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Vikram FOUND!

Well, it seems that the Vikram lander DID land more-or-less intact! Good news to be sure. It’s a bit tilted from what we have heard. More details should be coming in the days ahead and hopefully communications can be initiated.

Until then, congratulations to the ISRO and mission team!

There will be a launch later today. The launch will be the JAXA HTV-8 cargo-spaceship to the International Space Station. I plan to schedule a feed, although I should be right here; The idea is to see what is going on with scheduling.

India’s Moon Landing

I was lucky enough to be able to watch this “live” yesterday. It didn’t take long to see that things went wrong. Lot’s of sadness there, and that is understandable.

Communications was lost when the lander was 2.1 km above the surface. It is unclear if in fact the lander actually crashed or not. In the end the lander is unusable either way, however if the lander did land successfully that would be better than a crash as far as the mission team is concerned.

Eventually the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter will fly over the site and could possibly get a look with the LROC camera. We can hope.

A Balloon Flight!

Most of you know I really enjoy the high-altitude ballon flights and there is a new solar telescope taking a ride tomorrow – if all goes well of course.

The Balloon-borne Investigation of Temperature and Speed of Electrons in the corona, BITSE seeks to explain how the Sun spits out the solar wind.

Launch location: New Mexico

Participating space agencies: NASA and the Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute, or KASI.

The docking of the Soyuz cargo-spaceship may be attempted later today or tomorrow (depending on where you are). I’ll put up a link just in case.

UPDATE: Well shoot, the post did not publish this morning. Well here it is and an new docking time and date for Soyuz. MONDAY night at 15:38 UT.

Soyuz MS-14 Launch – Replay

Here is the replay of the Soyuz MS-14. The launch occurred at 11:38 PM ET.

I missed it because of the AM/PM thing, and is exactly why the dates were confusing. Also the reason I always tend to use UTC time, then it is clear and all one needs to do is convert that to local time.

Ah well. On a happy note while looking for this particular replay I noticed a conspiracy theorist site with coverage, presumably because of the Skybot F-850 Humanoid Robot on board. I need to watch, it could be a laugh.

Soyuz MS-14 Launch +

Catch part of the on-going spacewalk and the Soyuz MS-14 launch of a cargo-spaceship to the International Space Station.

Launch is scheduled for 15:38 UT / 11:38 ET today.

Update: Enjoy the spacewalk. The launch is apparently going off tomorrow 22 August on the same timeline. I heard differing date and went with what NASA published. For one reason or another today is not the day. I would imagine it would be too much with the spacewalk going on.

A Dragon Launch

But not SpaceX

Launch Vehicle: Smart Dragon 1

Mission: Satellite launch (x3)

Spaceport: Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center

Spaceport location: Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center

ULA to Launch AEHF-5

Oh no, the hold is being extended due to a first-stage anomaly.

Anomaly resolved! Now there is another, termed minor. Fixed.

FINALLY! Spectacular pre-dawn video.

United Launch Alliance is going to make another attempt to launch the AEHF-5 (Advanced Extremely High Frequency) satellite for the US military. I believe this is the third attempt owing to a couple of anomalies.

Spaceport: Cape Canaveral

Rocket: ULA Atlas V

Replays later in the day if needed.

SpaceX Launches AMOS-17

Heres the replay, fast forward about 17 minutes as there was a delay (I almost missed the live shot).

Launch time: 22:53 UT

Coverage should begin 15 minutes prior to launch.

Spaceport: Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida

There are thunderstorms in the area that could cause a delay or postponement.

PLUS! There was no attempt to land the first-stage but there was an attempt to catch the fairing with the SpaceX ship Ms. Tree:

Arianespace Launch VA249

Another great launch although I was holding my breath as it seemed to take a while for it to get going.

Arianespace is set to launch Intelsat 39 and EDRS-C; both are communications satellites.

Spaceport: Guiana Space Center (Kourou, French Guiana)

Launch Vehicles: Ariane 5 ECA

According to Arianespace the targeted geostationary orbit has a perigee altitude of 250 km an apogee altitude of 35,786 km with an inclination of 4.5 degrees.

Arianespace published the following time table noting launch will be as soon as possible after the opening of the launch window:

Between 3:30 p.m. and 5:51 p.m. Washington DC time

Between 4:30 p.m. and 6:51 p.m. Kourou, French Guiana time

Between 19:30 and 21:51: Universal Time (UTC)

Between 9:30 p.m. and 11:51p.m. Paris time