Best Space T-Shirts Adults Buyer's Guide

Looking for the best space t-shirt for adults on the market? We've put together a comprehensive buyer's guide of some of our favourite fun Space & Astronomy t-shirts for adults.

Looking for the best space t-shirt for adults on the market? We've done the research to help you find the perfect space t-shirt for adults to suit your needs.

The love for astronomy and interest in stargazing has skyrocketed in the past few years. People are becoming more and more interested and fascinated by the beauty of outer space in all its majestic glory. From planets to stars, each has its mesmerizing charm that lures you in and keeps you captivated.  

A night stroll under the stars is not only fun but has also been deemed relaxing and therapeutic. Not only that, the outer space has inspired a bunch of different fashion trends and styles. Space goodies such as hoodies, t-shirts, mobile cover, and stationary all have a space version available. 

If you are fascinated by them as well, then you've come to the right place. Below is a guide to help you find your very own best space t-shirt for adults.

So, let's go!

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

If you're looking for the best space T-shirts for adults that is affordable, easy to use for beginners, and has a great build quality, our top pick is the Crazy Dog Astronomy T-Shirts.

High-quality fabric


Machine washable in cold water

Cool and sarcastic designs

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    Best Space T-shirts for Adults User Reviews

    Let's take a look at the top products on the market, based on the average rating by real customers just like you.


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    Best Space T-shirts for Adults: A Complete Review

    If you've made it this far into the reviews then you must be serious about your buying choice.

    Now that we've covered the quick list of products, let's break down each of them to see why they have been chosen.

    In this section we'll cover the pro's and con's of each and give you some ideas of who each product is most suitable for.

    The first thing that attracts the eye is the design on a t-shirt, and with these t-shirts, by the crazy dog, we assure you of some cool and sarcastic designs, that will crack you up. These designs are not only limited to snarky comments, but some are also a rendition of the retro movies. 

    So, with a Crazy Dog t-shirt, a laugh is ensured whether you are a boy, an adult, a nerd, or a cool guy. Coming towards the deeper and profound qualities of a t-shirt, the quality of t-shirts, as understood universally in the textile business, relies upon the percentage of cotton in the fabric blend. 

    These t-shirts by crazy dogs meet up to the expectation of top-quality shirts as they offer 100 percent cotton or a polyester and cotton blend in their products. The presence of cotton in high quantities in the fabric blend ensures high-quality t-shirts and comfortable time for the wearer.

    Moreover, the fabric is pre-shrunk, so you do not have to purchase a size bigger or worry about your t-shirt reducing to the size of a doll’s shirt after the first wash. And in the maintenance sector, this t-shirt can be easily handled and can be worn for years.

    All you need to do is to wash it with cold water and hang it to dry, to preserve both the quality of fabric and vividness of the print. Lastly, being the perfect package of a t-shirt already, this crazy dog t-shirt is not only really inexpensive, but it is also available in three different extra-large sizes to fit all the fans around the weight scale.


    Machine washable in cold water

    Cool and sarcastic designs

    High-quality fabric

    Exchange of product in case of dissatisfaction



    Only available in one color

    It is rare to find t-shirts online that are made with 100 percent cotton and still sold at such a low price. While describing some of the qualities of this t-shirt one ought to mention the fabric quality and its comfortability for the wearer. 

    But as the quality rises the maintenance struggles arise as well. You will need to wash it inside out with cold water only and cannot use the dryer on this one as it needs to be hung to dry in natural air. While that is a lot of struggle, the quality of the fabric and its feel against your skin makes it worthwhile. 

    Moreover, the design has been printed on the t-shirt using the latest technology available in the market. So, we know that neither the design nor the color of the shirt will fade away if you take care of it as described in the instructions for cleaning. 

    Lastly, as high the quality goes so does the pun on this t-shirt, some might suggest they are practically out of the world funny. As it correlates the infinity of our galaxy with the need for emotional and personal space of everyone on earth, I need my space on an astronomy based t-shirt is a pretty cleverly orchestrated pun and a fantastic idea as well.



    100 percent cotton fabric


    Sizes available till 3XL

    Preshrunk fabric


    Only dull colors available

    Being an astronaut is not an easy job and certainly no joke as well. For some people, it is a lifelong dream come true while others work for those dreams to be fulfilled. Either way, everyone is fascinated by the space up and beyond and inspired by those who get to visit that majestic and unearthly place. 

    So, certainly, an appropriate picture of an astronaut costume as represented in space is the best picturization of astronomy-related t-shirts. The reference is strong but the quality of the print is even stronger as it has been reinforced on the fabric with the help of the newest technologies of screenprint available in the market. 

