Best Space Toys and Toy Rockets For Kids

As space enthusiasts (and parents) we felt we were well placed to bring together this definitive buying guide on the best Space Toys and Toy Rockets For Kids. These are suitable for all ages and budgets.

What is better than having a chance of fulfilling an imaginative dream through a toy for a kid? Kids these days have ambitious and creative fantasies, and it becomes the dream of a parent to have their kids fulfill those dreams.

If your kid loves to wonder about the mysteries of space and fantasizes about discovering what the vast majority of this universe entails, then the best toy for them is a toy space rocket. These toy rockets don't just give an image of an actual space shuttle. Rather, the whole kit emulates the exact experience of an astronaut, from boarding till landing. These rockets will send your little one on an imaginary adventure. 

What is better than having your kid's intuitive nature stirred through safe toys and have them focused on a healthy dream? Now don't be confused about buying the best space toys and toy rockets for your kid, for we have put together a list of the best space toys and toy rockets in the market that your child will love.

Let's get started!

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

CP Toys Plastic Space Mission Rocket Ship
  • Three large sections
  • Electric countdown sound
  • Easy to pack into the box after use

The CP Toys Plastic Space Mission Rocket Ship is perfect for your junior astronomer to pique his interest and to play with at the same time. This space rocket ship will take him to Mars and all over the space, without leaving the comforts of home.

In addition to the informative imaginary trip, the Rocket has three sections for your kid. These include the cockpit for the junior pilot, the living space, and the ship's huge entrance. All the sections have enough space to take junior's friends on the mission too.

The 10 Best Space Toys and Toy Rockets Comparison Chart

The 10 Best Space Toys and Toy Rockets

In this section, we review the Top 10 Space Toys and Toy Rockets for kids

CP Toys Plastic Space Mission Rocket Ship

The CP Toys Plastic Space Mission Rocket Ship is perfect for your junior astronomer to pique his interest and to play with at the same time. This space rocket ship will take him to Mars and all over the space, without leaving the comforts of home. 

In addition to the informative imaginary trip, the Rocket has three sections for your kid. These include the cockpit for the junior pilot, the living space, and the ship's huge entrance. All the sections have enough space to take junior's friends on the mission too.

 The setup is very handy and safe. Even with kids as young as 3 years old, you do not need to worry. It does not have any kind of sharp edges or swallowable parts. After playtime is over, all the parts can be packed into a box. 

Moreover, it is very easy to clean all the parts of the space ship. The product has 7 piece set that includes 3 aliens, 2 astronauts, and a space car. It has three opening doors countdown and electronic count down sounds. It works on 3 AG10 batteries.


  • Three large sections
  • Electric countdown sound
  • Easy to pack into the box after use


  • Plastic Body
DARON Adventure Series

The best thing about the DARON Adventure Series rocket is that it can be opened completely to explore all the parts. In order to fit the astronaut inside the Rocket as a pilot, the cockpit can be opened by raising it upward or downward. In that way, it serves as an elevator.

The product is easy for your kid to play and explore at the same time. Both the sections of the Rocket can be explored from outside because both the sections have windows. The Rocket also has a handle. This makes it portable, i.e., easy to carry, or your kid can use this handle to fly the Rocket. 

The Rocket also contains rover. Rover is actually a vehicle that has four wheels. An astronaut can fit inside this rover, and then the rover can be placed inside the Rocket's section. Its dimensions are 16 inches x 9.5 inches. It includes 1.5-volt alkaline batteries with it.


  • The design is very safe.
  • It is portable.
  • Its parts are easy to explore.


  • Comparatively less realistic features.
Four Stage Toddler Rocket Ship Playset by Hape

Four Stage Toddler Rocket Ship Playset will give your kid the feeling of being a real-life astronaut. This rocket ship has an amazing feature of an elevator so that astronauts may move to every single of four levels.

This elevator is pulled by string and is present at the center of the Rocket Ship. The product comes with a lot of accessories to amuse your kid, i.e., radar, rover, bio experiment plant, and solar panel, etc. To make it all relevant and to bring the look of a space ship, the Rocket's body has a specific space print.

The spaceship will give your kid a realistic experience because of its control compartment, laboratory, etc. It also has an exercise room. Every feature is accessible with the help of the elevator. The toy is safe and non-toxic, as it is made up of wood.


