Best Online Photography Courses

Get ready to enhance your skills with the help of the best online photography courses. Keep reading to view our top recommendations.

Looking for the best online photography courses on the market? We've done the research to help you find the perfect online photography course to suit your needs.

The online photography courses are the best in a way that they will give you in-depth aspects of photography. Once you start learning about photography through online courses, you will never stop. 

The online photography courses give secrets to deal with dark arts, fine arts, architectural art, and many more. Thanks to the wonderful invention of the internet, it is very easy to learn these secrets anywhere in the world. 

Udemy, Coursera, and Codecademy are the most authentic websites that provide these courses. There is nothing comparable to the learning outcomes of these courses. You will start from scratch and the time you reach the end of the course. 

You will become professional enough to apply the skills into the field. We have gathered the best online photography courses for you from authentic websites. Whether you are professional or amateur, these courses are beneficial. 

Get ready to enhance your skills with the help of the best online photography courses. 

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

If you're looking for the best online photography course that has a flexible schedule, offers certification, and has no prerequisites, our top pick is the Photography Basics and Beyond: From Smartphone to DSLR Specialization course.



Flexible schedule

No prerequisites

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    Best Online Photography Courses Based on User Reviews

    Let's take a look at the top courses on the market, based on the average rating by real customers just like you.


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    Best Online Photography Courses: A Complete Review

    If you've made it this far into the reviews then you must be serious about your buying choice.

    Now that we've covered the quick list of courses, let's break down each of them to see why they have been chosen.

    In this section we'll cover the pro's and con's of each and give you some ideas of who each course is most suitable for.


    If you have interests in photography, then the course is all you need, no matter whether the equipment is a DSLR or Smartphone. The course contains the details of all the factors which can improve your photographic skills. 

    The course contains the details of all the principles which serve in the improvement of picture quality. It explains well about the composition and creativity that makes the quality of photography better. 

    You will also get an opportunity to apply the learned skills in a practical project at the end of the course. The learners will get a certificate at the end and will also get discounts on the equipment. The whole course is divided into five modules. 

    In the first most module, you will be introduced to photography through mobile and DSLR, the technical process and the framing sense, etc. you will initiate your photography and upload your picture on the course gallery to share the experience with your fellows. 

    After this, you will learn about exposures and various settings of DSLR and IOS. After learning these settings, you will learn about the composition and various image setting software. After covering these topics, the course will tell you about the photography techniques that a photographer will use to cope up with the issues like light, quality, and others. 

    In the end, you will be given a capstone project to ensure the practical application of the learned skills. 


    Learners get a certificate at completion

    Learners enjoy amazing discounts on photography equipment

    The course contains all the necessary details about photography

    Support photography through a phone too


    The course is lengthy


    The course starts with the basics of photography and takes you beyond. After this course, you will know all about photography and the qualities good equipment should have. It will tell you about the features cameras should have and the features which are common in most good cameras. 

    Apart from these technical matters, the course will also teach you some photography skills. You will explore the useful accessories which will further improve your photography. The course will ensure a good connection and exposure to fellow learners with the help of the course gallery. In this gallery, you will upload the captured pictures and share your personal experience. 

    The whole course is divided into four modules. In the beginning, you will be introduced to some basics of photography, and the course will sort some necessary features and functions from the unlimited options, which will help you to improve your photography. 

    The market comes with some complex options of functions and features, but in this course, you will know about necessary and important details. It will also tell you about focusing and exposure. After this, you will study the features of various cameras along with their characteristics and capabilities. 

    Through this, you will develop a sense of cameras and what to buy in the future. After these basics, the course will tell you about the settings you have to follow according to the conditions and the availability of the light. 

    It will not simply tell but will teach you practically. After these logics and techniques, you will learn about the appearance of the picture, such as frame and vintage point. So get your hands on all basics and necessary details by getting enrolled in this course.



    Contains quizzes and practical explanations

    Tells about camera features too

    Contains all the necessary details


    Audio quality needs to be improved

    Less technical details


    The course is more about specialization in photography. You will learn all the essentials about photography, and using them will become able to master in your field. In this course, you will learn about all the content of photography. 

    It will teach you all the steps and tips to follow to ensure perfect photography. Any condition or circumstance will no longer be your issue. You will share the captured pictures with your fellows to improve the sense. 

    The mutual learning of learners and sharing will promote new and innovative ideas from all fellow learners. This will bring various solutions to light issues. This course will make you capable of capturing shots with excellence. 

    It also includes the assignments, which include capabilities and lessons you have learned so far. Sharing will further improve your skills, and the course organizers will protect your copyrights. The course is well divided into various portions. 

    Initially, you will learn about the photography content and the various fields, which can bring distinction in your photography. Then you will learn to handle light factors according to the type of photography and purpose. 

    Not only will this, but you also learn the handling of objects under various light conditions. You will also get the opportunity of sharing your content with fellows.


    The course tells lightning details

    You get to share your content

    Learn from fellow learners

    Copyright protection of your content


    The presentation speech is dull


    This photography course will start from zero points and will make you a pro in the photography field. This will help you make perfect and professional photographs. It will also introduce you to the parts of cameras and their working. 

