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Hubble and NGC 6984

Hubble's look at NGC 6984 . Image Credit: NASA/ESA/Hubble
Hubble’s look at NGC 6984 . Image Credit: NASA/ESA/Hubble

An amazing image, no wonder it is made NASA’s Image of the Day.

NGC 6984 is 65.9 Mpc (180 million light-years) away in the direction of the constellation Indus.

You can get a large version (desktop size) at the link below.

From the NASA Image of the Day:

Supernovae are intensely bright objects. They are formed when a star reaches the end of its life with a dramatic explosion, expelling most of its material out into space. The subject of this new Hubble image, spiral galaxy NGC 6984, played host to one of these explosions back in 2012, known as SN 2012im. Now, another star has exploded, forming supernova SN 2013ek — visible in this image as the prominent, star-like bright object just slightly above and to the right of the galaxy’s center.

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