Picasso Tiles vs. Magna Tiles Product Reviews

Want to buy magnetic tiles and don't know whether to buy Picasso tiles or Magna tiles? Read our comprehensive product review post to see which tiles are the best for your needs.

Want to buy magnetic tiles and don't know whether to buy Picasso tiles or Magna tiles? Look no further, for we are here to help you!

For centuries building blocks have been a significant contributor in children's toys. Their success lies in their ability to be converted into any shape or form that an imaginative mind creates. For a child, to have such power and control over a subject and create something from ordinary blocks and tiles is not just rewarding but also an excellent experience.

We see the importance of science, technology, engineering, art, and math-based toys way too often in our newsfeeds, and the mind wanders whether they are present in our child's toy set or not. After all, they are offering a creative alternative to dull toys.

The magnetic tiles like Picasso Tiles or Magna Tiles are not like simple building blocks or Legos that can be made into rigid buildings under specific conditions and guidelines. These tiles, even though rivals, have various degrees of specifications similar to each other. They work on the principle of magnetics. We have explained the differences and similarities between these magnetic tiles in our article, along with the top 10 reviews of best Picasso and Magna tiles. The FAQ section will answer your most awaited questions, and there are some product lists as well to help you choose one of the best as per your requirements.

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Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Picasso Tiles 100 Piece Set
  • These tiles consist of a variety of shapes and colors.
  • Tiles have magnets that make assembling easy.
  • These are entertaining and promote creativity.
  • Your child will learn plenty of skills

Picasso Tiles is a STEM toy. Your child will learn plenty of skills because of these tiles. These are building tiles with magnets that are easy to assemble. Let your child experience creativity. They can make the building as large as they want by adding and assembling more and more blocks. The tiles can easily be assembled and disassembled again, and again. That means this fun is endless.

It is suitable for kids having age three years or more than that. Kids can create shapes that can be both entertaining and educational. So let your child improve and show his various skills through number counting and building of some exciting shapes. The set includes eight large and 46 small squares, ten small, and 12 medium, and 14 large triangles in different colors.

The 10 Best Picasso Tiles vs. Magna Tiles Comparison Chart

The 10 Best Picasso Tiles vs. Magna Tiles Out There

In this section, we review the Top 10 Picasso Tiles vs. Magna Tiles for kids.

Picasso Tiles 100 Piece Set

Picasso Tiles is a STEM toy. Your child will learn plenty of skills because of these tiles. These are building tiles with magnets that are easy to assemble. Let your child experience creativity. They can make the building as large as they want by adding and assembling more and more blocks. The tiles can easily be assembled and disassembled again, and again. That means this fun is endless.

It is suitable for kids having age three years or more than that. Kids can create shapes that can be both entertaining and educational. So let your child improve and show his various skills through number counting and building of some exciting shapes. The set includes eight large and 46 small squares, ten small, and 12 medium, and 14 large triangles in different colors.

The tiles are in different colors that attract children. These tiles are of multiple shapes and are of various dimensions. Engage your children into some kind of creative architectural play. This kit will make kids familiar with geometric shapes.


  • These tiles consist of a variety of shapes and colors.
  • Tiles have magnets that make assembling easy.
  • These are entertaining and promote creativity.


  • Tiles are quite fragile.
  • The magnet may come off.
PicassoTiles Kids Toy Magnetic Building Blocks Magnet Tiles

Picasso Tiles are for kids, and this kit consists of 60 pieces of small squares. These tiles have magnets that make the assembling of tiles easier. Through these tiles, block kids can create different things and can enjoy their architectural skills. These tiles are STEM toys that will help you to polish various skills of your kid. It helps in exercising the brain of your kids, and hence they can have fun and learn at the same time.

The tiles can be used again and again to create different shapes. The whole set contains 4 large and 24 small squares, 18 small, 8 medium, and 6 small triangles. In this way, your kid will also learn about these geometrical shapes.

It also develops hand and eye coordination in kids. The material is BPA free and does not contain any toxic material, which makes it safe for children. It can be a source of engagement between siblings or groups of kids.


  • It is BPA free.
  • It improves creativity skills in kids.
  • Affordable


  • It is not that safe for babies.
Picasso Tiles PT180 Piece Set

Picasso Tiles PT180 Piece Set is fantastic for your kids. Because along with fun and entertainment, it develops STEM skills in your child. These tiles contain different shapes that can be assembled to build a structure of the kid's own choice.