    Moreover, the quality of the fabric is not a joke either, as it is considered the best in the textile industry, being 100 percent cotton. Lastly, to enhance the comfort of the user, the t-shirt has taped shoulders and it has been made machine washable. 

    So, it will not be adding to your troubles, rather removing them off your way by relaxing your muscles after a hard day’s work.


    Machine washable

    100 percent cotton fabric

    Top-quality screen print design

    Taped shoulders


    Only one color available

    The exclusion of Pluto from the planetary status had most of us bummed to the core, but the generation these days didn’t even have the chance to study Pluto as a planet. This t-shirt by Panoware perfectly sums up the feelings of losing Pluto with this retro and minimalistic design stating ‘back in my day, we had nine planets’. 

    The design is ever so perfectly portrayed with the help of creative colors imprinted on the fabric with the help of the latest technology. The shirt is made from 100 percent cotton and has a fitted style. So, it is advised to purchase a size bigger in case you are between sizes. 

    The entirety of fabric composition being cotton reassures that the t-shirt is comfortable to wear and of high-quality. Lastly, even though the fabric is high-quality and the print is vivid, still it can be machine washed to ease the burden off of your shoulders. And all of these features come at a very low price.


    Retro design

    100 percent cotton

    Fitted style

    Machine washable


    Needs to tumble dry

    It is quite rare to stumble upon an environment-friendly clothing company in this age, as we all understand our planet is in dire need of friendly environmentalists, being environment friendly comes with a cost of its own. 

    The mountain has taken an initiative to produce environmentally friendly t-shirts by using dyes and inks that do not tend to damage the environment. Moreover, to ensure that the chemicals used in the production process of these extraordinary t-shirts, the mountain has been Oeko-Tex certified. 

    The design of the t-shirt needs a special mention as one of the highly graphic and the most appropriate representations of the actual space beyond the limits of our planet. The t-shirt represents all of the planets in the correct order and a distant milky way as well. 

    It is not only beautiful but educational as well. Lastly, these t-shirts are also made from pure cotton fabric so they are highly comfortable to wear. And even though the materials used in the production process, being environment friendly, are highly delicate, still these t-shirts can be washed in a machine and would not lose its colors in the process.


    Pure cotton fabric

    Machine washable

    Environment-friendly dyes and inks

    Oeko Tex certified


    Slightly expensive

    So far, we have browsed t-shirts that have been made with cotton and as cotton is super absorbent it does not make for a quality t-shirt for exercising. However, polyester is a fabric that dissipates the heat and sweat while not absorbing much of the sweat due to its breezy weave. 

    This t-shirt for Yizzam is made from 100 percent micro-polyester making it perfect for outdoor activities. This t-shirt has a vibrant print and a high definition graphic that covers the entirety of the t-shirt. Due to the base material being entirely polyester, it is shrunk proof and fade-proof as well. 

    So, even hundreds of washes cannot break this t-shirt apart as even the sewing thread is also made from polyester.


    High definition graphics

    Made in the USA

    Full sleeved

    Premium micro polyester fabric


    Non-cotton fabric

    Nasa is the ultimate dream fulfillment destination for space and astronomy enthusiasts. It is officially the place that takes people above and beyond the limits of our planet. The apt design on this t-shirt represents the field of astronomy in this minimalistic bubble with the Nasa logo on the background of a star-filled space representation.

    And for a true astronomy enthusiast, this t-shirt can be the best gift. The base fabric of the t-shirt is made from 100 percent cotton; thus, it is highly absorbent, breezy, and comfortable to wear. There are 6 different sizes available in the two different colors of this t-shirt in the same design to fit all those with different weight categories.



    100 percent cotton

    Machine washable

    Six sizes available


    Clichéd design

    Most of the time astronomy-related t-shirts are printed over dull colors like black and blue, but what if we told you we have finally found a bunch of t-shirts in vibrant colors and cool NASA based design. Yes, this t-shirt by Southpole is created for women in the color’s women suit the most, so you may choose your favorite color out of the bunch. 

    Moreover, the material is pure cotton, so it will be highly cozy and breezy to wear this t-shirt. To enhance the all-over experience it has been sewn with a crew neck and made machine washable. This t-shirt by Southpole is all about limiting your troubles and enhancing your comfortability. 

    In this t-shirt, you can rock your favorite color by making a statement that women are not only addicted to fashion but hard sciences as well.


    100 percent cotton

    Crew neck

    Machine washable


    Only for women

    Classic colors never go out of fashion and the same is the case with minimalistic designs. This t-shirt by Universe Planet Stars Astronaut Planets Space Ship is the perfect example of the everlasting class. You can rock this shirt in ten different classic colors that are guaranteed to look stylish in every event.

