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Pictures of Venus




  • Venus in visible light (violet filter) 17k jpg
  • Venus in visible light 73k gif
  • image from Pioneer Venus 15k jpg; 28k jpg (caption)
  • Image from Mariner 10 374k gif
  • Image from Mariner 10 72k jpg
  • UV image from HST WFPC2 (false color) 23k jpg; 99k gif
  • B&W version of above 89k gif
  • True color global view of the surface of Venus 344k gif;
  • Good color topography map 400k gif
  • False color high-res image a whole hemisphere 342k gif 39300k tiff; (caption)
  • New Magellan mosaics (5 hemispheres) 13500k tiff; (caption)
  • 3d image of Lakshmi Planum Ishtar Terra 156k gif
  • Danu Mountains, Lakshmi Planum 220k gif
  • Akna Mountains and Crater Wanda (Lakshmi Planum) 160k gif
  • Alpha Regio, showing hills and craters 237k gif
  • 7 pancake volcanoes, alpha region 227k gif;
  • Lada Regio, 47 deg S, 25 Long, showing mountains and craters 121k gif;
  • Pandora Corona, Lada Terra 42.5 deg S 6 lon 177k gif;
  • "Arachnoids" (spider like craters) at 40 Deg N by 18 degrees 211k gif
  • Bahet Corona, Onatah Corona, and Fortuna Region 252k gif
  • Vires-Akka Chasma, Denitsa Region 130k gif;
  • Gula Mons and Cunitz crater, flat image of gulacun.gif 250k gif;
  • Alcott Crater, Lavinia Region 201k gif
  • Crater Farm, Lavinia Region, small 107k gif;
  • Near the Lavinia Region, 20 deg S lat, 337.4 E Long, small 88k gif;
  • Fault-bounded Troughs (looks like "Gumby") in the Lavinia Region 47k gif;
  • Dark Halos, Lavinia region, 24 deg S, 344 Long 210k gif;
  • Lavinia region, 50 deg S, 345 Long 180k gif
  • Ash on Lav
  • Central Ovida region, 1 deg s by 83 deg 191k gif;
  • Northern Ovda region, 1 deg N by 81 deg 198k gif;
  • Sacaawea Patera, Western Ishtar Terra 149k gif
  • enlargement of saca.gif 236k gif
  • enlargement of upper left of saca.gif 257k gif
  • enlargement of upper right of saca.gif 220k gif
  • enlargement of center right of saca.gif 242k gif
  • enlargement of lower left of saca.gif 240k gif
  • enlargement of upper center of saca.gif 240k gif
  • "Half Crater", 23 miles in Diameter in rift between Rhea and Theia 146k gif
  • "The Tick", a crater which looks like a tick (insect), Eistla region 267k gif
  • Volcano, 3 mile diameter, paragon chasma, 9.4S by 247.5 long 282k gif;
  • 75 deg N by 332 deg strange lava flows 308k gif
  • 70 deg N by 339 deg 318k gif
  • 60 deg N by 344 deg 253k gif
  • 20 deg N by 357 deg volcanoes 383k gif
  • 20 deg S by 003 deg 423k gif
  • 25 deg S by 357 deg 207k gif
  • 30 deg S by 357 deg 182k gif
  • 35 deg S by 357 deg 173k gif
  • 40 deg S by 349 deg 345k gif
  • 40 deg S by 356 deg 149k gif
  • 45 deg S by 349 deg 167k gif
  • 55 deg S by 355 deg 155k gif
  • 60 deg S by 005 deg 182k gif
  • 60 deg S by 355 deg 165k gif
  • 65 deg S by 001 deg 175k gif
  • 65 deg S by 005 deg 336k gif
  • 65 deg S by 354 deg lava flow 312k gif
  • Venus 368k gif
  • Venus 436k gif
  • Venus 406k gif
  • Venus 239k gif
  • Venus 370k gif
  • topographic map 154k gif; 70k jpg
  • False color image of Venus' clouds as seen by Galileo 9k jpg
  • False color IR image of Venus' lower clouds as seen by Galileo 37k jpg 112k gif (caption)
  • Surface photographs from the Soviet Venera 13 spacecraft 130k jpg
  • Another Venera 13 image 36k jpg
  • Surface photographs from the Soviet Venera 14 spacecraft 156k jpg
  • Surface photos from Venera 9 and 10 108k jpg


  • Venus animation 1542K fli; 1239K pics; 405K quicktime; 444K B&W pics
  • Venus Globe Animation 303k mpeg
  • Earth/Venus Rotation Movie 1000k AVI
  • Magellan - Mapping the planet Venus 10000k AVI
  • Flight over Western Atla Regio 7000k AVI; (caption)
  • Flight over Artemis 23000k AVI; (caption)
  • Flight over Alpha Regio 8000k AVI; (caption)
  • Flight over Western Eistla Regio - 15000k AVI; (caption)

    Other Resources

  • STScI's Magellan Highlights of Venus PictureBook (3+ megabyte Hypercard stack) ftp dir
  • Magellan Image Browser html
  • NASA PDS Magellan Image Browser html
  • Guide to Magellan Image Interpretation - JPL Publication 93-24 html
  • Galileo Venus images
  • Thousands of raw Magellan on NASA CD-ROMs html
  • Venus Revealed Images by David Grinspoon

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