There is no limit of size, and kids can build large structures showing their creativity skills. This product is excellent for enhancing creative abilities in your kids. There are 180 pieces in this kit that includes 10 numbers, 11 roman numbers, 2 LED lights that glow in the dark, 2 tiles car truck, etc. With the help of magnets, these tiles are easy to assemble. 

The tiles are colorful and have various shapes through which your child will develop a sense of color and shape. This kit is suitable for kids having age 3 years old or more. LED lights glow in three modes, i.e., group light, single light, and breathing light. The kit also has alphabet tiles that will promote the preschool learning of your kid.


  • It is helpful to develop useful skills among kids.
  • LED lights
  • Different kinds of tiles
  • Various shapes


  • The attached magnet may come off.
Picasso Tiles 128 Piece Race Car Track Building Block

These Picasso Tiles are used to build various kinds of vehicle paths. These tiles are excellent for your kid's brain exercise. It develops creativity skills. Your kid can quickly develop architectural structures by connecting these tiles. It is easy to assemble these tiles because of the magnet and the edges that help it to fit together.

The package has three cars with LED lights. These three cars are for the tracks and utilize AAA batteries. Street and traffic signals are also included in the package. 

The material of the tiles is BPA free and does not contain any kind of toxic chemical. The package consists of square track tiles, round turn tiles, supporting columns, rectangular track tiles, isosceles triangle tiles, slopes, street signs, and LED light cars. 

The children can use these tiles to create colorful 3D structures. The multi-color of these tiles will give your child a sense of color. Children will also get a chance to know about the geometric shapes because of variety among these tiles.


  • These tiles are excellent for developing STEM skills.
  • The package also includes 3 racing cars.
  • Street signs, slopes, etc. are also included


  • It requires AAA batteries and does not come with these batteries.
PicassoTiles PT26 Inspirational Set Magnet Building Tiles

You can now use these Picasso Tiles to entertain and teach your kid. These tiles have various shapes and colors. The variety of shapes will introduce your kid to the geometric shapes, and a variety of colors will give your kid a sense of colors.

The package consists of two pieces of small squares, three pieces of Isosceles triangles, four pieces of a right triangle, four pieces of an equilateral triangle, three pieces of N, I, and X shaped letters each. Furthermore, the package also has a car. 

These tiles have magnets at their end that makes it easy to assemble tiles and enables kids to construct various structures. This kit of tiles will also develop an interest in architecture in your child. Your kid will build 3D designs on his own and will also become familiar with the magnetic polarities.


  • Different shapes will introduce kids to geometric shapes.
  • It is good for developing STEM skills in preschool kids.
  • Comes with a car
  • Various shapes and colors


  • The kit contains less variety of tiles comparatively.
  • The magnet may fall off and is dangerous for younger kids in case of swallowing.
Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set

Magna Tiles are the tiles with magnets that can be used to construct an architectural structure or something else. These tiles are best for the brain exercise and help to polish the STEM skills of kids. This set consists of 100 pieces of tiles of different colors and geometrical shapes.

This kit will help your kid to have fun and will also help in some preschool learning. The package contains four large squares, 50 small squares, 20 equilateral triangles, 11 right triangles, and 15 isosceles triangles. 

Your child can think of any structure and create that using his creativity skills that will bring excitement and will make him happy. The material of these tiles is durable and will last long. The edges of the tiles are magnetized that will make it easy to assemble the tiles.


  • These tiles are durable.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Affordable
  • Enhance creativity


  • Tiles are expensive.
  • Tiles are useful for making large structures only.
Magna-Tiles 32-Piece Clear Colors Set

These 3D magnetic tiles are for kids and will be useful for praying and brain exercises. Kids can create a 3-dimensional structure through these tiles. Using their creativity skills, they can make their imagination practical.

These tiles are of different shapes and colors that will attract kids and will please them. Kids can experience engineering, architectural, and science skills through these tiles. The kit has a diversity of different shaped tiles.

The kit includes 2 large and 24 small squares, 8 equilateral triangles, 4 right triangles, and 4 isosceles triangles. This will also improve the kid's math. The children can use these tiles to build colorful structures and can experience a sense of victory. They are safe for use by kids and are durable.


  • Tiles have many attractive colors.
  • It comes in a variety of geometric shapes.
  • Safe for use
  • Increase imagination


  • These tiles are expensive.
  • Magnets in these can cause choking in kids younger than 3.
Magna-Tiles Stardust Set

Magna Tiles Stardust Set contains colorful and shiny tiles made up of plastic and ABS. These tiles have a magnet that makes it easy to assemble tiles. Kids can develop a different kind of shapes by assembling these tiles.

The kit will improve your kid's skills and is suitable for preschool kids. Now let this fantastic kit of tiles improve your kid's science, maths, creativity, and other skills. 