  • It has an Elevator that is pulled with the help of a string
  • It is safe to play
  • It has a space print that gives a realistic look


  • It has no spaceship sounds
  • Everything is manual
Wooden Stacker Toy Space Rocket

Wooden Stacker Toy Space Rocket is completely made up of wood. Even the paint on this product is non-toxic, which makes it very safe . It means you can let your child play by himself without worrying about any harmful effects from the toy.

This is actually a six-block toy that is a kind of puzzle and increases the sense of curiosity in your child. When your kid puts the blocks together, it will exercise the kid's brain. Moreover, the imagination of your kid will develop manifold.

The toy is not that large and is very portable for children. The Magnets allow the blocks to fit easily together. All the blocks join firmly together and take the shape of a rocket. It can be disassembled and rejoined again and again. It also has little astronauts with it that can easily be put into the Rocket.


  • It has that puzzle that helps in exercising the brain
  • It comes with an astronaut
  • Magnets hold the structure firmly
  • Safe for children


  • Paint may not last for long.
4M 4605 Water Rocket Kit

4M 4605 Water Rocket Kit has an amazing feature with the help of which you can blast the Rocket up to a certain height in the air. This Rocket is very useful if you want to bring an excitement about science in your child. Its package contains different parts that turn the recyclable bottle into a rocket shooting device.

It uses the science of water and air pressure to shoot the Rocket in the air. If your child has an interest in space toys, then it will bring excitement and confidence in him. It includes a plastic bottle, a connector that will connect the pump, a bung, and a plastic pipe. 

It has detailed instructions about the connection, so you do not need to worry about complex assembly. The whole system requires a bicycle pump too.


  • The product brings creativity in children
  • It promotes self-learning
  • Develops an interest in science


  • A bicycle pump is not included in the package
Rocket Ship Play Tent Playhouse by Imagenius Toys

Rocket Ship Play Tent is an amazing tent for your child to play. It has a very detailed illustration of space art on it that will broaden the child's interest in space and will broaden his imaginations. If you have to teach your kid subject about space, then this is all that you want. It will develop an interest in space in your kid. It is very portable. It can be opened and cleaned easily.

After use, it can be packed, and after packing, you can take it anywhere with you. The tent is easy to clean, and you can clean it with soap. The material used in this product is safe and non-toxic. There is also a cockpit inside where two kids can play easily. 

There are two windows where the children can look outside, and parents can know what is going on inside. It has dimensions of 51 inches x 40 inches x 40 Inches. If you don't like the product, you can return it and get a full refund.


  • Portable
  • It can be used for multiple purposes.
  • The fabric of the tent is non-toxic and is easy to wash.


  • Expensive
LEGO City Space Mars Research Shuttle

LEGO City Space Mars Research Shuttle is a research shuttle that is built as a NASA inspired toy, and this toy is perfect if your kid is a fan of spaceships and space. This package includes a shutter and rover. The shuttle has a cockpit opening that actually includes the control room. It has plenty of storage to store drones.

It consists of two doors, a section for the storage of drones, rover, and solar panels. It has Mars scenery that will make your child imagine that it is exactly a visit to Mars. Rover also has a grappling alarm. The product gives you all the instructions on how to build a system of the toy. 

The system also consists of a ghost mode. This toy is very detailed and consists of 273 pieces and is suitable for the children having age 5 or more than that.


  • It has a realistic design.
  • It includes two astronauts
  • Durable
  • Builds interest in space


  • Expensive
  • It is not suitable for children having age less than five.
LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn

LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V21309 Outer SPACE Model is very detailed and is a NASA inspired toy. It has a unique design and is great for both learning and playing purposes. It has three parts to make a complete rocket launch.

It has a launch system, a control center, and a Service module. Service Module includes Lunar Lander and Lunar Orbiter for the landing and launching. It has a height of 1 meter. This space toy also consists of astronaut figures. 

It has a booklet that has the directions to build the Rocket, and after building, you can display the Rocket on the stand. The complete dimensions of the spaceship are 39 inches x 6 inches. It has 1969 pieces and is suitable for 14 years old or older than that.


