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The Remarkable IMAGE Recovery

On March 25, 2000, NASA launched the Imager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration, or IMAGE, mission. It was the first mission to use neutral atom, photon and radio imaging techniques to produce large-scale, simultaneous measurements of the charged particles that exist in near-Earth space — namely in our magnetosphere, the magnetic fields that surround our planet, and its inner bubble of cold material called the plasmasphere. — NASA

Contact was lost with the spacecraft in 2005 and then thanks to Ham Radio Astronomer Scott Tilley, VE7TIL who found the spacecraft on 18 January 2018 the spacecraft is found alive and well!

I have been hearing about this but I could not quite figure out what was going on, I could hardly believe it. Simply amazing and we have data! Great work and 73 Scott!