Best Astronomy Equipment Buyer's Guide

Our complete guide to buying the best Astronomy Equipment to get started. Have a budding Astronomer in the household or someone who is interested in space odyssey? Browse our recommended products below and purchase today.

Looking for the best astronomy equipment on the market? We've done the research to help you find the perfect astronomy equipment to suit your needs.

Homosapiens have been created in a way that allows them to question everything that surrounds them. Our mind wanders around different phenomena and raises our curiosity. Therefore, the sky, milky way, our galaxy, and celestial objects above us also generate inquisitiveness. 

Furthermore, due to our vast distance from the astronomical objects, we feel happy to keep parts of them in our surroundings in the form of telescopes, books, and binoculars. For instance; moon lamps, constellations map, Lego astronomical sets, desk planets, pens, sky books, and video games, etc. 

In the section below, we will be taking you to review different astronomy equipment for your selection and the factors that have to be kept in mind before you grapple with your wallet. 

Let’s do this!

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

If you're looking for the best astronomy equipment that is detailed, educational and has colorful illustrations, our top pick is the National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Space.

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Space



Colorful illustrations

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    Best Astronomy Equipment Based on User Reviews

    Let's take a look at the top products on the market, based on the average rating by real customers just like you.


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    Best Astronomy Equipment: A Complete Review

    If you've made it this far into the reviews then you must be serious about your buying choice.

    Now that we've covered the quick list of products, let's break down each of them to see why they have been chosen.

    In this section we'll cover the pro's and con's of each and give you some ideas of who each product is most suitable for.

    National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Space

    The book is a means of introducing space to your kids. The Natural Geographic little kid's first big book of space is the perfect addition to the learning tools of your kid. You can use this book to develop an interest in space in your kid or to teach him a lesson. 

    The book has colorful pages that will easily draw the attention of your kid. There is beautiful illustration through pictures to help kids imagine the space stuff. The text is in simple language so that your kid can easily understand and does not get bored. 

    The book uses simple concepts to introduce kids with the basics of space. Initially, it focuses on the earth, moon, and sun. Then it discusses different planets of our solar system. It also discusses other objects in addition to planets in our solar systems like asteroids. 

    After these basic concepts, it introduces you to the Milky Way, stars and black holes, etc. In the end, it tells about man’s approach to the moon and spaceships. In the fine distribution of chapters, it covers the basic concepts about space in a very easy way.


    Easy language

    Includes basic concepts of space

    Great distribution of information on topics

    Colorful illustration with pictures


    The binding of the book is not that good

    Super Cool Space Facts A Fun Fact-filled Space Book

    Super Cool Space Facts contain very exciting information and knowledge about the space in it. It contains the exact amount of knowledge with a level compatible with kids. It discusses our solar system and much more. 

    It tells about planets, stars, and black holes, etc. in very simple language which helps kids to understand the theory in a better way. It will help you to make your kids understand the basic concepts of space. It introduces you to the basics of the solar system. 

    It tells the facts about the sun and planets. It also introduces your kid to other objects of the solar system. It tells various mysteries of the space and its objects in a fun manner which entertains the learner and does not let him get bored.  

    To make the learning and informative process more interesting books also contain interesting colorful pictures.


    Contains fun facts about space

    Explains everything in a manner to gain maximum interest

    Contains information about the solar system, galaxies, and stars


    The printing quality is not that great

    Space Atlas Second Edition

    Space Atlas Second Edition is the detailed booklet about space. It contains an amazing, colorful, and interesting illustration with the help of pictures and maps. It charts the solar system, the universe, galaxies, black hole, and stars, etc to explain the concepts in a better way. 

    The book is perfect for space lovers. This new edition is the perfect addition to your bookshelf. This book contains recent space imagery of galaxies and stars. It contains fascinating maps from various space authorities. 

    As these maps and images are taken from trusted authorities so these are very accurate and precise. It begins its concepts from the moon and spreads outwards to space. It includes an explanation of stars and asteroids too along with other space objects. 

    It explains this in detail with the reference of astrophysics and waves. The artistic explanation develops a keen interest. The easy language helps you to understand everything in a better way.


