Best Astronomy Gifts Under $100 Buyer's Guide

Our complete guide to the Best Astronomy Gifts Under $100. Have a budding Astronomer in the household or someone who is interested in space odyssey? Browse our recommended products below and purchase today.

Looking for the best astronomy gifts under $100 on the market? We've done the research to help you find the perfect astronomy gifts to suit your needs.

Gifts are not about monetary value anymore, rather the sentiment that lies beneath counts. Being interested in hard sciences is not that easy especially at the school stage. But when someone understands you choose a gift that relates to your passion accordingly, it mostly changes your perspective on supportive relationships. 

If you know someone whose passion lies in discovering the realities of the universe that lies beyond the limits of the earth’s stratosphere, then an astronomy-based gift is the perfect solution for their birthday present. But we understand that there should be a monetary limit to a sentimental gift as well. 

We took the liberty to compile and review the best astronomy gifts under a hundred dollars, that truly represent the scientific spirit. Now you do not have to linger on the internet while trying to understand what constitutes an astronomy gift and what is just hocus because our buying guide is here to help you solve all the riddles about the best astronomy gifts under $100.

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

If you're looking for the best astronomy gifts that is affordable, easy to use for beginners, and has a great build quality, our top pick is the 4M 3D Glow-in-the-Dark Solar System Mobile Making Kit -.

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    Best Astronomy Gifts under $100: Comparison Table

    Let's take a look at the top products on the market, based on the average rating by real customers just like you.


    Product Name



    Best Astronomy Gifts under $100: Product Reviews

    If you've made it this far into the reviews then you must be serious about your buying choice.

    Now that we've covered the quick list of products, let's break down each of them to see why they have been chosen.

    In this section we'll cover the pro's and con's of each and give you some ideas of who each product is most suitable for.

    This toy kit comes with the learning benefit too. Your kid can assemble the various parts of the kit to make a solar system mobile that will glow in dark presenting you various attractive colors. The assembled system spread across 39.5 inches. 

    The kit includes all the planets of the solar system and a frame to fit. After fitting these planets kids can paint the planets with the help of simple paints and glow paints which are included in the kit. The kit also includes a paintbrush.

    There is a poster inside the package with general knowledge about the solar system. Hence this kit is completely a fun kit that will improve the skills and knowledge of your kids. The mobile can be hung in the bedroom of your kid. 

    The kit is specially designed for the kids having age 8 or more to improve and polish their creativity skills. This can also be used by parents or teachers to tell students about the solar system. It will help kids to learn their solar system chapter.


    Comes with a kit that includes paint and a brush

    Has a poster with knowledge about the solar system.

    Glows at night



    The parts are not easy to assemble for kids.

    The gift is amazing for those who have a great interest in astronomy. You can have hot water, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or any other beverage in this amazing cup. The mug is a complete surprise for anyone you want to give a gift. 

    It will appear as a plan casual cup with nothing special on it. But as soon as you will pour coffee, tea, or hot water it will show a print of the solar system. Hence it will completely surprise the owner. This mug is very affordable and you can give it to a person of any age. 

    You can buy it as a birthday or any other occasional gift. These mugs use thermochromic technology which helps it to become a magic cup. This mug will be the best gift for all those who have a great interest in astronomy or so. 

    The cup is not dishwasher supported. You can wash it with your hands. The cup is also not favorable for microwaves.


    The solar system appears to be pouring heated beverages.

    The mug is a surprise mug.


    Designed for astronomy lovers.


    Not microwave supported

    The 3D crystal ball is another model that depicts the model of the solar system in it. It is used as a lamp which is great for the rooms of junior astronomers. It will serve the decoration purpose of the room too. 

    The base of this ball lamp is very light consisting of seven colors. It has a 3D design that will depict the model with the sun and surrounding planets. The crystal ball satisfies a field of aesthetics. You can also display this lamp in your lounge or office. 

    The lamp can excite people of every age. So feel free to give it! The crystal ball presents a magical effect. There are a total of eight planets included and Pluto is excluded. The diameter of the crystal ball is just 80mm which means it can fit in your hand too. This will also help in the learning of kids.


    Lamp with3D crystal ball

    Can be used for bedroom, office, or lounge.

    Suitable for people of every age.


    The size of the lamp is too small.

