Best Travel Telescopes Buyer's Guide

Looking for the best travel telescopes of 2020 on the market? We've put together a comprehensive Buyer's guide to help you find the perfect travel telescope to suit your needs.

Looking for the best travel telescopes of 2020 on the market? We've done the research to help you find the perfect travel telescope to suit your needs.

Traveling to a remote place to study stars is the dream of every astronomer whether he is a professional or just a beginner. Isn’t it wonderful that you leave all the light pollution and delve into the journey of the dark distant sky? 

Wonders are being carried out in every field. Advancements in technology have to lead us to the point where we can see beyond the sky and in the heavens. Some specifications should be present in a travel telescope which makes it unique from others. 

It should be compact, portable, and lightweight that you can take from one to another place. The telescope doesn’t have attached and separate pieces of equipment that make it heavy and not portable. The thing that you should know is that if you are planning abroad within a country or abroad, then you need a travel telescope that can be put in a handbag or luggage. 

We are familiar with the current situation of a pandemic that restricts your travel but you should be a step ahead and buy a travel telescope for your stargazing and landscaping views that you could take anywhere once the restrictions will end. 

You also don’t have to worry about mediocre views and travel telescopes because we have got you covered. You don’t want yourself to get disappointed when you get your destination across the world and find your compactor refractor ordinary. 

We have listed some of the best travel telescopes which are portable and of high-quality. These telescopes provide outstanding views and are a good travel partner. Hope you make the right decision after reading our buying guide for the best travel telescopes in 2020!

Let’s get started!

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

If you're looking for the best travel telescope that has fully coated lens and wireless remote, as well as lifetime maintenance, our top pick is the Gskyer Telescope, 70mm Aperture.

Gskyer Telescope 70mm Aperture

Fully coated lens

Wireless Remote

Lifetime maintenance

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    Best Travel Telescopes of 2020 Based on User Reviews

    Let's take a look at the top products on the market, based on the average rating by real customers just like you.


    Product Name



    Best Travel Telescopes of 2020: A Complete Review

    If you've made it this far into the reviews then you must be serious about your buying choice.

    Now that we've covered the quick list of products, let's break down each of them to see why they have been chosen.

    In this section we'll cover the pro's and con's of each and give you some ideas of who each product is most suitable for.

    Gskyer Telescope 70mm Aperture

    Gskyer telescope is designed with its simple use, especially for kids. It has quality optics which makes its use efficient. The optics have a 400mm focal length and 70 mm aperture which helps your kid to view the distant sky and celestial objects clearly. 

    The optical glass lenses are fully coated which helps in the greater transmission of light. This coating enables you to see clear pictures of distant objects. Moreover, it also helps to protect your eyes from UV radiation and glares. 

    You can explore the moon and stars with the help of this telescope.  The product comes with two replaceable eyepieces and a Barlow lens with the magnification of 3X. The telescope also consists of a finder scope of 5x24 and helps to locate objects easily. 

    The telescope consists of a smartphone adapter and wireless camera remote which makes its use easier for your kid. All he has to do is connect his phone and Smartphone. Then he can control the telescope and can view everything while sitting on a chair. 

    The telescope includes an aluminum tripod that is stable. It also comes with a carrying bag. So you can store it safely in that carrying bag. So now let your kid explore the sky with ease.


    High magnification

    Protection against glares and UV rays

    Finder scope

    Comes with a smartphone adapter


    The instructions are not clear.


    FREE SOLDIER Telescope

    Free Soldier Telescope is compatible with both kids and adults. It comes with a Barlow lens having a magnification of 3X. The package also comes with 2 eyepieces of H20mm and H6mm. The magnification has a wide range and hence you can choose the combination of your choice. 

    The telescope also has a finder scope which helps to locate the objects easily. The product has easy use which makes it compatible with both kids and beginners. The telescope has a 70mm aperture which provides you clear, bright, and sharp images. 

    The large aperture allows the greater transmission of light which helps to present a real and clear image. The multi-coated lens adds to its efficiency. The telescope also comes with a storage bag and stored in that bag you can take the telescope anywhere you want. 

    It comes with all the necessary accessories i.e. smartphone adapter which makes it compatible with smartphones, wireless capturing remote to capture all the necessary details of the object to be viewed, and a tripod stand that can be adjusted according to requirement.