    Contains pictures and maps from space authorities

    It explains concepts with the reference of astrophysics

    Easy language

    Latest and updated information


    The book is not suitable for younger kids

    Binoculars for Kids High Resolution

    As it is designed for kids, so the product has a rubber protective layer that will serve as a shock absorber and make it durable? It will prevent the binoculars from damage due to falls while playing. So do not worry about the durability of the binoculars. 

    Though designed for kids, binoculars still have high resolution. It provides a rich and bright view with a realistic effect. The image will be crystal clear through these binoculars. The binoculars are suitable for every age. 

    The size and design of the binoculars are ideal for little hands and ensure the easy and tight grip. The use of these binoculars also helps to improve the hand and eye coordination of your junior. With the magnification of 8 X 21, your kid will be able to view birds and distant nature views. 

    The product is useful for kid’s tours and camping. It is suitable for kids aged 3 or more. The package of these binoculars comes with a neck strap, storage case, and cleaning cloth too.



    Durable design

    Improved magnification

    Comes with a neck strap, storage case, and cleaning cloth


    The focus of the binoculars is not that good

    Binoculars for Kids and Adults

    These binoculars have high-quality optics. They contain BAK4 prism which adds to its efficiency. It has a magnification of 10X with the objective lens of 25 mm. These binoculars support a wide field of view. These binoculars support the production of a sharp and clear image. 

    They will provide bright and real images even in the dark. The eyepieces are adjustable and can be adjusted according to your requirement to get a good view. The eyecups have a perfect distance to keep between the lens and eyes. 

    The product also supports its use with aided eyes. The foldable design makes it portable. You can fold it into a small product and take it anywhere you want. These binoculars have a compact design. They are waterproof and shockproof which makes them durable. 

    The extra coating around the eyepiece is to protect the lens. It protects the lenses of both eyepieces from damage in case of fall. These binoculars can be used to watch various kinds of views. The product also comes with a cleaning cloth, neck strap, and storage case. It also comes with the instruction manual. 


    The package includes all the necessary accessories

    Comes with a Neck strap



    Quality Build

    BAK4 prism



    Celestron Cometron 7x50 Bincoulars

    Celestron binoculars have a wide field of view. It serves you both day and night because of its high-quality optics. These binoculars have 50mm objective lenses that present your clear view. The large aperture can gather a large amount of light which presents you the bright and clear views of the scene.

    The optics are multi-coated which serves in increased light transmission too. This supports high resolution and perfect contrast. The view is bright irrespective of the amount of light. You can view the sky and far scenes with these binoculars. 

    The product has aluminum housing which makes it durable and strong. It is also a shock absorber. You can view a large portion of the sky with the help of these binoculars with high-quality optics. The binoculars can be folded which increases their portability. These are waterproof too.



    Bright and clear views





    Meade Instruments Polaris

    The telescope is refracting and is suitable for kids and beginners. It has an aperture of 90 mm which helps in gathering a large amount of light and provides you bright views. It has a focal length of 900mm. it has a stable set of focus and the view does not go out of focus. 

    Its setting circles make it user friendly. It also provides you an opportunity to control latitude with the help of scale. It has a compact design and the size is also moderate. It comes with a large and stable German mount which completely gives you movement control and works best for slow motion. 

    All these features make the tracking and view of celestial objects easy and smooth. It contains low, medium, and high magnification pieces. You can customize it according to your desire. It also comes with 3 X Barlow lenses which add to its specifications. 

    It also has a finder scope for easy location of objects. It also comes with the instructions stored in DVD and download of free astronomical software. 


    It has a finder scope

    High-quality optics

    Barlow lens

    Comes with a free download of astronomical software


    The mirror of the telescope is not of good quality

    Gskyer Telescope 70mm Aperture

    Gskyer Telescope has a 400 mm focal length and 70 mm aperture which provides you clear, sharp, and bright images. The multi-coated optics and large aperture gather a lot of light to present views in both dark and light. 

    It is the perfect telescope to view the moon and stars. It comes with two eyepieces and one Barlow lens of 3X magnification. It helps to increase the magnification power of the telescope. The finder scope with crosshair lines helps you to locate the object easily.

    It also consists of a wireless remote camera which helps to capture the important and necessary details easily. It includes a smartphone adapter too which makes its control easy and allows you to capture the required detailing. 

    It comes with an adjustable tripod whose height can be adjusted according to your requirement. The aluminum tripod is durable too. it also comes with a storage bag too. You can store the tripod and telescope in the bag. The product is perfect for traveling too.