    Apart from external factors, the more profound features are perfect as well. As the fabric is of the highest quality and made from 100 percent pure cotton. Moreover, this t-shirt can be washed in a machine with cold water only and the solid colors are guaranteed to stay the same even after a dozen washes. 

    The design representing the sun over the moon is the perfect one to wear at any event and any time of the day and that too at a very reasonable price for such a high-quality t-shirt.



    Six size options

    Solid colors

    Machine washable


    Rigid price

    Dyed shirts are all the rave these days with DIY techniques all over the internet. But you cannot screen print an astronomy-based design yourself. So, we bring you the perfect combination of hand-dyed and screen- printed graphics t-shirt for your summer adventures. 

    The fabric material is pure cotton so we know for a fact that it will be comfortable to wear. Moreover, the t-shirt has a relaxed fit so it will suit well in a hot environment. There are multiple color options in the same design available at the same price to suit your fashion needs. 

    Lastly, to ease the burden of maintenance, the t-shirt can be washed in a machine without losing its colors. And this assures that your t-shirt will last quite a few years while looking as good as new.


    100 percent cotton

    Relaxed fit

    Various color options

    Machine washable

    Hand-dyed and screen-printed graphics


    Dyed color is not evenly distributed

    Best Space T-Shirts for Adults – Buying Guide

    • Material

    T-shirts are the epitome of casual and comfortable. Naturally, when you reach out for a t-shirt, you assume it to be comfortable. This comfortability due to the fabric used to make the t-shirt. Cotton is the most common type of material used in t-shirts after jersey.

    Cotton blended with polyester or synthetic fiber adds to the overall durability of the t-shirt and also creates an insulating layer. T-shirts made with this material are ideal for fall when the weather is starting to get a little chilly.

    This material is also ideal if/when you know that you will be spending most of your time in an air-conditioned room. This way, you will be comfortable both inside and out. These t-shirts also crinkle less and remain wearable for a longer period. Way longer than pure cotton.

    Pure cotton is the best material to be worn in summer. It is comfortable, it is lightweight. It also absorbs the sweat and keeps you cool. While it has all the benefits, it has a rather shorter life span. Pure cotton shirts require extra care and can easily crinkle and mess up the paint or sticker on the shirt.

    As we are talking about space shirts, the design and the print are the 2 main qualities of the shirt. Cotton shirts will crinkle the design with time which will make it look older than it is. These shirts will also require ironing before wear.

    Jersey is also a common material used in t-shirts. Jersey tees are usually very cheap. The main reason being the short life span of the tee. Jersey shirts tear and lose their stretchiness very quickly. Although they are so comfortable and are quite regularly used as common fabric for tee printing, it is not a durable investment.

    But, if you want to go for the jersey material, go for the interlocked knit jersey. The fibers are interlocked via 2 loops and can easily be spotted when looked closely. This fabric will be a little pricey but it will be worth it.

    Not only will you get the comfortability and breathability of the jersey, but you will also get a durable and dense fabric that will retain its life and the space design for much longer.

    • Fit and Size

    Moving on with the fit. T-shirts may be the most common and most casual article of clothing out there but it does have its key fitting factors. For someone who wears t-shirts most of the time, we know that not all tees have the same fit.

    First thing's first, you need to look at the shoulder cut. The stitch that is joining the sleeves and the shoulders should be right at the edge of your shoulder. If the stitch is closer to your neck, then it will look like it is too tight on you so go for a size bigger.

    Similarly, if the stitch is farther down from the edge of the shoulder, then it means that the shirt is too big. For a perfect fit, the shoulder stitch needs to sit just right. Next, look for a shirt that fits you right on the torso and flatters your body.

    Sizing is another main issue most of us face when we are shopping online. Some stores and retailers run out of medium to large size quicker than other sizes. If you fall into those size categories, make sure you see the sizes available before you fall in love with a tee.

    A lot of online stores have a filter feature where you can filter out those t-shirts that have your sizes available. Not all of us are sample sizes. Not every taller person is bulky and not every short person skinny.

    Especially if you're a woman, a wider shoulder set will mean a larger size even if your torso is thin and vice versa. Unfortunately, those are size criteria for most brands. Do look for retailers or brands that offer customization. This way, you will get your favorite shirt with your perfect fit.

    • Stitch

    T-shirts come in all shapes and sizes with ranging prices. Some are rather affordable while others are a bit high end. Wherever you are buying your t-shirt from, make sure that the stitching is neat and clean. A lot of trendy t-shirts are mass-produced in factories.

    Most of the viral items get made in bulks so that they can meet the sudden and higher public demand for the product. With this, a few bad products are bound to occur. Mass production means that there will be frayed thread ends and some loose ends.

