Liberty One Launch – A Must See

You may remember hearing about “Mad” Mike Hughes. He was the individual who was going to launch himself in a “Do It Yourself” rocket. Well he did it!

He did get some sort of back injury according to reports. That second parachute maybe ought to have opened a bit sooner.

Reports say he went 1,875 feet into the air trying to prove the Earth is flat? Let’s see 1,875 feet is 571.5 meters, seems like an airplane might be a better choice but hey, what fun would that be – lol.

Hey, if you are trying to prove the Earth is flat you have to do it right. Right = rocket, and how much better can it get than in a home-made rocket? It can’t and my hat is off to Mike and I hope he has a speedy recovery and continues his efforts! He is going to try and get to the 109 km mark in the rocket he is calling the “Rockoon”.

The launch site was about 325 km east of Los Angeles California. The ramp was constructed by the 61 year-old Hughes from an old mobile home and the launch angle was set so he would not land on public land, a serious issue for the US government.

You can see MUCH more about all this at the Noize TV site.

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