    High-quality multi-coated optics


    Includes a tripod stand

    Comes with a storage bag


    The location of the target is difficult

    Gskyer Telescope AZ70700

    The product comes with a lifetime warranty. It has a high magnification of 10X and an objective lens of 25mm. These binoculars have high-quality optics and serve you at affordable prices. It has a huge distance range of 380 feet to 1000 yards. 

    The design is compatible with the kid's use. It makes it easy for the kids to hold and have a continuous grip. The binoculars are lightweight which does not make your kid tired. It has a BAK-7 prism which ensures clear vision. 

    It supports a view both day and night. Its optical surface is very clean and neat which gives you a spotless view. The compact design makes it portable while its folding feature adds to its portability. The focus is very easy and you can use it without any expertise and existing experience. 

    So your kids do not have to be pro to use these binoculars. The binoculars can be used at various points to view various views. The product also comes with the neck strap and also helps you to hold this amazing product. It also comes with a neck strap.



    Neck strap

    User-friendly design


    Day and Night Viewing


    The focus is less stable

    Celestron - NexStar 127SLT

    This Celestron telescope is computerized and works perfectly. It has a database of 40000 stars and galaxies. This computerized telescope helps you to locate your desired celestial object with preciseness and accuracy. 

    This telescope has a compact design which makes it portable. The telescope is compatible with both kids and adults. You can take it with you while traveling too. It has a 127mm aperture that gathers all of the available light to produce a clear, bright and realistic view of distant celestial objects. 

    It can be used to view Saturn’s ring, Jupiter’s cloud, and moon with all of their details. It does not need any additional tools to assemble. You can view details of any in-range celestial objects through the eyepieces of this telescope. 

    The package also comes with the download of the top-rated astronomy software for free. The company assures you of the quality of the product with its two years warranty.


    Large aperture


    Computerized telescope

    It can locate celestial objects accurately



    The instruction manual is not clear

    Astronomy Equipment Buyer's Guide

    Before you buy astronomical equipment and sky furniture related stuff, you have to perform a background check on what factors influence your choice. The complete information aids us in making the correct choice at a reasonable price. 

    Let’s have a look, shall we?


    • Content

    As far as astronomy books are concerned, the important consideration should be given to the content of the books. The knowledge of space and astronomy usually decides the type of books that might interest you. 

    If you have to buy books for your kids, then keep in view their age and the type of books they find exhilarating. However, if they are older a more specialized book will suit them more. 

    Therefore, before choosing your astronomical books, you have to perform an inspection of the content of the books so that they can prove helpful in the long run and be of good use to the reader. 

    • Quality

    The quality of the books is an important factor to keep in mind before buying space books. The physical quality of the books plays an effective role in enhancing the interest of the reader. The weak quality of pages and sensitive book covers are mostly avoided by the readers. 

    If you have to buy space books for your kids, you want the covers to be thick and durable. Moreover, a book also is reread and its page quality should not be prone to damage. Therefore, before making your mind about a certain book, keep the quality of the book under account as the books are the gateway to in-depth knowledge, and allow multiple perspectives to one phenomenon.  

    • Pictures

    Pictures are an excellent visual guide to enable youngsters to learn, regardless of their age. If you buy a book that has the least animations and pictures, it diminishes the interest of the kid. The long-written paragraphs are unable to capture the attention of toddlers mostly. 

    The primary role of a space book is to be filled with pictures of planets and space furniture that can be a source of a good time spent for them. Therefore, before buying the astronomy books, it is important to keep in mind that they constitute pictures, graphs, and charts to attract the readers mostly kids.   

    • Cost

    Before buying the books for you, it is important to keep the cost factor in the account as well. The kids require books that they can read multiple times based on their area of interest. The cost of the more specialized books is generally more than the others. 

    However, some books that are inbuilt for kids and are at beginner level show decency by keeping the cost at a reasonable level. If you plan on buying books for your kids, make sure that you are not emptying your wallet more than you have to. 


    • Magnification

    Magnification is an important factor to keep in mind before you buy binoculars. It is mostly an important key point for experts as they have to perform skillful expeditions. The magnification refers to the amount of time you want your subject magnified.

    For any beginners, the magnification level of 7x and 12x will be quite viable. Therefore, before choosing binoculars as your favorite astronomical equipment, you should keep the magnification level into account. 

