeve T-Shirt-Toddlers.

Officially licensed

Super soft puff

100% Cotton

Machine Wash

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    Best Space T-Shirts for Kids – Comparison Table

    Let's take a look at the top products on the market, based on the average rating by real customers just like you.


    Product Name



    Best Space T-Shirts for Kids – Products Reviews

    If you've made it this far into the reviews then you must be serious about your buying choice.

    Now that we've covered the quick list of products, let's break down each of them to see why they have been chosen.

    In this section we'll cover the pro's and con's of each and give you some ideas of who each product is most suitable for.

    Are you interested in space and its wonders? And, want to wear something of your interest? Then, you are in the right place. NASA kids Space shuttle T-shirt toddlers is a symbolic shirt showing your love for ships and science. 

    If you are a parent of a creative astronaut then this is what you are looking for. You can surprise your kid with this incredible gift at any event. This is available in Navy color only. It is made up of pure cotton. You can wash it in the machine and the soft space T Shirt color will not get affected. 

    The size available is 2T 3T 4T. It is great for family trips to space camps and centers, everyday use, school theme events, etc.


    Officially licensed

    Super soft puff

    100% Cotton

    Machine Wash

    Made in the USA


    Vibrant bright screen print

    Brings the colors to life!

    Attracts kids very much

    Can be used for any event


    Few colors

    If you are a lover of space and looking for something to wear on Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, birthday party, school event? Then, this space t-shirt is the right choice. Not only on the events, but you can wear a Space Balls Space t-shirt in the heat of summer and chilly nights of autumn and spring and the cold of winters. 

    This shirt is made up of 100% cotton for solid colors, 90% cotton and 10% polyester for Heather grey, and 50%cotton and 50%polyester for all the heathers. It is a lightweight, double-needle sleeve, classic fit, and bottom hem.

    It is available in just black color and has sizes small, medium, and large. Just click on the cart and pick this shirt for your kid.


    Machine wash cold with like colors

    Dry low heat


    Classic fit

    Double-needle sleeve

    Bottom hem


    Warm water can affect color if washing with colorful other clothes

    What would be better to wear a shirt that shows your interest and passion? This is a very trendy and cool t-shirt that you can buy for all boys, girls, and adults. It features a funny astronaut scooter space galaxy on the shirt. 

    You can use this shirt as a gift to your brother, son, father, etc. and wear it on any occasion like Halloween, theme events, and Christmas. For solid colors it has 100% cotton, for heather grey, it has 90% cotton and polyester and for all other heathers, it has 50% cotton and 50% polyester. 

    This shirt can be washed in a machine. The available colors are Black, navy, asphalt slate, royal blue, white, can berry, dark heather, heather blue, and purple


    Solid colors: 100% Cotton;

    Heather Grey: 90% Cotton, 10% Polyester


    Machine wash cold with like colors

    dry low heat

    for boys, girls, and adults

    Great gift idea.


    Classic fit

    Double-needle sleeve

    bottom hem


    warm water can affect the fiber and color of the product

    Are you looking for a fashionable and classy space t-shirt then this shirt is for you? This shirt is the most updated outfit you will find in the market. It is redesigned in 2020. It has a soft and little stretchy material. This shirt is the perfect outfit for every fun event. 

    Have all the fun while stuck at home! The embroidery on the top of the shirt is made up of polyester. It is washable in machine and the color never fades. But, it is advised to wash your t-shirt by hand. The shirt is composed of 5% polyester and 95% pre-washed cotton. 

    Before use, wash your t-shirt. The shirt is available for 1-2, 5-6 years, large and traditional fit. The colors available are black, blue, gray, navy, and white. So, what are you thinking? Buy this shirt now.


    very soft material

    perfect outfit to delight

    Well-reviewed t-shirt

    95% pre-washed Cotton

    5% stretch Polyester

    Polyester material

    Machine washable

    a traditional fit



    A little stretchy

    Mom of the Birthday Astronaut Boy and Girl Space Theme T-Shirt is solely for the lovers of space, the solar system, stars, and astronauts. You can simply give it to your baby boy and girl on their birthday as a gift. Or your kid can have a theme astronaut’s part. 

    The shirt is imported and consists of 90% cotton and 10% polyester for heather grey, for solid colors the percentage is 100% cotton. It has all the features one wants for his/her kid. It is lightweight, perfect, and fit and has a double-needle sleeve and bottom hem. 

    The shirt is available in different colors like black, white, navy, asphalt, can berry, royal blue, Kelly green, brown, olive, and heather blue.



    Machine wash cold with like colors

    Dry low heat


    Classic fit

    Double-needle sleeve

    Bottom hem


    Warm water can affect the fabric

    Do you like spaceships and always wanted to be an astronaut? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wear something showing to the world what you feel about your interest in space and send a message? 

    Then, you are in the right place. NASA has launched this t-shirt to motivate little astronauts that one day they are going to wear the actual astronaut's shirt. This t-shirt is going to keep you close to your dream by constantly reminding you of it. 