  • Informational toy
  • NASA inspired toy
  • A detailed toy comes with a direction booklet


  • It is not for the children having age less than 14 years old
  • Expensive
Astronaut and Space Toy Action Figures

Astronaut and Space Toy Action Figures are actually component toys that contain 60 pieces. The product consists of astronauts, rovers, spaceships, and flags, etc. Pieces have variation in dimensions, i.e., sizes vary from two inches to eight inches.

It has non-toxic paint. If space and space relevant things fascinate your kid, then these toys are best to pique his interest. It also has 13 different toy figures in different forms. The package has a storage box that reduces the issue of storage and makes it portable. 

You can take it anywhere with you. Overall it has 50 astronauts, and the remaining 10 are different space accessories. It is a very safe set of toys. The design of these space toys is very smooth and is even good for children who are 3 years old.


  • Simplest toys
  • Inexpensive
  • The package also contains a storage box
  • Handy and Portable
  • Suitable for young children too


  • It is comparatively less detailed.
Geospace Jump Rocket Deluxe Set

Geospace Jump Rocket Deluxe Set is actually a launching rocket that has launching pad tube, and once you jump up and land on the pump, the Rocket is launched automatically. It uses very advanced technology within it and can cover more flight distance than others; you can say more than 300 feet.

The material and design both are sustainable, durable, and will last long. If your child is not that much fond of outdoor games, then this fascinating space toy will help you to overcome the problem. Their excitement and desire to launch Rocket higher and higher will engage them in this outdoor activity. 

It includes one air pump, a target ring, 6 foam rockets, and a launchpad. The product is suitable for children of age 4 and onwards. The product has marble. That is why do not use it for 3 years old or less.


  • It will motivate children for outdoor activities
  • It launches a rocket higher than the others
  • It is comparatively less expensive according to its features


  • It contains small parts that are not that much suitable for younger kids
  • It has marble and hence is not suitable for younger kids

Buying Guide

With a ton of choices available in the market for space toys and toy rockets, you need to figure out which one would catch the interest of your kid. Before breaking out your wallet and spending the money on a toy rocket, consider some of the specs they are offering.

There are a lot of variations in the market related to toys and the design of those toys, so we have created this buying guide for you to follow to get a perfect gift for your intuitive kid. But before deciding the model or the toy rocket, let's understand what a toy rocket initially entails.

About Toy Rockets

If I have to explain a toy rocket and what it should contain in a few words, I would say it should be the epitome of creativity. A toy rocket in itself is built in a way to emulate a space rocket. A toy rocket should be constructed in such a way to catch the interest of a child automatically; the colors, dimensions, and size are all critical aspects to be considered in a space toy. 

Also, a space toy or a toy rocket is not just about the fun, and they should be framed in such a way, so they send a kid into a space voyage while teaching them a little bit about the topic as well. The toy rockets of our age are advanced and have multiple sets and accessories with them to offer a complete experience and fulfill the imaginative vision of a child.

Things to Consider

Here are some aspects you need to have in mind before finalizing a model of a toy rocket for your kid. These factors are discussed in detail so to help you decide which one is more important for you and your kid. You can make an informed decision by considering these specs in a toy rocket.


So, there are a lot of different variations in terms of proportions of toy rockets. Some toy rockets in the market have a petite size, and others are the size of your toddler. So, to buy the perfect size, consider the dimensions of the toy rocket and the height of your toddler. 

If the size of the toy is larger than the toy, then it will not be a perfect toy to play with, and at the same time, if the toy is tiny, then it will help suite toddlers and won't spark an interest in your kid.


The design of the space toy and toy rocket matters because if the tone is too monotonous, then the kid won't be interested in playing with it for a longer time. Whereas if the design holds more colors and specs like multiple stories or different compartments to explore, then the kid would have a greater interest in exploring the toy. 

There are different styles of design in the market that address kids of different ages, for example, a toy targeting kids under three years mostly offers safe accessories that won't pose a hazard to the kid. At the same time, a toy whose essential demographic is adolescents, then they will likely provide sharp details, multiple accessories, and critical features to sharpen the kid's ability to attend to detail and enhance their imaginative skills.

Material Quality

Most of the toys in the market today are made in China, and only quality conscience brands have a control check on them. There are two primary materials these toys are made from; one is plastic, and the other is wood. 

