TESS NOT Launching

I check in and all of a sudden the date has changed! I thought it was me, but no, the launch was delayed for “additional GNC analysis”.

That’s fine with me. I have no power at the moment and for the near future, hopefully by tomorrow. I have a picture of the culprit in a bit. Mid-April and ice and wind storms back-to-back, a year ago it was 27 C, this year -3.

The photo below was taken from my postbox. The tree extends to one lane in the road to the left. The downed line can be seen to the right. My power line feeds that line from a different branch (no pun intended), same with phone/internet. All I really need is for a breaker or something to be reset. Down the lane, well that is another story. If I could have gone another hour I would have made it. I am just one of thousands over a few hundreds of square kilometers, very spread out and rural and sometimes we have to balance the sweet with sour.

UPDATE: About dark the local constabulary set up reflective cones and flares etc. Pulled out all the stops.

Moments after filling the generator with petrol four power company trucks pulled up and the workers jumped out with chainsaws and other assorted implements of power restoration and set to work. The time was 00:30 right outside my bedroom. After two and a half hours they left and within a few minutes commercial power was back on. Not too much sleep but everything else is back to normal.

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