    Most of the time, they are not that big of an issue, other times they can be a mess. If that is something that particularly bothers you, look for brands that use thread lock stitched that prevents the thread from sticking out.

    Other than the stitch, the cut of the fabric is also a bit one. A bad or a tilted cut can alter the visual alignment of your body and make you look shorter, longer, bulkier, or just asymmetrical. While there is nothing wrong with experimenting with different cuts and stitching styles, how it looks on your body is the only real question here.

    • Print

    Since we are talking about space tees, most of these shirts will have digital art of the galaxy and the stars on the t-shirt these days. But, there are a few different ways a design can be printed on a tee. Screen printing is the oldest method of printing in a t-shirt.

    Although it is affordable, the design is not always perfect. There will be some irregularities in the print. If you are okay with a little bit of a messy print then, you are good here. But, as we know, space shirts are all about details.

    The small shining specks on the shirt are what truly depict the beauty of space. Direct garment printing is another commonly used printing example. The thing about this printing style is that it pays high attention to detail. Any intricate design of space, stars, and planets can easily be printed on a tee.

    Not only that, but they also offer a customization option where you mix just about anything with everything and make a unique design. Due to the only head-on printing option available, the placement of these designs poses a challenge.

    Transfer printing is another printing technique available in the market. As the name implies, these printers work by sticking a design to a shirt permanently, similar to a sticker. This is the most affordable and detail-oriented approach but this manual process requires a lot of manual labor.

    • Colors

    Space entails all sorts of wonders and mysteries. There are a bunch of entities in it that we are unaware of. Just like that, we are still unsure as to what is the color of the space. It seems dark at times and other times it seems navy.

    This has given us a bunch of different options to choose from. There are space shirts with black as a background color at the same time there are tea pink tees with space print on them. There is a wide variety of base colors in space t-shirts so you can choose whatever you feel like.

    Several companies have gotten fancier and experimental with their design. There are pastel colors and neon colors available as well. For a t-shirt to look good on you, it needs to match your undertone. For instance, warmer colors look best of people with golden hues.

    Similarly, cooler shades work well with cool hue skin. There are a ton of online tests available for you to see and figure out your undertones as they play a vital role in what color suits you.

    • Neckline

    As tees are already pretty casual, there are not a lot of fancy necklines available. Most necklines on a tee are either crew neck or v-line. Crew necklines are the most common necklines and sit right at the base of your neck.

    These necklines are ideal for layering. A collared dress shirt underneath can emphasize your style. With space designs, this neckline will allow more attention to the actual galaxy print as the neckline is usually higher. You need to be careful with the fabric with crew necklines as some materials tend to loosen up with time causing the neckline to become broader and droopy.

    V necklines are the other common necklines. These necklines cut a little deep and show a little bit of chest. Of course, the depth of the neckline will determine skin exposure. As far as necklines are concerned, v necklines are great for people with shorter necks and heights in general.

    The cut emphasizes the neck making it seem longer than it is. With the space design, these necklines are very workable. At the end of the day, what neckline you opt for is your choice. Some companies also feature an off-shoulder or sleeveless tees.

    • Design

    When we think of space designs, we think of stars and galaxies and milky ways. There is much more to space than that and much more than we know of. A tee design can be anywhere from visually accurate to cat remix of space. Easy customization and prevalence of graphic tees have provided us with so many options.

    Rather than a full milky way moment, you can opt for a more minimal style like scattered stars. Rather than a safer and accurate print, you can opt for a messier nebula print. The possibilities are endless, especially with the easy option of customization design available everywhere. You can add a meaningful text in the design or just a random text as well.

    • Shrinkage and color bleeding

    While most t-shirts made out of jersey do not shrink, those made from a cotton or cotton blend are bound to shrink anywhere from 15 to 20%. Though this much shrinkage is expected and overall not a bad thing rather, it is good to know beforehand if your shirt will shrink in size.

    It is better to look for size or 2 bigger when getting a cotton tee. This way a shrunken size will still fit you well. Color bleeding is another big use, especially in space shirts. Most of the space designs feature some sort of white in the design.

    Color bleeding will not only destroy the solid base color of the shirt but will also ruin the space design on the shirt. While there is no actual way of knowing if the color will bleed, make sure to reach out for tees that have an anti bleeding color label on them. You can also contact the retailer beforehand to ask about this concern.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Best Space T-Shirts for Adults – Final Word

    Space tees are one of the best trends to have existed. Not only does it look good, but also works well with almost all types of wardrobe. You don't need to alter your entire wardrobe to fit these space t-shirts in, they just fit right in. Hopefully, this guide helped you or inspired you to get your perfect space tee that is one of the best space t-shirts for adults.

    Happy shopping!