“In this interview the Director General discusses the Space19+ proposal including his plans for space programmes to be carried out by the Agency beyond 2019, covering all aspects of space activities: science and exploration, applications, access to space, operations, research and development. The Space19+ plan also puts ESA in a world-leading position in the emerging field of space safety and security.” — ESA

A final update to the snow saga from the day before yesterday, I finished with the snow clean up from the storm we had. I had a few centimeters of new snow to get rid of, so out I went. I managed to get the vehicles cleaned off and moved around and I didn’t lose anything that I know of (LOL). I waited until the heat of the day, -18 C. As long as nothing freezes today, being a remarkably steady -27 C, I should be fine. As a matter of fact the forecast for tomorrow includes rain, that should be fun. When I get back from taking a friend for a post-operative check up I will spend some time trying to get some of the snow from the roof it’s a lot of snow and the rain will absorb and add weight.

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