Space X Launch Today

UPDATE:  Launch coverage begins at 13:45 UT / 09:45 ET.  There will be a feed posted.

LAUNCH WINDOW: 13:50 UT/09:50 ET to 18:55 UT / 14:55 ET

Space X has a launch from Kennedy Space Center today. Probably a good idea to get the Falcon 9 in the air soon, Hurricane Irma is on the way and the track now puts it close to the space center in the coming days.

The image above was taken by William Harwood/CBS News of the result of an earlier (31 Aug) practice countdown and firing the nine Merlin 1D engines on the Falcon 9 to an output of 1.7 millions pounds / 862,000 kg of thrust. The hold down restraints worked perfectly.

The payload is the US Air Force’s X-37B spaceplane, or Orbital Test Vehicle beyond that we don’t know anything.

I will keep an eye out for a video feed.

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