Pictures of Mars and its Satellites


  • Mars
  • Phobos
  • Deimos



  • large mosaic of Viking orbiter images 2500k jpg
  • first images from MGS html
  • True color image Mars by HST WFPC2 Feb 95 34k jpg; 158k gif; (caption)
  • B&W version of above 30k jpg
  • Seasonal Changes In Mars’ North Polar Ice Cap (HST 1997) 50k jpg278k jpg (caption)
  • Three faces of Mars by WFPC2 136k gif; (caption)
  • Four views of Mars in northern summer (HST 1997) 66k jpg357k jpg (caption)
  • Mars at 1997 opposition (HST) html
  • USGS mosaics from Viking images html 333k gif
  • Olympus Mons perspective 211k gif
  • Pavonis Mons summit B&W 96k gif
  • relief map of Tharsis region 479k gif76k jpg1000k tiff
  • Portion of Mars 371k gif
  • Mars “pyramids” and “face” 754k gif
  • Slightly chopped and zoomed image of the “grand canal” (Valles Marineris) of mars 157k gif; 368k gif
  • Viking image of Mars showing a valley and what appears to be a delta 697k gif
  • part of the north circumpolar dunefield 471k gif237k jpg
  • local dust storm 154k gif61k jpg
  • Viking lander on martian ground (B&W) 69k gif
  • erosion features 270k gif
  • “the face” 9k jpg
  • Digital Image Model 166k jpg
  • Mars topo 82k jpg
  • low res Mars map, Cylindrical Projection 164k gif
  • crescent Mars from Viking 2 53k gif
  • first images of Mars from Mariner 4 html
  • albedo map with features labeled (from ALPO) html


Other Resources



  • Rotation sequence from a 3D model 102k mpg