Appendix A: Credits


  • The New Solar System, J. Kelly Beatty et al
  • Stardust to Planets, Harry Y. McSween, Jr.
  • Exploring Planetary Worlds, Morrison
  • The Astronomical Almanac 1995, US Navy
  • Encyclopædia Britannica, 15th Ed.
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  • The American Heritage Dictionary, 1992 CD-ROM Ed.
  • The Moons of Saturn, Soderblom and Johnson in Scientific American Jan 1982
  • The Galilean Moons of Jupiter, Soderblom in Scientific American Jan 1980
  • Frontiers of Astronomy, Morrison / Wolff 2nd Ed.
  • Astronomy Through Space and Time, Engelbrektson
  • “The Planets” opus 32 by Gustav Holst (1874-1934) performed by André Previn and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra; Telarc CD-80133

Many of these are available at The Nine Planets Bookstore.

Net Resources


  • Calvin J. Hamilton, the author of Views of The Solar System, made many of the inline images I use here. He has also provided much useful information and help.
  • Mark Takacs, David Hecox et. al. at JPL, authors of Welcome to the Planets also provided many inline images.
  • Ken Edgett, the author of DSN Solar System Menu provided a few more inline images.
  • Dr. Ellis. D. Miner of JPL generously provided up to date data on the outer planets and much other valuable information.
  • Jonathan P. Leech and Larry Klaes, authors of the FAQ section on spacecraft.
  • Paul Schlyter, author of the Hypothetical Planets page.
  • Frank Crary, author of the Origin of the Solar System page.
  • Joan Arnett, my long suffering wife, proof-read the first draft and made innumerable helpful suggestions.
  • Tom Rankin and Phil Perry of the Midhudson Astronomy Association who proof read the initial draft
  • Vincenzo Cena, who did a very thorough job of proof-reading and then did it again years later!
  • William V. Arnett and Alexandra C. Arnett, my father and mother, who also did a very careful proof-reading job.
  • Chris LewickiHeino Peters and Garret Van Cleef who provided Web space when I really needed it.
  • Gareth Williams and Bill Higgins for information about astronomical naming conventions.
  • Patrice Scattolin, who found many errors and inconsistencies while doing his French translation.

Finally, and most importantly, the taxpayers of the USA paid for the space program that made all this possible.