1.1 Million Names and More

I am one of the 1,137,202 names on the Parker Solar Probe. I hope you are too.

The Parker Solar Probe is going to dive into the Sun’s atmosphere 24 times if all goes as expected. We are going to get a look at how the Sun works (and other stars) work from very close-up. Among the questions that could be answered is why the corona actually heats up by a factor of 1000 degrees (F). Yes by a factor of 1000 degrees. Nobody knows why.

Anyway the chip was installed on the Parker probe and if all goes as scheduled it will launch to the Sun.

The Parker Probe is names as a fitting tribute to heliophysicist Eugene Parker. It was Parker who first theorized the existence of the solar wind. This is the first NASA mission to be named for a living individual.

Image: NASA/Johns Hopkins APL/Ed Whitman

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