    No reviews yet


    It can serve multiple purposes both day and night

    Easy installation

    Wireless camera remote control

    Designed for both kids and beginners


    The tripod is not of good quality

    The telescope is heavy

    Celestron - 80mm Travel Scope

    Celestron telescopes are famous for their improved optics. This telescope has a focal length of 80 mm.  The fully coated glass improves image quality. The telescope has a lightweight frame which adds to its portability. 

    The product comes with a carrying backpack which helps in storage. It has two eyepieces that provide clear views of various objects. Its high-quality optics support both day and night views. A large aperture helps the greater transmission of light and helps you to view the various celestial objects with all its necessary details. 

    The set up of the telescope is very easy and does not need any expertise. The product comes with a smartphone adapter which helps you in easy control. It also comes with a tripod stand with adjustable height. 

    The package also comes with a download of astronomy software. This telescope has two years warranty so does not care about the quality of the telescope. 


    Free download of astronomy software

    Useful in both day and night

    Large aperture

    Clear Views

    Two years warranty


    Tripod is of low quality

    Celestron - 70mm Travel Scope DX

    The Celestron travel scope has a 70mm objective lens which brings you the clear images of the objects far off. The fully coated glass optics allow high transmission of light. It consists of a frame that is light in weight and makes it portable. 

    The two eyepieces of 20mm and 10 mm add to its specifications and make it efficient. These improved optics support both day and night views. The large aperture allows higher transmission of light which improves the quality of the image and its originality. 

    It also consists of a finder scope that allows the location of objects. The telescope consists of a 2x Barlow lens. It comes with a smartphone adapter and a download of astronomy software. It comes with a tripod stand and storage bag. The product has a 2 years warranty too which assures its quality.


    70mm objective lens

    Large aperture

    Comes with a Smartphone adapter

    2 years warranty


    Software is only compatible with Windows 10

    MaxUSee 70mm Refractor Telescope

    The telescope has a wide range of magnification power ranging from 16X to 200X. The telescope is designed especially for beginners and kids. The use and set up is very easy that supports its use. It has a large aperture with a 70mm objective lens. 

    It helps to produce a clearer and brighter image. The telescope has a finderscope of 5X24 which helps to locate objects faster. It comes with four eyepieces with varying magnifications ranging between the high middle and low magnifications. 

    It means you can work with the magnifications you want in the concerned situation. The refractor telescope has a focal length of 400mm. It also has a durable telescope and comes with a 3X Barlow lens. It also has a moon mirror. It comes with a smartphone adapter too. It has a tripod stand which adds to its accessories. 



    Comes with four eyepieces

    Comes with a Barlow lens

    4 eyepieces

    Large Aperture


    Tripod is not of good quality

    Emarth Telescope Travel Scope

    This telescope is specially designed to satisfy the curiosity of your kids. If your kid is interested in astronomy here is a product you can initiate with, to satisfy his needs. This telescope will help him to view the moon and its incredible details. 

    The setup and use are very easy that even your kid can set it up. The telescope has a finderscope to locate the concerned objects. It comes with eyepieces of low and high power that support your desired requirement. 

    It also has a finderscope which helps to concentrate and locate the moon. The zoom feature will help your kid to view more necessary details. The low and high power eyepieces when used correctly in combination provide you an accurate view. 

    The tabletop tripod helps to view the desired view in a better way. The assembling of the tripod is very easy and your kids will find it interesting. The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The telescope with all its specifications is very affordable. 

    The package also comes with basic instruction. The telescope has a lens dust cap which protects the lens from dust.


    Comes with a dust cap

    Easy to assemble

    Comes with eyepieces with varying magnification

    Comes with a tripod stand


    The adjustment is not that easy

    NASA Lunar Telescope

    Emarth telescope has 360mm focal length and has a large aperture of 70mm. The optical glass lens is fully coated which helps in the greater transmission of light. The improved optics has increased the brightness and clarity of the views. 

    It protects your eyes from glasses and UV radiation. This refracting telescope is specially designed for kids and beginners so that they can explore the sky in a better way. The product comes with an interchangeable eyepiece with a Barlow lens of 3X. 

    It also has a finder scope of 5x24 which helps to locate the desired celestial objects. The focus feature of the eyepiece helps you to locate your desired object with greater efficiency. The telescope has an easy and quick set up which your kid would find easy to assemble. 