The durability of the toy increases when it is made with plastic, so most often, you will stumble upon toys made with only plastic. The plastic and wood have varying degrees of quality. Another aspect of using different materials is the key demographic of these toys; for toddlers, most toys are made with plastic so they won't easily break. And for adolescents, the toys are usually made with wood so they can learn to handle fragile things. So, look for appropriate material in toys considering the age of your kid. 

Another material frequently and excessively used is paint, beware of any products using lead paints, or any other hazardous paints that could affect the quality of health of your toddler. You can always choose a product that has colored plastic as a building material and stickers to specify the specific aspects of the Rocket.


The weight of these toy rockets varies from 2 pounds to a couple of ten pounds. The denser products are mostly associated with an increased amount of accessories or the material used in the construction. The toy rockets made with wood are significantly more substantial than the ones constructed using plastic.  

These toys are built in a way to emulate a space rocket and send your little one on an adventure to space. So considering the weight of the product is necessary because if the product is more massive then expected, your child won't be able to lift it and enjoy role-playing with it. 


The diversity of functionality of a toy rocket depends a great deal on their target population. Some toy rockets are bland with no lights or sounds, but they are only made to entice toddlers. Other toy rockets whose key demographic are adolescents have multiple functions, and most of them are battery-powered. 

The prominent features these toy rockets of5ten offer are lighting and sounds, the lights often blink and help your kid imagine themselves inside the space shuttle and the sound emulate those of ignition of the Rocket and landing. Of-course, with increased specs, the price of the unit also increases, but nothing is better than having your child's dream fulfilled, and their imagination tickled.


A lot of these space toys come with additional accessories like a launching pad, radar, space rover, and many times a small astronaut for your kids to play with. These accessories are a crucial aspect of enhancing the quality of the playtime. 

They are essential because they diversify the knowledge of your kid regarding the actual topic. We accept that the more accessories involved, the pricier the model toy gets, but can you really put a price on your child's happiness. These accessories help manage the actual process of a toy rocket launch, which creates a surreal experience for any kid who dreams about shooting towards the sky.


The more realistic the toy is, the more your kid will be able to extract knowledge from it. Some of the model toys out there are based on actual space rockets, and the specs they offer are the same. You can even build some of them yourself, and while building these replicas of a real space shuttle, teach them a thing or two about the mission these rockets were made to go on.


We know how much these toys can cost and for the priciest toys' reliability matters most. So, before buying any toy, make sure to check for a warranty card because that shows how much the company trusts their product. 

We know kids tend to get a little rough with the toys, and it's a real hassle when any of their toy breaks. The warranty card assures you a new toy or repairing of the old one if any damage occurs to it. But there are specific regulations for that too; you cannot demand a new toy if your child deliberately crashed the previous one.


Are toy rockets any similar to model rockets?

Model rockets are ready to build rockets with smaller engines that actually work in launching them a few feet in the sky. In contrast, toy rockets are only emulating a look of a rocket, although they do have the same look and design of the model rocket.

Do toy rockets have an engine?

Toy rockets do not have an actual engine that works, but they can have at times a plastic toy engine operated with batteries that can produce the sound effects of a launch. A power generator is only placed in model rockets with the purpose of their start a few feet into the air.

Are toy rockets knowledgeable?

Toy rockets create a look of actual rockets that have the function of supplying the shuttle outside earth atmosphere. If your kid has an interest in space and dreams about becoming an astronaut, he can learn a lot from toy rockets through role-playing and other activities.

Are these model toy rockets authentic to their origin?

Some of the toy rockets are authentic to their origin and represent the actual design of rockets that were sent on missions previously. Still, some models only describe the look of an imaginary rocket with specs that may or may not match up to that of an actual rocket.

Final Words

In conclusion to everything, these space toys and toy rockets are built to stir the imagination of kids in the right direction. These toy rockets and space-related toys were made in a way that they have a tendency to create an atmosphere that enables kids of all ages to take part in role-playing and learning at the same time. 

All things considered, toys are a crucial aspect in building a child's interest in any topic, and if you believe your child has an aptitude to reach out for stars, you must create an environment that helps him think that. We scoured the internet and found a ton of toys out which we have ranked the best of the best toys related to space and explained to you why each one is unique and essential in its way. 

Happy Space Exploring, Folks!