    The Galaxy Print Fashion Infinity Scarf is all your daughter needs. It satisfies the fashion needs of your little astronomer. She will be happy to see the print of the galaxy. The scarf has vibrant colors which will go with a lot of dresses. 

    It has very soft fabric which will make it comfortable for your kid. This infinity contains a continuous print of the galaxy with stars, sky and planets. The scarf is 100% polyester which makes it lightweight too. The scarf is durable and will satisfy your daughter’s fashion requirement for a long time. 

    The size is moderate and will fit the requirement. The scarf features infinite galaxy print presented in bright colors i.e. blue, purple, pink, and orange. The scarf is so light and stuff is so user friendly that your daughter can wear it around the year without any complaint. 

    This will also make your kid curious about sky objects and galaxies.


    Soft and durable.

    Suitable for all weathers.

    Bright colors.


    The colors may fade.

    Gskyer Telescope is designed especially for kids and beginners. The telescope has quality optics with a 400 mm focal length. It has a 70 mm aperture which will allow better transmission of light and hence will provide bright images. 

    Multi-coated optics not only produce a quality image but also protect your eyes from UV radiations and glares. This high-quality optics can be used to view the moon and stars along with their details. It also comes with two replaceable eyepieces and one Barlow lens of 3X which helps to enhance the magnification of the telescope. 

    It also has 5X24 finder scope which helps to locate the sky objects. It also consists of a wireless camera remote which will help you to capture all the necessary details you want without any difficulty. 

    The product also comes with a tripod made up of aluminum. You can adjust the height of its legs as required. It also comes with a storage bag in which you can store it and take it anywhere you want. The telescope will help to view the necessary details of the celestial objects.


    Quality optics.

    Includes tripods.

    Storage bag.

    Portable and durable.


    The bag is not of good quality.

    These Celestron binoculars are popular among its users because of the quality optics. The product has multi-coated optics. It has a large aperture that allows proper transmission of the light to present bright and clear images. These improved optics work efficiently at night and low light conditions too. 

    These binoculars have an angular field view of 4.4 degrees. The diopter adjustment is perfect for the focusing purpose. The 70mm objective lens makes the product work for longer distances too. These binoculars are also tripod supported and will work with your casual tripod too. These binoculars are designed to support your glasses too. 

    These features make the product very user friendly. These binoculars also feature BaK-4 prisms which support efficiency. You will get an amazing and detailed view of the moon too. These binoculars have foldable eyepieces which make it small-sized and add to its portability. These binoculars are water-resistant too.




    BaK-4 prism.

    Multi-coated optics.


    The plastic parts are not durable.

    Long term use requires a tripod.

    Celestron 70mm telescope offers high-quality optics. These optics are fully coated which ensures improved, clear and bright views. The product has a lightweight frame which makes the product lightweight overall. 

    The product also comes with a storage bag that solves the issue of storage. The product has two eyepieces with varying magnification power and will help you to view the objects both during day and night with clarity. 

    It has a large aperture of 70 mm which allows greater light entrance and promotes bright views with true colors. Setting up and assembling this portable travel telescope is very easy and does not need any kind of expertise. 

    It also comes with an adjustable tripod stand and you can adjust the length according to your requirement. The telescope is highly precise and easy to use. It has no extra tools for assembling. It also comes with a download of free astronomy software too. The telescope also comes with two years.



    Comes with a backpack and tripod.

    Two eyepieces with varying magnification power




    The tripod is shaky.

    This solar system crystal ball lamp uses quality material. It presents a perfect aesthetics to your room with a classic touch of the solar system. It is made up of high-quality K9 Crystal which makes it transparent. 

    It also enhances the glossy look of your ball lamp. The solar system indicates all the planets of the solar system. These planets present a realistic view of the solar system. The planets also have a name written on them. 

    These names are very clear to read. These are written by 3D laser carving. You can easily recognize the planets by reading these names. You can place this lamp in your room or office. It is the best gift for kids as they will remember their lessons about the solar system. 

    The size ratio of planets concerning each other is according to the real size. The colors of the planets will not fade. It can be used by teachers to teach students about the solar system through some practical models. So feel free to use this amazing 3D ball lamp for kids and adults.


    Made up of K9 crystal.

    Names of planets are written on them.

    Can be used by people of all ages.


    The size is too small.

