NROL-47 Launch – Replay

UPDATE: Wow!  Nice launch video off the pad.

This is another launch for the US Government that has a classified payload.

Today is the second launch attempt, yesterday’s attempt was scrubbed due to a ground control valve.

Launch time: is now at 20:30 UTC / 15:30 EST Coverage starts 20 prior to launch.
Launch Vehicle: Delta IV. This is not a change to be honest, the times were listed in US Pacific time and I used Eastern.  BUT WAIT there’s more, ha, depending on where you look you get different launch times so I feel a little vindicated.

This launch is dedicated to Mike Hewitt.  Good Voyage!

You probably remember the ZUMA launch last weekend, great launch.  BUT reports have ZUMA failing to reach orbit and returning to Earth in a bad way. Are the reports accurate? I am not sure and would not bet either way.

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