Orbital is launching CRS-9 and CubeSats

I’m back and have updated the video so it will start at around T-minus 1:00.

Wow, a fast ascent, or at least it seemed it.

Note: I switched video feeds so hopefully this one will provide replays. I won’t be able to check for the majority of the day unfortunately.

Orbital ATK is launching the Cygnus Cargo-spaceship to the International Space Station.

Spaceport: Wallops Flight Facility (Virginia USA)

Launch time: 08:39 UTC / 04:39 ET

Rocket: Orbital’s Antares

Along with the Cygnus are ten CubeSats. Including EnduroSat One a ham radio satellite for Bulgaria (yes many hams in Bulgaria), the CubeRPT an Ohio State University satellite to conduct radiometer radio frequency interference technology validation, and HaloSat, a satellite to examine the galactic halo.

I will leave this feed up for most of the day, but will post replays later.

Note: There is another launch tomorrow after 15:30 UT. The GRACE Follow-on mission will be launching from Vandenberg Air Force Base.

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