    This VGAzer magnetic levitating moon lamp uses levitation technology. This technology has amazing use in this model. The moon lamp continuously levitates in the air and rotates all the time. The moon lamp is rechargeable. 

    It uses wireless charging so you can charge it while using too.  as it is rechargeable so you can take it outside for outdoor activities. It also uses an amazing touch feature which allows you to light it up automatically. 

    It uses a combination of two lights i.e. white and yellow light. The transition in these lights presents you with the moon as it is in reality. This moon is automatically floating and spinning. This lamp can be the best gift for both kids and adults. 

    The surface of mood has 3D printing which excites its appearance. It fulfills both the purpose of the lamp and the aesthetic decoration piece. This will create a wonderful atmosphere in your room or office. The product is also affordable if we compare its price with modern technology it uses.


    Uses Levitation Technology.

    Wireless charging.

    The moon continuously rotates.

    Yellow and white light transition.


    The adapter is of low quality.

    This illusion night light is amazing and it presents you with a view of a 3D spaceman. It will excite your kid and he will develop an interest in astronomy. It has a thick acrylic plate that presents you with a very unique 3D view of 7 colors. 

    You can change the colors according to your request. This lamp is the perfect gift for both kids and adults. It can be placed in a kid’s bedroom or playroom. It has one button to control it. To turn this lamp on all you have to do is tap that button. 

    The package includes an instruction page on which all the instructions to be followed are mentioned. It does not require any kind of battery. It comes with a USB cable through which you can connect a light lamp with a power source. 

    The package does not include an adapter. It has a safe use and it does not consume much power. Its light is soft and not irritating. The lamp does not get hot after use. The product is CE certified.


    CE certified.

    Soft light.

    Low power consumption.

    One button control.


    The lamp does not include an adapter.

    Best Astronomy Gifts under $100 - Buying Guide

    There is a huge variety of products related to astronomy and most of them make decent gifts. Since the variety is humongous and there are many types of products a newbie in the field must get confused.

    So, to assure you stay on the right path and end up with the perfect gift for your loved one. After countless hours scouring through the internet, we have come up with a list of features that must be considered before opening up your wallet to purchase an astronomy gift.

    • Educational

    Education is one of the main constituents of success, and when kids are allowed to explore scientific fields with recreational activities and educational gifts, most of them turn out to be more successful than others.

    In terms of products related to astronomy, there are two basic varieties if seen from an educational point of view. Some products tend to impart knowledge and practical skills whereas others are redundant in that matter.

    However, even some of the educationally redundant products turn out to be great gifts, but when the person on the receiving end is a child then it is better to choose an educational product. Educational products include books, informational movies, binoculars, telescopes, and even field trips to the planetarium.

    As a gift, products like these not only impart wisdom but also fulfill the property of being enriched in the working knowledge concerned with the field of technology. If the gift is meant to be for a kid then you can opt for science fiction related to astronomy as well to get their interest peaked in by a fictional character.

    Or a low powered telescope can also be chosen as a practical gift. On the other hand, if the gift is meant to be for an adult then you should stick with things that can spark an emotional connection or something that they would like for themselves but have been putting off such as a lecture by one of their favorite astrophysicists.

    Another great gift could be a complex book by a highly renowned astronomer explaining the theories of black holes and the expansion of the universe.

    • Informational

    Astronomy covers everything that has come into existence since the big bang that started the chain of creation. Since the field has many minor sectors, to cover up all the knowledge persistent with the phenomenal field, the gifts for people interested in this field, to the very least, must be informational as well.

    The knowledge of the universe is very vast and ever-expanding just like the entity under study. There is no way that man can put the universe under a microscope and comprehend the existence and expansion of our universe.

    But what we have learned so far is that there are not one but many such galaxies like ours that exist in the very same universe. One such mesmerizing gift that miniaturized our galaxy to fit in a ball can be both phenomenal and informational as well.

    At this level, we can mention either book that contains every detail we know about our universe yet or a 3-D product such as an engraved solar system sphere that elegantly carries our galaxy’s imitated model on a small piece of the glass sphere.

    Some more information bursting gifts include an astronomy calendar or a physical map of stars of the night sky. So, the person may be able to navigate the world that exists beyond their reach by standing in the comfort of their balcony simply beneath the actual dark starry universe knowing what lies above their head.