    • Objective Lens

    Objective Lens also requires quite an attention before choosing binoculars as your astronomy equipment. The objective lens of the binoculars has to be kept in mind as they control the amount of light that enters into the binoculars. 

    Therefore, if you are working in low light conditions and you still want better image results then you should have an objective lens of greater diameter. If the user is just at a beginner level, then the objective lens of 8×40 and 8×25 is workable. The lens of 8×40 is more productive and gives a better and brighter image. 

    Therefore, before you empty your wallet with a binocular that doesn’t have a good objective lens, know about your level and the conditions in which you want to work at. 

    • Coating of Lens

    The coating of the lens used in binoculars plays a primary role to get efficient results. The lens coating is important as they minimize the amount of light that is being reflected to project more light into the lens. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you are at a beginner or expert level, you will have to keep this factor in your mind so that your stargazing adventure doesn’t end in vain. 

    • Quality of Lens

    Another factor to keep in mind before buying your favorite pair of binoculars is the quality of the lens. The quality of the lens makes sure that the image of the target subject is free of any aberration and shows better contrast. 

    It is a common practice that the best lens works in low light conditions because the transmission of light is at maximum. The good quality of the lens also ensures that the colors of the image are not distorted or blurred. 

    Henceforth, perform a complete check on the quality of the lens of your binoculars before making any final decision while keeping in mind your expert level and working conditions. 

    • Water Proofing

    The use of binoculars for extreme stargazing experience is usually outdoors. Therefore, the different climatic conditions and their effect on your binocular also needs attention before choosing the astronomy tool or equipment. 

    You must buy waterproof binoculars. Those pair of binoculars have written “WP” on them to denote the ability to protect your equipment during rainy weather. The high-end models of binoculars can usually stay submerged in water for hours and don’t damage the equipment. 

    Henceforth, this factor needs to be in your attention before you order the binoculars as it will make your experience of viewing celestial objects a memory. 


    • Finderscope

    Before the setup is aligned and assembled, the telescope is required to be in the lineup. The scope of the telescope deals with the same phenomenon. Most of the telescope models come up with attachable finderscope whose main job is to help the telescope point in the right direction by creating lower magnification levels. 

    Henceforth, based on your choice of the telescope, you need to keep the scope of the telescope in mind so that you can be pointed in the right general direction. 

    • Portability

    If your astronomy tool is handy, your experience with star and moon gazing will be a worthwhile expedition. The lightweight of tools and handy equipment can be moved anywhere that makes it workable for all users. 

    Some models of the telescope have short optical tubes that can be easily assembled and placed in the backpack. However, some models require more than one person for its handling and assemblage. Therefore, before buying your favorite telescope, it is suggested that you keep this factor in the account.

    Moreover, if your telescope is not portable you will have a more tiring journey and there will be the least chances of enjoying the stargazing moment. 

    • Performance Specs

    Before getting into the telescopes, you should know the different features and specifications that allow a farther image to be seen from a lens. The aperture and the focal length are the two important specifications that work while you satisfy your love for moons and stars. 

    A large focal length can offer greater magnification power which is a win-win situation if you have a burning desire to gaze at the celestial objects and cherish the mystery that surrounds them. The right focal ratio works great if you want to see the subject more clearly as it magnifies the image. 

    But if your primary aim is clarity then the low focal ratio will work for you. Therefore, different performance specs of a telescope and your priorities have to be set so that you don’t have a problem in choosing the right equipment for you.

    Choosing Your Astronomy Equipment - FAQs

    Choosing Your astronomy Equipment – Final Word

    We’re just a little mark in the vast expanse of space. Nothing helps you cherish the beauty of the universe like a premium quality telescope or binoculars. The choice of different astronomical equipment is not an easy task. 

    Therefore, it is important to perform a background check on the benefits of either of them. The telescopes and binoculars usually work best when you are an adult and can be at a beginner level or expert level. The books, however, are most productive for kids who have a strong fondness for stars, planets, and galaxies. 

    In a nutshell, you can be choosing any of the equipment to satisfy your thirst and love for astronomy as all of them play a pivotal role in keeping you in a loop and around planets and solar systems. The use of books, binoculars, and telescopes is the source of providing us relevant information and in-depth knowledge of our favorite genre.