Static image from OVATION. Click to go to the OVATION page with live images. Credit NOAA

The US Space Weather Prediction Center and the Space Weather Prediction Testbed recently introduced a new Auroral Foercast (test) product.

The Auroral Forecast product is based ont eh OVATION Prime model providing a 30 to 40 minute forecast on auroral displays and probabilities for both polar regions. The model itself was developed by P. Newell at the Johns Hopkins, Applied Physics Lab. Scientists at the NESDIS National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) added further refinements to make the model run in real time.

The model uses data from the Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) satelite. For the displays, the model takes the ACE data and provides output in terms of energy per unit area and converts that into a relative intesity map and that is further translated into a probability of observation. The resulting images show where the aurora most likely will be seen and how intense it is likely to be.

The release of the OVATION product is timely as we should be seeing an increase in auroral activity.

What is the solar cycle progression shaping up? Quite close to predictions.

The image is a static image of the northern hemisphere, click it to go to the OVATION page and get a live look at both poles or you can click here.

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