    • Gadgets

    As most people know, major studies of astronomy are done via the help of gadgets such as telescopes and high-powered binoculars. To an astronomy frenzy, a gadget such as a telescope is not merely a piece of technology but their ticket to peek into the unlimited space and dark starry night.

    A telescope provides them a chance to navigate the world of stars, nebulae, and planets. It gives them a chance to study these objects in detail, a chance only a few people get on this planet. Some assisting gadgets such as a secondary telescope, mount, automatic star finder, and software might also become an awesome gift for astronomy enthusiasts who already own the mainstream gadgets.

    Although, do make sure that the device you are considering for purchase is up-to-date and is associated with the latest technology for smooth functionality. It is vital to know that the device you will be spending your hard-earned dollars works with other devices or at least shows no connectivity problems with the latest technology for the gift to become practical.

    Or at least make sure if you are buying assisting gadgets, if they comprehend the previously owned devices or not.

    • Cost

    The entire purpose of this blog is to keep the cost of the gift under a hundred dollars. Even though some products only peek their practicality and quality at a certain price level, that is also the reason for monopoly amongst the few patent holders of the businesses.

    And we believe that if you dig enough you can find anything you want at the lowest possible rate and highest quality material. But our purpose is to save you from the struggle of finding an appropriate gift related to astronomy in a budget.

    Already the economy is so burdening under the taxes and the burdens placed upon us by this pandemic. So, let’s not focus on the monetary values of gifts rather the sentimental values and thought one puts in a gift.

    The trick is to know the receiver’s true interests and passions and use them accordingly to purchase a gift that is also under your budget constraints. The products mentioned above in the reviews section are some of the best options on the internet.

    However, if you fail to find the dream gift there you can still log onto some retail websites and dig a bit to find a good quality astronomy gift under a reasonable price of hundred dollars.

    • Warranty

    A warranty on any product ensures that the manufacturer has trust in the quality of material used to produce their product. When a consumer is paying the reasonable price of a hundred dollars on gifts related to astronomy it is quite valid to demand a warranty over that product so the money spent on that gift is ensured.

    Often some damages happen and not at the hands of manufacturers or the owners but they must be regarded as mishaps only. A warranty ensures that in those mishaps your money is not lost due to someone else’s mistake but either the product is replaced or fixed by the manufacturer without any additional charges.

    • Technology Associated

    Most of the children and even adults these days are hooked up on technological devices due to their accessibility and unlimited choices. In today’s world, it is vital to know that any product worth spending money over must be qualified to be associated with the latest technology.

    Such as the newer models of some telescopes and binoculars are capable of wireless connectivity and capturing the images they produce at a magnified rate. This reduces the dependency of an astronomer on other associating devices such as cameras.

    These technology associated devices not only increase comfortability, accessibility, and easement but also are practical as the data can be easily stored and analyzed at a convenient hour.

    • Age Appropriate

    After going through all the specs of a product you need to ensure that the gift is appropriate according to the age and knowledge limit of the receiver. Some products available in the market related to astronomy are very highly intellectual and might not suit a younger audience as their perception and knowledge are limited rendering such gifts useless for them.

    On the contrary, knowledgeable and challenging gifts might be perfect for elders and professionals associated with the field of astronomy. Especially if the gift is for kids and children of developing age you must choose practical and stimulating gifts rather than books that might not interest them.

    We happen to know that amongst kids there is a new trend of building things from scratch. So, for an astronomy enthusiast, one can choose to build your rocket kit that one day might take them on a mission to outer space.

    And even if the rocket doesn’t take them to space it might inspire a passion that may later in life lead to becoming an actual astronaut. Whereas for adults, gifts like books, engraved spheres, and even a prize lecture of a revolutionary scientist of that field might be the best gift they might have ever received. So, choose your gifts accordingly.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Best Astronomy Gifts under $100 – Final Word

    It is true that a gift’s importance relies on sentiments but to truly make it a meaningful gift it should also be related to the receiver’s passion. If the person on the receiving end is interested in the field of astronomy then the above-mentioned products will be best suited as a gift. 

    And as a bonus for the giver’s end, the products have been limited to a price range under a hundred dollars. Choosing a gift for a loved one from the categories mentioned above will be meaningful and will not strain your wallet. 

    But make sure that you purchase the gift that is practical, informational, and meaningful for the receiver.