    The telescope comes with an adjustable aluminum tripod which helps you to set the position you want. You can use a telescope for multi-purposes. The company also assures quality and constant customer service.


    It protects your eyes

    It has a finder scope

    Improved optics with multi-coatings

    Adjustable tripod


    The tripod is shaky

    Celestron AstroMaster 70AZ

    The Celestron AstroMaster is a powerful refractor telescope. It has fully coated glass optics which allows improved transmission of light and allows you to view the clear and bright image. It has a lightweight frame which makes it lightweight and portable. 

    It has two eyepieces. A well-defined finder scope helps you to locate objects easily. It has a tripod which has adjustable height and you can fix it according to your desire. It has erect image optics which further helps you to view the celestial objects both during day and night. 

    Apart from celestial objects, you can also view landscape and wildlife with 70 mm optics. It has a panning handle which helps you to move the telescope according to yourself. There are no extra tools which require assembling so you can assemble it easily with no expertise required. 

    It comes with a free download of software too. The product has a 2 years warranty which assures the quality.


    2-year warranty

    It can be used for multipurpose

    Comes with a tripod stand

    Easy use and assembly


    Not suitable to view far off celestial objects

    Celestron AstroMaster 114EQ

    Celestron telescope is a powerful reflector telescope. It is user friendly and easy to use. It has fully coated optics which protects your eyes and allows proper entrance of light. It has a lightweight frame and a finder scope. 

    The finder scope helps to find and concentrate on the concerned object. The telescope also has an adjustable tripod stand. The telescope has high-quality 114mm optics with a primary mirror. The telescope has two knobs that help you in adjustment. 

    Fixing these knobs will stabilize your view. The telescope is suitable for both kids and adults. It consists of a manual mount which helps in easy pointing. It has no extra tools to assemble so it is always ready to use. 

    The accessories also consist of a free download of top-rated software. The company offers you a two years warranty for the telescope. The high-quality optics also allows the user to view the distant objects. 


    High-quality optics

    Comes with a free download of astronomy software

    Knobs to fit your setting



    Best Travel Telescopes of 2020 – Buyer's Guide

    For enthusiasts, a travel telescope is a blessing. Being able to stargaze wherever you want and to look into the realities and mysterious space is a dream come true. So, you don’t need an ordinary telescope, you need a portable, Compact, and light-weighted travel telescope. 

    This buying guide will give you all the information you need before buying a travel telescope. We hope you find what you are looking for. But, before buying you have to decide what do you really want?


    As you have to travel so the first thing that should come to your mind is the assembly of your telescope. For a portable telescope, assembly of the telescope is checked. It affects the ease of use directly. You should keep in mind that some of the parts of the telescope are easily broken so before purchasing a travel telescope, make sure that its part can endure a hard journey and travel. 

    It should also have easy technical assembly because any complicated tool assembly can make your travel telescope of no use. All assistant pieces of equipment should be easy to handle even for a beginner. 

    Finder Scope

    If the travel telescope has higher magnification power and minimum field of view then it is very difficult to locate a planet or stargaze. The finder scope is located at the sides or above the telescope pointed in the same distance. 

    It is a small spherical optical tool. It is used to manually set the telescope in a particular direction to view better because of its greater field of view. It has an eyepiece connected with the digital screen. But, it is mostly present expensive models. 

    If you want an extraordinary travel telescope that amazes you every time then buy one with a finder scope.

    Travel Bag

    A travel bag is designed in a way that it should protect the travel telescope and its delicate accessories. Travelling can be hard sometimes and a travel bag makes your life easier as you don’t worry about the safety of your telescope. 

    A travel bag enhances the portability of the product. Companies usually provide travel telescope bags in their whole package. The bag has padding alongside to guard the glasses and lens against shattering. It has pockets to carry all the pieces of equipment making your whole journey more enjoyable. 

    Systemic Controls

    Systematic controls are not present in contemporary travel telescopes. They are the new advancement in the field. But, the travel telescope with this property is more expensive. It resolves the problem of the field of view which is limited. 

    The digital star maps have all the information you need to understand about celestial beings and they can point in the right direction. You can use the digital screen as an LED which comes with the system control. Systematic control gives you all the authority of what you want to see based on your desire. This feature makes the travel telescope unique and incredible as compared to contemporary. 