    The shirt is available in different colors like black, white, navy, grey, and blue.


    Many colors available

    Good fabric

    Attracts kids through logo


    Printing is not eco friendly

    This shirt is an elastic smooth tee for 6-16 years of kids. It is imported and of high-quality cotton and polyester. The features are going to amaze you like it has lightweight, breathable and perfect for any season and weather. 

    HD printing technology is used and provides bold graphics and bright colors. The features of this t-shirt are going to make you buy it. The printing doesn’t fade and the material doesn’t can easily be paired with pants, jeans, and shorts. 

    If you want your kid to wear it for a long time then buy a size larger for later use. The kids can wear it at any event like Sports, Gala, and Christmas. Special party, Celebration. Running. The precaution or a tip can be that you should wash it in a machine or cold water. 

    It is available for 9-12 years and 13-14 years. The prints available are colorful diamond, color smoke, and Shark cat.



    Line Dry

    High-quality cotton and polyester,

    HD printing technology

    bright colors

    bold graphics

    No fading


    Exquisite workmanship


    Not available in toddler size

    This shirt is very unique as it is officially licensed star wars boys’ featuring colorful and bright screen prints of a classic. It consists of the Millennium Falcon, X-Wing Fighter, and classic Star Wars logo. It is made up of soft cotton jersey fabric. 

    It is available in boy’s sizes and can become the most incredible gift you can gift to someone. The color available is navy and the sizes are 4, 7, 2T, and 3T.


    100% jersey cotton


    Machine wash

    Officially licensed

    colorful screen-prints

    A great gift


    Less color availability

    This shirt has a feature that will amaze you. It is eco friendly and combines comfort and style. It has sizes available for big kids. It has 60% cotton and 40% polyester. It is imported from the USA. You can wash it in a machine. 

    The prints available are of Empire, Millennium Falcon, Jedi Force, Death Star, Tie Fighter Lightsaber, Stormtrooper, Droid, and is best for 00athletic kids. The product is printed using water-based digital prints and uses a vinegar solution to create durability and vibrancy. 

    The scent fades away quickly leaving the best space t-shirt you can ever have. The color available is ATH HTR. This shirt is for those who have made plans and seen dreams of joining forces to reveal the truths in the sky above us.


    Eco-friendly inks



    Water-based digital prints




    Mildly expensive

    Space is vast and that attracts kids who wonder. Does your kid have an interest in space, spaceships, 99plabnets, and science? Then, you are in the right place to buy for him something that will inspire and motivate him. 

    The solar system printed on the product is what is going to attract your kid more. It can be worn in any event and any place i.e. schools, playgrounds, etc. this is perfect for adding in your kid’s wardrobe. The product fits size between the ages of 2-5 years. 

    It is made up of 100% cotton, that's why it is soft and durable. For a kid, this toddler short sleeve shirt is a dream come true. The short sleeve is the specification of the product. 09uit can be washed in machines, comfortable and strong. 

    It is available in two colors blue and black. Pair your kid t-shirt with any jacket, hoodies, and jeans. The whole look will surprise you! The t-shirt will tell all the kids to school about your kids’ interest as it is true that clothes play an important role in building an impression. So, what are you thinking? Just buy it for your kid and make him happy.


    100% Cotton

    Made in the USA or Imported

    Durable AND soft.

    Fits true to size.

    Crafted from soft ring-spun cotton

    Comfortable and strong

    Completely machine washable



    Best Space T-Shirts for Kids - Buying Guide

    Space is a very vast topic. Your kid wonders and vastness intrigues him/her. If you don’t know anything about space then you are in the right place. We have got you covered. The trick of shopping is to buy the thing you want at a reasonable price.

    And, the shirts we are reviewing are affordable. This buying guide has all the tips for you to know before buying a space t-shirt for your kid.

    • High-Quality Material

    The first thing that you should check is what is the t-shirt material? The criteria that you should have in mind before buying kids clothes is the “quality” the kids' skin is sensitive and needs the best material. Cotton is considered as the material which gets the least harmful substances.

    To make sure that the new t-shirt will not affect your kid's skin, wash it before use. So, any chemical or other harmful substance can be removed. This goes for every material like linen, towels, and others. Furthermore, the essence of freshly washed clothes is good!

    The other tip regarding material selection is that you should buy the space t-shirt that matches your weather. If you want your kid to wear it in winter then you can buy a thick material.  Sometimes the fabric of the space t-shirt is a mixture of synthetic fibers or polyester or rayon.

    For cheaper space t-shirts, a jersey fabric is used instead of 100% cotton. The t-shirts which cost a fortune are usually made up of interlock fabrics or cotton spandex is used for stretchy space t-shirts.

    • Graphics

    The thing that your kid is concerned with is the graphics on the shirt. The graphics should be catchy and decent. It should have an incredible illustration to get the attention of the kid.  Is he a fan of a space hero? Then, you have to find out and buy him/her a space t-shirt which has the space hero graphics.