It is safe to use, but for younger kids, you need to be careful. This is because it contains small parts, and it may cause choking and other issues.


  • It has glittery and mirror tiles.
  • It develops STEM skills in kids.
  • It promotes eye and hand coordination in kids.
  • It is BPA free and does not contain any toxic chemicals.


  • It does not come with a storage box.
  • Due to no storage box, you may lose tiles.
Magna Tiles Glow in The Dark Set

These Magna tiles have an excellent feature of glowing in the night. These tiles are an excellent source for young mids and indulge them in creative and useful activities. This tile kit helps your kid to make a variety of shapes and is an excellent source of brain exercise.

It will improve your kids, math, science, architecture, and creativity skills. Now your kid can imagine whatever shape and can make it practical with the help of these tiles. These tiles consist of 16 tiles. These tiles include 4 small squares, 4 equilateral triangles, 4 right triangles, and 4 isosceles triangles.

These tiles have amazing LED lights. Kids can write different messages for their friends and siblings and can show them as a surprise at night. The material of tiles is phthalates, latex, and BPA free. The product is suitable for kids having age 3 or 3+. Let your kids have unlimited fun and learn side by side!


  • These tiles have LED lights.
  • Kids can show different messages through these LED lights at night.
  • Kids can improve their STEM skills through this kit.


  • LED lights are fragile.
  • These tiles are expensive.
  • The package does not come with a storage box.
Magna-Tiles 48-Piece Clear Colors DELUXE Set

These Magna Tiles have magnets on the edges and, when assembled, can build large structures. Kids can use their creative skills to make different structures through these tiles. These tiles can be assembled and disassembled and can be reused.

Moreover, it also improves his STEM skills. These tiles include 42 pieces. Among these pieces, there are 15 squares and 25 triangles. These triangles include equilateral, right, and isosceles triangles. Dueto magnetized edges, your kid will not have to make much effort.

In addition to having fun, kids will also improve their science and maths. This set of tiles will allow your kid's ton to build 3-dimensional structures. These tiles are designed for kids having age 3 or more and may prove dangerous in case of swallowing. The tiles do not contain any toxic chemicals and are BPA free.


  • The material is free of BPA and toxic chemicals.
  • Tiles promote both learning and fun side by side.
  • Affordable
  • Various shapes


  • Magnets are small and may cause choking in the case of younger kids.

Buying Guide

As diverse as the market is today, finalizing any product seems like a very difficult task, and because of that, a lot of times, we end up either buying the wrong product or leave without buying. 

The main reason why this whole process of buying toys has become hard is since there are so many products out in the market, and you have no idea which one is a quality-product. It is sad if you spend your hard-earned money on something questionable. 

That is where we come in; we scoured the internet and made a list of features based on which you can judge a set of magnetic tiles. When you buy any set of magnetic tiles based on our standards, you know that the product will not fail you. 

Let's get started!

About Picasso Tiles & Magna Tiles

Before moving on to discussing specific features of magnetic tiles, let me explain what they entail generally. These days there are a few companies that have created magnetic tiles, and they are different from one another in a few different ways. In this section, we are going to discuss the most basic features of a magnetic tile-set that you can expect in either of the Magna tiles or Picasso Tiles. 

The main difference between Magna tiles and Picasso tiles is their construction, and thus their endurance levels are different. 

The Picasso tiles are joined together with glue and thus break easily under pressure. The Magna tiles have metal rivets at multiple points, so they are long-lasting because they do not break under minimal stress. 

If you are familiar with these sets, you might know there are usually different sets that have different quantities of pieces in them, but the general most popular set is the hundred-piece set. The high-quality tiles, as discussed in this blog, are made up of high-grade plastic that has been approved by appropriate authorities in the US. 

The second most abundant element in magnetic tiles is the paint coating that creates colorful hues on simple plastic. 

At last, the main component of these tiles that enables them to stick together is the magnets that are embedded inside the layer of plastic. These magnets are installed on every side and corner of the tiles so they can be joined to form any shape of any size you demand. 

The most appealing aspect of these tiles is the fact that they can be joined together in a hundred different ways and do not have a set of instructions that needs to be strictly followed rather, they let the imagination of kids roam free and create whatever image that pops up in their minds.

With so much room for creativity, we understand that it can be an overwhelming experience to buy any magnetic tiles. So, to relieve you of the stress, we have created this buying guide for you to take as a map on your quest to find the perfect magnetic tiles for your child.


