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SpaceX Launch Live

Mission: RADARSAT Constellation (Deployment at about T +54 mins)

Spaceport: Vandenberg AFB California – Space Launch Complex 4E (SLC-4E)

Launch window open: 14:17 UTC / 10:17 ET

Launch window close: 14:30 UTC / 10:30 ET

Alternate window is 24 hours later (on 13 June)

Reused Falcon 9? Yes, it was the Crew Dragon 1st stage in March 2019.

Landing attempt? Yes and at SpaceX’s Landing Zone 4 (LZ-4) at Vandenberg Air Force Base! Should get some good looks at it.

Replays later in the day.

Good luck SpaceX!

China’s Sea Launch

Date: 05 June 2019

Rocket: Long March – 11

Launch area: Yellow Sea (off Shandong Province)


Five (5) commercial satellites

Two (2) technology experimental satellites

Proton-M Rocket Launches Yamal-601

I missed this launch by 10 minutes, got my snowblower fixed though (haha).

The launch is about 30 minutes into the video so you may want to fast forward if you are short on time.

Credit : Роскосмос via space googlevesaire

Space X Launch Postponed

What no launch? There has been a delay not for weather but for “software updates”.

It appears the new launch date is a week away at this point. So here is a video with Elon Musk showing the 60 satellites which are just part of the planned 800 for the network.

CRS-17 Launch – Replay

Here’s the launch replay. The pre-launch portion is quite informative and well worth the time (about 15 minutes).

Wow, be sure to watch the first-stage landing, it was superb! Actually the whole presentation was one of the best I’ve seen.

Previously. . . SpaceX is set launch the CRS-17 mission utilizing the Dragon cargo-spaceship and the Falcon 9 rocket.

Launch is at at 06:48 UT / 02:48 ET. (thanks)

Coverage should be about 15 minutes prior to launch.

Replays when available.

Blue Origin NS-11

I hoped to watch this live yesterday but I was delayed out of town.

At any rate this is (was) a beautiful launch and landing.

The NS-11 mission was very successful and the on-screen data was excellent!

Cygnus Launch – Replay

Very nice launch and some really nice video. This replay from VideosFromSpace (THANKS!)

The Northrop Grumman Antares rocket carrying the Cygnus spacecraft is launching from Wallops Flight Facility, Virginia to the International Space Station.

This will be the 11th launch of the cargo-spacecraft to the ISS.

The weather is an important variable for an on-time launch.

Beresheet Misses Landing

The Beresheet spacecraft lost communications just about 150 meters above the lunar surface and ended up apparently landing hard on the surface. “Landing hard” of course is a euphemism for crash.

A very difficult pill to swallow for the mission team to be sure. Hopefully the SpaceIL team will try again.