    If you are not gifting it then directly ask the kid as it will build trust and make him/her happy. The space t-shirt is simple but sends the message of your kids’ liking effectively. The artwork, quotes, and cool texts make the appearance more impactful and attract others.

    • Affordable

    The thing that worries people most is the cost of the product. Whether they could afford it or not? As we have said earlier you don’t have to worry about space t-shirts because they are also of the relatively same price as an ordinary t-shirt. Affordable!

    • Color

    The color of the shirt matters. Dark colors should be preferred in cold weather and light colors in warm weather. If eventually, your kid wants to use that shirt at home in summers then light colors will not absorb much heat like dark colors.

    But, the color choice depends on your interests. The best color combination is the ones that you think will go with the weather and your interests.

    • Care Label

    If you look keenly then you will find a care label sewn in the shirt or attached to it by other means. The care label tells you how you should care about your space t-shirt? The fabric portion reading and understanding is very important.

    If you see a 50/50 written then it means that the shirt's fabric is made up of 50% cotton and 50% of some other material like polyester or synthetic fiber. If there is a term Gsm then it means the fabric weight. It shows us how durable the space t-shirt is?

    If 180/200 Gsm is written then it is quite heavy. If 1130/160 Gsm is written then it means the space t-shirt is good to carry and wear. The thing you should keep in mind is the heavyweight space t-shirts can shrink less than the others.

    The other term that is usually written on the care label is fabric maintenance which refers to the shrinkage and colorfastness of the shirt. Here is a tip for you if you are a working person and cannot take care of the shirt often.

    Then, it is recommended to buy a blended T-shirt which is not 100% cotton. It is easy to press the blended t-shirt and wash them. The printed shirt should be washed by hand because it was the main reason you bought that shirt so treat it carefully.

    The prints should be ironed from the backside because there are great chances that the iron can get stuck to the print.

    • Style

    The style of the shirt should be cute. It should not give the aura of grown people. It should look cute on the kid. It should show his/her personality well. The design of the t-shirt should be chosen very carefully. The style of the clothes makes an impression on others.

    If your kid wants others to see what he is his/ her passion then it is on you to find the right clothes for him/her. Kids' clothes are subjective to trending fashion but if your kid is a fan of space then you should buy him/her the trendy space t-shirts which will surely suit his/her character.

    • Perfect size

    The size of the shirt should be of the kid’s size. If it is wrong the impression will not remain the same. Your kid's character is affected by how much attention you pay to them and their thing. Your kid will appreciate the gesture that you knew perfectly what he/she wanted! Their confidence will boost up.

    Be careful because sometimes you don’t judge well and the size of the purchased item gets wrong. You should read the size chart of the product. This will help you in not getting confused about the different size charts of different companies.

    It would be better if you ask for how the t-shorts can be returned and how you can get money back. Most of the time the clothes bought online could be sent in two weeks. Another thing that you should know is that cotton shrinks.

    So if you are buying a space t-shirt made up of cotton then buy a larger size. So it can shrink in the first wash and then you can wear it and have a perfect size.

    • Performance

    The space t-shirt should have good performance. The kids usually stain their clothes. So, the shirt should be of the material that can be washed again and again and its color does not fade. The performance of the shirt matters because sometimes kids get attached to things and if that is their favorite space t-shirt then it should last for a long time.

    • Comfort

    The space t-shirt sounds fancy but it should be soft. Kids' skin is softer than us so it should provide them comfort. Before using the new space t-shirt there is a precaution that you should wash it.

    • Variety

    There must be a variety for you to choose from a space t-shirt. The space t-shirts provided should have all designs from the geeky space t-shirt to the sarcastic space t-shirt. It should not limit the creativity of your kid. But, you don’t have to worry about that because we have all that you need. The designs are of great variety showing the personality of your champ.

    • Occasion

    The occasion on which you are going to wear the shirt matters a lot. You can’t wear formal shirts on a trip or a hangout with friends. All you need is a t0-shirt and of the best quality. If you are interested in space then you should know that the space t-shirt should not only be of your choice but also best for the occasion.

    The situations make all the difference. If you are planning on wearing your favorite space t-shirt for a sports game then you should know that it can affect the material. Prefer jersey material for sports occasions.

    But, for a movie party, the jersey is uncomfortable, so you can wear your cotton shirt. For winter outings, you should wear a classy combo of your long-sleeved classy space t-shirt and a hoodie.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Best Space T-Shirts for Kids – Final Word

    The t-shirts designs and styles have developed a lot in the modern world. But, now what’s changed from the past is that now we understand that your choice of clothes tells about your interests and choices. 

    If you are a space geek and want to wear a t-shirt that matches your curious and sophisticated personality? Then, you don’t have to worry. We know what you want. The whole buying guide above tells you what to choose and why? 

    The space t-shirts are catchy and stylish. Kids’ of this era prefer wearing cool clothes like this. What would be more fun than wearing your passion?

    We have reviewed all the important aspects. Now, give it a read and make up your mind which best space t-shirt for kids are you going to choose that fits your lifestyle!