    It will tell you about the manual setting of cameras, which will help you do better in the photography field. You will get a sense of photography in various modes, i.e., portraits, aerial, landscape, etc. it will also tell you how to manage light and other conditions according to the type of photography like a commercial, wildlife, etc. 

    It will teach you to increase the beauty of photographs by using simple camera settings. The course will tell you about the use of flash and natural lightening to bring perfections in your photographs. It will also make you a pro in photography by simply using your phone. 

    The course will also teach you branding, and then you can sell your photographs too. The course is offering a 30 days money-back guarantee too. So if you do not feel the course right for you, feel free to get your money back.


    Concise and simple

    Includes all the necessary details to be followed

    Teaches about different camera settings

    Tells about appropriate flashlight use

    30 days money-back guarantee


    Dedicated time for assignments is lengthy


    The course is about adding attraction in your captured pictures through editing. Editing increases the value of perfection in pictures and hence makes them more natural. So you can picture the beauty of your imagination through editing. 

    There is various editing software, but the concerned course helps you master Adobe lightroom, which solves various issues in captured photographs. You can fix any kind of mistake or flaw in your captured photo. 

    The course will tell you ways to correct these mistakes and flaws. Lightroom software has many tools that help to improve your captured photographs. You will learn the use of these tools in your course. 

    Lightroom has a benefit that it can be downloaded on both mobile phones and desktops. Hence it will help your pictures appear the same on desktop, tablets, iPods, and mobile phones. The course will also tell you how to use Lightroom CC on your phone and desktop. 

    It will tell you about the better organization of your pictures and will keep your images safe. It will also teach you how to store your important pictures on the cloud, which will help you make them safe. It will also help you in creating the backup of your pictures. 

    You will also learn to create a portfolio for you, which will help you to pursue photography as a profession.


    Learn light settings from this software

    Learn better exposure settings

    Learn about lightroom software

    Learn to save your pictures safely

    Suitable for both beginners and professionals



    Few parts need more explanation


    Most people do not have professional cameras. You can learn professional photography through your iPhone in detail. You can learn to capture a digital photograph with your iPhone. The course will tell you the major factor which will serve as the basis of good factors. 

    It will tell you about the composition that will make your photography perfect in a professional way. It will tell you how to use the detailed setting and features of iPhone cameras to bring effective views in your photography. 

    This will introduce you to the lightroom too. You will be able to edit your photographs using the lightroom application on your iPhone. This course will tell you about the theories which are attached to photography. 

    Every image tells a story, and through this course, you will be able to bring the expressiveness in your pictures. It will give you a sense of pictures of various modes, i.e., landscape, portrait, aerial, etc. Hence, by joining this course, you will be able to get hands-on professional photography through iPhone.

    It will not only teach you ways but will also give you the necessary knowledge which is required to pursue this professional photography. The course is perfect for beginners, professionals, and for those who want to adopt this photography. 

    It is also beneficial for those who want to create effective and attractive portfolios on their social profiles.


    The course teaches you ways to do professional photography by phone

    Learners get certificates on completion

    The course has a short time length

    It helps to create a social profile



    Less detailed


    Night photography requires some real photography skills because of less light. The course will tell you about the necessary steps to be taken to make your night photographs perfect. You will also be able to cover the night events and make it professional. 

    It will help you capture photos with proper light. All you need to know is the background information about camera components like a shutter. It will help you to understand the course in a better way. The course will teach you the use of a bulb and shutter, which will help you keep longer exposures.

    These longer exposures will help you to introduce proper lighting in your photographs. The course will also tell you about reliable equipment which will help you in night photography. It will teach you to maintain shutter speed and aperture maintenance by shooting night photographs. 

    The course is not all about capturing, but it will also teach you to edit photos after capturing to make them even better. 


    It will teach you all the fundamentals of night photography

    It tells you about reliable equipment

    It supports both phones and DSLR cameras

    It contains reading material too


    Some things are not explained in detail


    Since forever, art has become the language of people. Pictures also express various stories like paintings. The course also digs into the details of the photographs and makes you able to read the message conveyed through different photographs. 

    Usually, the people see the details which physically appear in the first place. The course will tell you a combination of factors that coordinate to convey a certain story or message according to the theme. 

    The course introduces you to the diversity of ideas and approaches in this regard. The course begins with an introduction to the basics. One hundred different photographs from the Museum of Modern Art will be shown to you and details from the artists about them. 

    You will come across different views and approaches to view the photographs. You will also come to know the ways to tell historical stories through the use of these photographs. You will be able to join the community of international learners, which will work as a great learning opportunity for you. 

    All these details are divided into seven important topics. The course also includes the readings and is suitable for all the beginners too.


    Suitable for beginners too

    Teach you the essence of art

    Well explained

    Good division, of course, in well-defined topics

    Introduce you with history too


    More focused on history and less on how to improve it

    Best Online Photography Courses - Buyer's Guide

    You must keep in mind a few essential key features before enrolling in an online course. These features can make your journey amazing if checked properly. No one wants the food to taste bad after spending dollars on it. Same as that, you do not want your money, and time goes to waste. 

