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Pictures of Earth




  • Map projected image of Earth (AVHRR) 123k gif
  • Famous Apollo 11 image of Africa & Europe 31k jpg
  • global composite of satellite images 508k gif
  • Africa (a classic) 377k gif
  • Full Earth from Clementine 9k jpg
  • Earth mosaic from Clementine 238k gif (caption)
  • Larger version of the above 224k gif
  • Gibbous Earth with SW North America visible 127k gif
  • Earth by Meteosat 4 satellite (IR filter) 688k jpg
  • Weather sat image of North America (B&W) 396k gif
  • section of Earth from Clementine 82k gif
  • Space Station Mir over the Earth 111k gif
  • Psuedo color image of European area 210k gif
  • Image of North America and Atlantic 322k gif
  • colored topographic map of the Americas 147k gif
  • infrared weather satellite image of the US and Mexico gif
  • Americas by GOES (9/21/86) 391k gif; 583k jpg
  • GOES-7 image of the Americas and Eastern Pacific 116k jpg; 1000k jpg
  • GOES image of USA 437k gif
  • NOAA satellite's view of USA 322k gif
  • Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) mosaic of USA 545k gif; 8811k gif
  • Plate boundaries 171k gif
  • USA at night 67k gif; html
  • The easternhalf USA viewed by GOES satellite 306k gif
  • Satellite IR image of Pacific weather 315k gif
  • The great lakes of USA viewed by satellite 342k gif
  • The Florida viewed by NOAA satellite 121k gif
  • The southeastern USA viewed by NOAA satellite 226k gif
  • The Hudson bay viewed by satellite 338k gif
  • Pseudo color full disk image of pacifics 316k gif
  • Image of the Gulf of Mexico 122k gif; 227k gif
  • Parting view of Earth and Moon from Voyager 36K gif
  • Earth-Moon together from Galileo 2nd flyby P-41508 79K gif
  • Earth and the Moon from Mariner 10 40k gif
  • Earth and the Moon from Nozomi html
  • Galileo view of the Mid-Pacific Ocean 68k jpg
  • Galileo view over the nominal position of New Zealand 62k jpg
  • Galileo view of Australia 58kk jpg
  • Galileo view of the Indian Ocean 55k jpg
  • Galileo view of Africa 52k jpg
  • Galileo view of the South Atlantic Ocean 52k jpg
  • Galileo view of South America 48k jpg
  • Galileo view of the Eastern Pacific Ocean (just off the coast of South America) 47k jpg
  • Earth rotation movie from Galileo large .mov
  • Clementine view of India and Saudi Arabia. 8k jpg
  • Clementine view of Lake Victoria. 30k jpg
  • SIR-C/X-SAR and optical images of Mt. Everest 200k html
  • images and movies of the Earth's plate boundaries and the age of the crust html
  • Earth in xray light from Polar 71k gif (caption)


  • Earth-Moon animation 382K fli; 373K pics; 289K quicktime
  • Clouds over West Europe, North Africa 379k mpeg 610k mpeg
  • Earthrise over The Moon from Clementine 444k mpg
  • rotating relief globe of Earth 2000k mpg
  • Rotating Earth showing the topography (720 Frames 160x128) mpg
  • Rotating Earth showing the topography (720 Frames 352x288) mpg
  • Rotating crescent Earth fli
  • Rotating Earth from an elliptical orbit 2000k fli
  • Rotating topographic view of the Earth 78k mpg
  • complete aurora ring 43k jpg (caption)
  • Aurora Video 1300k AVI
  • Earth/Venus Rotation Movie 1000k AVI
  • Earth rotation movie from Galileo html
  • Clip 1 of Earth the Movie - Animation of Clouds 13000k AVI
  • Rotating relief globe of Earth 2200k MPEG

    Other Resources

  • images of Earth from Clementine html.
  • Earth images from weather satellites html
  • SeaWiFS Project Ocean Color Image Archive html
  • Earth Viewer html
  • AVHRR image browser html
  • Shuttle image browser html
  • Many, many Earth images from the Space Shuttle html
  • STScI's Endeavour Views the Earth PictureBook (6 megabyte Hypercard stack) ftp dir
  • Images from NOAA/DMSP html
  • full color shaded relief maps (various projections and views) html

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