    Tripod Stand 

    A tripod stand is needed wherever you go. It is provided by the companies in the deal with the telescope. There are extra stands available for extra amenities. It provides a structure and frame between ground and telescope and creates a firm base to keep the device protected and grounded everywhere. 

    Most of them are foldable and can be put in the bag so you can take them anywhere you want on your journey. They guarantee you the best experience of your life. 

    Base Support

    Supporting the travel telescope is needed when you want to buy it. To enhance the steadiness and stability of a travel telescope, base support is a requirement. Some people care about their expensive telescope more than others so they purchase accessories to protect it. 

    Its function is to level the earth to create a base suitable for a tripod stand. It is advised to check the base support before buying a travel telescope because it will help you even on hills and deserts. 

    Extra Eyepieces 

    When rays enter the optical field of eyes of the recipients, they come out from the eyepiece. It is considered as the final point where the light rays converge before coming out of the spherical tube of the telescope. 

    To get eye relief, the extra eyepieces should be perfectly calibrated. It has its focal plane that creates a solitary image of the one being projected that is suitable for the eye. To view more than one view at a time, you can use more than one eyepiece. Extra eyepieces are a way for you to explore more and enjoy the most. 

    Technical Support 

    Travel telescopes should be portable but for a beginner, it could be challenging to assemble them during a trip. Travel telescope should be assembled into a device that functions well and is calibrated perfectly. It should be pointed in the right direction to enjoy the stars and space. 

    But, all these technicalities and miniature tricks require support from an expert. It is best in your interest if you consult a professional about how to use a travel telescope and which things should be kept in mind in order to protect it while traveling?

    User Manual

    The user manual or small book gives you all the detail about all the parts of the travel telescope. It will give you knowledge about the locations where there is no internet and cell signal. For the beginner, it is very helpful as the user manual gets them to know the techniques they didn’t know about. 

    Focal Ratio 

    The speed of any lens is described by the focal ratio. It is calculated by dividing the focal length to the diameter of the aperture. It is the dimensionless quantity of the quality of optical devices. The wider will be the aperture, the lesser will be the f ratio. 

    The image produced in the result will be brighter and clearer. So, buy a travel telescope having less focal ratio. 

    Focal Length

    The distance between the focal planes determines the focal length. The focal length number tells you the magnification power as it has a direct relation. The length of the spherical tube also affects. So, whenever you want to buy a travel telescope. You should first check the focal length of the telescope. 

    Image Quality

    If you want to buy a travel telescope then it should have a high image quality. The optic lens should be fully coated for high transmission. There should be a higher magnification too. For better image results the focal length should be about 70mm. 

    The aperture is considered as the most crucial aspect. For a brighter background, it illuminates the focal plane. It helps in producing a clearer image. So, buy a travel telescope which has a wider aperture for your convenience. 


    The thing that concerns you is whether your product will sustain the extreme weather and your trip hardships. So, the material of the travel telescope should be of the material that can bear all the extremes. It is advised to buy the telescope which has the material that should be corrosion resistant or of acrylic material. 

    It will provide long term use and will be more helpful. Your desired travel telescope should have a good design, tripod stand, and warranty. 


    The thing you worry about is the cost of the desired travel telescope. You don’t have to worry now. We have got you covered. Most of the people can’t afford an expensive telescope. But, we have listed for you the most reasonable and affordable product. 

    Most of the travel telescopes range from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. The accessories increase as the price increases. So, you should keep in mind your budget. The budget is actually the money you can spend on buying. If you want extraordinary results and are keen then enhance your budget and buy accessories that suit you. 

    Best Travel Telescopes of 2020 - FAQs

    Best Travel Telescopes of 2020 – Final Word

    Are you someone who loves stargazing and traveling? Then, you are in the right place. There are many telescopes in the market and we have reviewed the best travel telescope for your convenience. A travel telescope is a magical device that assists the dreamers to look into the sky and enjoy nature.

     A travel telescope is a gadget you can use for camping in hills or deserts. You can never get bored by using it. The beginners are keener to explore the earth and the sky and travel telescopes help them achieve their dream. 

    The chosen best travel telescopes of 2020 should meet your needs. It should be best for both beginners and experts. But, if you want to enjoy a little more then play the right card and buy some advanced pieces of accessories. Pack them in your accessories bag and go for a journey because it was all you needed.

    Enjoy Stargazing and traveling, People!