    Here are a few important key features:


    A trained instructor is so important for students. So, these course providers make sure to hire trained professionals with class management skills. The whole course depends on the instructor. A qualified person can teach you about all the basic to professional features of photography better than a non-qualified person. 

    Udemy, Coursera, and Codecademy make sure to recruit trained faculty. So that students who are taking the courses will get the most out of them. A professional person can train students better. He will make them perfectionists and train them to apply all their skills in the real world. 

    A trained teacher can bring the interest of students back into the class, and it is very hard for them to bunk the lectures. 


    There are, as such, no hard criteria for applying to online photography courses. However, you must have basic knowledge about the art of photography. Coursera, Codecademy, and Udemy provide the best online courses with practical applications. 

    Some of the advanced courses require prerequisites. These online photography courses will not benefit you at all if you ignore the basic knowledge. It means you must know a little about the camera and its features. 

    So, make sure that you must check before enrollment in any online course. All you need to show is your excitement, determination, and passion. 


    The original online course providers offer a completion certificate at the end of the course. Udemy and Coursera provide shareable certificates to the students. These certificates are valid proof that you have done something in that field. 

    You can add them to your CV, and it leaves a decent impression on companies. They can help you get a promotion the right way or kick start your career. Some of the big fashion industries, while hiring photographers, check their academics and experience. 

    So, these certificates will provide you a benefit in that respect. You have to make sure that online courses you are applying in provide a shareable completion certificate. 

    Practical Work 

    The online courses will not benefit you unless they include practical assignments. Photography is all about practice. The more you practice, the more your skills get polished. Udemy, Coursera, and Codecademy have practical assignments at the end of lessons. 

    In that way, you will easily learn to apply the skills in the real world. Practical assignments, projects, and portfolios all of these will enhance your skills. That is why you have to make sure that the websites are providing this benefit to you. Always check the room for practice before spending your money on these courses. 


    The Internet is full of fake and fraud websites that will take your money and give nothing in return. That is why you must always choose an authentic website for an online course. Udemy, Courser, and Codecademy are the three best, valid, and authentic online courses. 

    It is very important to check this feature. You can read reviews, consult a colleague, or tutor for the advice. The best way is to search on social media. You will find people who are doing these courses. They can perfectly guide you. 

    The valid courses will provide more benefits like access to courses all the time, its resources, downloadable links, articles, and many more. So, you must check before spending your money on an online photography course.


    It is a unique feature that most of the websites ignore. The photography courses provided by Udemy, Coursera, and Codecademy have certain benefits that will help students achieve success through courses. 

    The Udemy online courses provide full lifetime access to the course, completion certificate, discounts, access to mobile and TV, downloadable articles, and resources. Codecademy, on the other hand, provides two versions of the same course: basic and pro. 

    You can enroll in either of them. However, the basic version has limited benefits. Coursera provides free enrollment to the students and financial aid to the students. These benefits are very classic and will help you achieve your goals.  

    Compatible Devices

    The students like to carry mobile devices, as they are compact and portable. It is important to check whether the courses you are applying in provide access from a mobile browser or not. Some of the courses require a laptop as they do not support mobile browsers. 

    The courses provided by Udemy, Coursera, and Codecademy work fine with a mobile browser. You do not have to worry about carrying a laptop. Some people have less financial aid, so it is difficult to afford a laptop/desktop. The online photography course on Udemy provides access from mobile and TV. 

    File Types

    Online photography courses are mostly available in video lessons. These will require you to submit some practical work for assignments. It is better to check the types of files they can submit. The best option is to work fine with all files, including PDFs, Doc, Jpeg, and Raw.

    Video Quality 

    The final and most important feature is video quality. It must be clear as rusty quality will be hard in understanding. There is no use of the course if you are taking it in low quality. Udemy, Coursera, and Codecademy provide high-quality videos. 

    This is not it, these will provide subtitles, so non-English speakers will also understand the video lessons and benefit from it.


    It is one of the major reasons why people go for an online course. The online courses are less expensive and provide a bunch of benefits. Students can enroll in any course provided by any institution right from their home. 

    Coursera provides a large number of courses offered by different well-known educational institutions around the world. You can enroll in them free of cost. Udemy, on the other hand, provides discounts on their courses, so it is easy for students. 

    Authentic websites always keep in mind the financial issue of students. That is why Coursera also offers financial aid on its courses. Codecademy has a basic free version for students. It has limited, but incomparable benefits. Before enrolling in any of these courses, check the amount of money they are demanding. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Best Online Photography Courses – Final Word

    The above-mentioned online photography courses are not the only courses available. There are hundreds of providers offering an online course, but the best thing about Udemy, Coursera, and Codecademy is that they are valid and authentic platforms. 

    These build a solid foundation of knowledge to kick start your career in photography. Online learning has empowered and brought us all together on one platform. With the help of these online photography courses, you will take your skills to a whole new level!

    Keep learning, people!