The most high-quality plastic is the one that is bisphenol A free, which is why it is expensive as a construction material for toys. The second aspect regarding plastic used in the construction of toys is its elasticity as the toys are subjected to constant wear and tear, and they might break under strain and become a potential hazard for children. 

These tiles that we discussed in the blog offer different classes of quality in plastic. So,  you have to check if the construction material is approved by appropriate authorities. You also need to make sure they are kid-safe. The plastic material should not be hazardous in case the child swallows it.


The paint is a major contributor to the looks and likely attractiveness of the toy. All of the toys in the world are laced with paints of various qualities, and thus children are most exposed to them. The major attraction of the tiles is the colorful hues, and this feature makes these tiles different than other constructible toys. 

As we have established that children's exposure to such toys and thus the excessive amount of paint is for a prolonged time, the paint should not at all be hazardous. Of course, there is a chance that the kid might even put the tiles in their mouths and so the paint needs to be non-carcinogenic. 

Whenever you are out there buying any toy, please do focus on the quality of the paint as it can be a potential health hazard. 


The sole way of joining such tiles is the presence of magnets inside the plastic layers of these tiles. The magnets can be tempered with at times as low-quality magnets often wear off earlier than strong magnets. 

If the quality of magnets is low, then paying any price can go to waste. The magnets are the only reason these toys can be joined in such diverse shapes and be built into amazing designs. So, always look for magnetic tiles that have high-quality magnets that will not wear off easily.

Strain Endurance

The toys are often subjected to constant wear and tear, and so sturdy construction is the most important aspect in such delicate tiles. 

Any tile if breaks can be a potential hazard to children's health because of two aspects; the spikes from broken plastic can scratch and poke into the skin, and the magnets, if swallowed after falling out of broken tiles, have serious side effects.

STEM approved 

STEM toys are those that can teach and motivate kids towards scientific knowledge. Any toy that can promote teamwork and create scenarios that subject children to learn about positive and creative subjects such as math, technology, and science. 


The major difference between Picasso tiles and Magna tiles is the price with Magna tiles being more expensive. The price hike from Picasso tiles to Magna tiles is quite significant and cannot be ignored. The lower price range attracts many people on a budget, and hence Picasso tiles are often picked the most. 

But the Magna tiles are priced high because of the quality they offer. In the end, everything depends on your demands and so if you can afford them, then Magna tiles are the one for you. But if you can be a little vigilant around your child and cannot afford to pay the higher price for some tiles, then pick Picasso tiles.


Which tiles are better Picasso tiles or Magna Tiles?

There are a lot of variations in both of the tiles, and so they can be more appropriate for different age groups. The Picasso tiles are joined together with glue and thus break easily under minimal strain. Thus, they can be potentially hazardous as the pieces can be swallowed by toddlers. Whereas, the Magna tiles use metal rivets in their construction, so they do not break that easily and hence are long-lasting.

The cost of both of these tiles have a huge difference with Magna tiles being more expensive; a lot of people do not have the budget to spend so much on a tile-set. The deciding point, apart from affordability, is the age of the toddler you will be subjecting these tiles to. If your child is a toddler under age five, then you might want to buy sturdy tiles.

If your child is an adolescent and probably won't subject the tiles to constant wear and tear, then you can buy the cheaper version. So, it all comes down to you and your preferences, the tiles are all unique in their own way.

What are the variations in pieces of a set?

The general and most popular set that can fit all of your needs is the hundred-piece set that is available in every brand. But there are different variations as well; the sets start from as low as twenty pieces and go up to a couple of hundred pieces.

Can you use different brands of tiles with each other?

A lot of the times, the tiles are only made in a certain way, so they are compatible with parts of their own set only. But tiles from different sets can sort of be used together to build stuff that you want to. It is always better to just use the tiles from the same set to play and not mix and match.

Final Words

Whether you choose Picasso Tiles or Magna Tiles, at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that the person on the receiving end must enjoy playing with the magnetic tiles and hopefully learn something from them.  

These tiles provide better creative opportunities for kids as they construct their imaginative products. The different shapes, such as triangles and rectangles instead of basic squares, create more room for newer ideas to be built within the limited pieces of a set. 

You do not need hundreds of pieces to build your favorite building. Rather with different sizes of tiles, you build it within minutes with ease and in a limited number of tiles. The magnets on every end make these tiles as versatile as they could get. 

These tiles easily have the ability to become your child's favorite toy and make you look like the best gift giver. In conclusion, these tiles teach you to kid important lessons of gravity, inertia, laws of magnetics, all while building a team player personality. And for all these reasons, these tiles are the best gifts for a kid. 

Happy Learning and Playing!